Corbyn has doomed Labour. Time to vote tactically for the strongest opposition to Brexit

by Robert Williams

Let’s get the expectation management done quickly. Labour is going to be decimated in the election, and likely to be destroyed as a serious party. Not convinced that I’m being too pessimistic? Well, try this.

Ask your Labour candidate, especially if he or she is a sitting MP, two simple questions. Firstly, do they have any confidence in Jeremy Corbyn being Prime Minister? As 80% of them have no confidence in his leadership and refused to serve on his front bench, leaving almost entirely without talent, how on earth can they be taken seriously campaigning to win an election for a Corbyn premiership?

Second, why did Labour MPs, with the honourable exception of 52 rebels, vote to implement Article 50, despite arguing repeatedly that leaving the EU will cause irreparable damage to the country, and hit the poorest hardest (most in Labour seats). And with a leader who has now explicitly ruled out a second referendum and thinks “Brexit can work”.

The main opposition offers no alternative to Brexit. The leader and his shadow chancellor welcome it, because they believe it will hasten the day the electorate realise their historic mistake and embrace far left socialism.

We all know about Jeremy Corbyn’s inept and incompetent leadership. For those that don’t know enough, the ,media will ensure that he makes the headlines every day, in every way. A 50 day campaign relentlessly highlighting his sympathy and support for the IRA, for Hamas, for Hezbollah, reminding us the stench of anti Semitism surrounding many of his allies, the comments he made comparing Osama bin Laden’s shooting with 911, bringing up, unprompted, the Falkland Island’s sovereignty, the nuclear submarines without missiles, the list is almost endless.

Indeed, there are enough stories about his poor choice of friends, his incompetence and his unfitness for any office to run a new story every day of the campaign.

And this is not spin, its not Corbyn’s enemies lying about him. It’s not the mainstream media making up porkies. This is the history of a man who has had unpleasant, undemocratic, sexist, homophobic, anti Semitic friends all his life.

Jeremy Corbyn a decent man? No. A thousand times no. This incompetent, unpleasant ideologue is quite prepared to see his party destroyed for his principles and his vision of a pure protest movement of like minds.

Which leads us on to another point. Corbyn supporters have made it quite clear that, even in the event of labour losing the election (and they will, it will make 1983 seem like the glory days), he will not step down. Why not? Surely even Jeremy Corbyn has some sense of shame? No, look more closely, but not much more, because the far Left have been clear on this. Parliamentary democracy and success are not the point. The goal is to secure complete control of the existing structure and machinery of the Labour Party, which is far easier to do than try and create a successful new far Left party. This they have failed to do since, well, forever.

Clause One of the Labour party rulebook says the purpose of the Labour party is to ‘maintain in parliament and the country a political Labour party’.But for Jeremy Corbyn and his few allies control of the party is about creating a new movement away from Westminster. campaigning on the streets, protesting, being an eternal student and being of utter irrelevance to the needs and wishes of the country at large.

Many Labour MPs are doomed. The Tories are targeting Labour seats with majorities of less than 8,000. They know they are going to lose, they know their leader is utterly toxic, they can’t endorse him with a straight face, they know Brexit will be a disaster, and the “harder it is, the worse the outcomes will be for their constituents.

Any Labour MP with integrity, or a sense of duty to provide real opposition to the Tories, and especially to oppose the madness that is Brexit, should resign the whip and stand as Independent Labour, Co-Operative Labour, Classic labour, anything that will restore credibility and distance from the Corbyn debacle. This is their only way out.

Because spouting absolute drivel on radio and television about “campaigning to win”, pretending even for a nano second that Corbyn as leader is remotely capable or credible, and as they face electoral oblivion, makes them look ridiculous. Indeed, to their shame, moderate Labour MPs are depriving the country of any alternative choice.

We are in a very dark place. Jeremy Corbyn has ruled out a “progressive alliance” with the Greens (who aren’t very progressive anyway) the SNP and the LibDems. And there is nothing progressive about this egotistical and mendacious fossil.

What to do dear reader? There is little we can do, but here is one small suggestion.

Vote tactically. Party politics is dead. The future of the country is far more important

Support Gina Miller.

Vote for one of the 52 Labour MPs who defied Corbyn’s obnoxiously hypocritical three line whip (and who hasn’t stood down in despair),

Hold your nose and vote for the LibDems, who at least understand, and are repeating it for all to hear, that leaving Europe will damage this country beyond repair.

Vote for Ken Clarke if you live in Rushcliffe. He will be a constant thorn in Theresa May’s side, as she tries to turn Britain into Turkey.

It probably won’t make a difference but you will have the very minor satisfaction of being morally right and being able to look in the eyes of the self indulgent fools who supported Corbyn, the ghastly shrills tweeting for Momentum, the Brexit suicide squads and repeat what Nick Cohen had to say. I fucking told you so

Robert Williams works in public affairs and as a journalist

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25 Responses to “Corbyn has doomed Labour. Time to vote tactically for the strongest opposition to Brexit”

  1. Ken Burch says:

    The LibDems have stated they will not join a coalition with Labour, which can only mean they will join another 2010-2015 coalition.

    If everyone does what you ask for, there will never be another non-Tory government again in the UK.

    And Corbyn never supported the IRA, Hamas, or Hezbollah-he said it was necessary to negotiate with them. Since none of those groups could ever be militarily defeated OR replaced with anything better, and since the GFA ONLY happened as a result of negotiations with SF, Corbyn was proved right.

  2. Tafia says:

    what far-fetched amateurish drivel in large parts this article is.

    For example, the socilist left across europe is anti-EU and always has been – it is a neo-liberalist construct after all. Even St Tony of Blair in his early days as a backbencher was anti-EU and it wasn,t until he abandoned any pretence of being a democratic socialist that he changed position.

    Why do you think that of the 168 unions etc in the TUC only 7 backed Remain. You also seemingly fail to grasp that 38% of Labour’s vote voted Leave. BREXIT is far bigger than the idealogical divide between Labour and Tories and Leavers from other parties will have no hesitations in lending their vote to May on June 8th in order that she is returned strong enough to force a full BREXIT through. Also, watch UKIP collapse in the opinion polls and the Tories continue to climb – don,t bet against the Tories breaking 50% in the polls. I myself am 60 years of age. Prior to Iraq I was a Labour member but was anti-EU. Post Iraq I joined Plaid Cymru. I have voted in every election at every level since i was 18. For this election – despite my Plaid membership, my left wing beliefs, the fact I have been a union rep for over a decade and never having done so before, I will, just this once, vote Tory.

    Something for you to ponde

    1. When was the last time the Tory/UKIP vote was combined was less than 50% in the opinion polls.
    2. Come the morning of June 9th, May will be returned with a colossal majority AND Labour will still have more seats than the SNP and the LibDems combined.
    3. Corbyn will not be quitting – he will stay until McDonnell gets his reforms through at your Conference in October.

  3. tafia says:

    Tactica vote for who to oppose Brexit exactly?

    If Farrow is a man of his word then he accepts the Brexit result and now only wants a second referendum over the terms of the exit itself. Unless he,s lying.

    As far as I am aware, Plaid have adopted the same stance and others are roughly along the same lines.

    So Tories, UKIP and DUP are Brexit in full no furthe referendum, and all the rest less Greens and SNP accept Brexit, but watered down and with a vote on the terms.

  4. joh nP Redi says:

    you don’t even know why so many ex labour working class people don’t vote labour anymore or voted to leave, and even though only a third of labour voters ,voted leave that’s because we’d already lost so many of our working class vote

  5. daodao says:

    People vote tactically depending on what cause/issue is uppermost in their minds. It only matters in about 1/3rd of seats anyway; the others are unlikely to change party.

    Given that Brexit will now happen, there is no point in choosing who to vote for based on a party’s attitude to Brexit. I no longer live in a marginal constituency, but if I did still live in one such as Cardiff North (where I resided for over 20 years), I would vote for the candidate best able to defeat the Tories, who have inflicted this unnecessary GE. This would be Labour, as would be the case in the vast majority of other marginal constituencies in England and Wales.

    Your recommendation is being traitorous to the socialist cause.

  6. Ian says:

    What possible outcome could anyone want from Brexit for which voting Labour is the answer?

  7. Martin Haigh says:

    Agree that Corbyn is a lying egotist, but to those who say he can’t win I have one word – Trump. Corbyn is appealing to the same populist sentiments as Trump and the Brexiteers. He portrays himself as the outsider, hated by all the politicians who the voters despise, which is exactly how the media and other politicians portray him as well. He is a good campaigner who has hugely over-achieved already in his political career. All he needs to do to trigger a Trump style insurrection is come out strongly for Brexit, saying “I wanted it all along but the pesky plp tied my hands”. Whatever happens, Corbyn will enjoy the next 7 weeks more than any other time in his life. He is loving this.

  8. Lee Carney says:

    This is just outstanding, why on earth is this piece trapped on a lightly read (despite how terrific it is) blog, while the Guardian gives precious space to Owen Jones

  9. This is an excellent post. I think you make a strong argument about Corbyn’s role in the current demise of the Labour party. It’s an interesting suggestion that Labour candidates should in fact distance themselves from the party by running under alternative banners such as Classic Labour or Independent Labour. I wonder whetehr this would lead to much change in the polls – after all, a Classic Labour majority would still result in Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister, would it not?

    I would love to reprint this article on with your permission? It is a website dedicated solely to sharing information and opinions about the General Election.

  10. Pat Stirling says:

    The only Labour MP left in Scotland, namely Ian Murray, he backs tactical voting. He wants us to vote for the Tories!! How does that fit in with your plan for tactical voting? and do you think we should vote the way Ian wants us to?

  11. Rob says:

    Of course you can Daniel. Thanks for the compliment

  12. Anne says:

    I am disappointed by some of these replies – I have always believed that when a team is loosing (such as football team) then this is the time that support is needed. I believe that Labour MPs and supporters should stay and fight. Most Labour MPs work hard for their constituencies – they should focus on this role – what they can do for their constituents.
    I am not a JC fan but Teresa May is far, far worse. Democracy is about challenge and disagreements but Teresa May is determined to silence anyone who disagrees with her. Look how she treats members of her own party – Lord Hesaltine for example. This style of leadership is very authoritarian and controlling.
    Gena Miller is quite right. Chuka is also advocating, at least, to stay in the single market and customs union.
    I personally would like to see a coalition with the lib dems, SNP, and Greens to form a government. Kier Starmer is head and shoulders above David Davies with regard to ability with negotiations – far better to get a better outcome from EU than to go over a cliff edge.

  13. Blair says:

    Labour candidates should in fact distance themselves from the party by running under alternative banners such as Classic Labour or Independent Labour.

    They would have their party membership revoked for 5 years I believe?

  14. madasafish says:

    It probably won’t make a difference but you will have the very minor satisfaction of being morally right and being able to look in the eyes of the self indulgent fools who supported Corbyn, the ghastly shrills tweeting for Momentum, the Brexit suicide squads and repeat what Nick Cohen had to say. I fucking told you so”

    I am not a Corbyn supporter but I suggest this paragraph nicely encapsulates all that is wrong with the Labour Party.. Sneering conscious contempt for others whom they disagree with.

  15. Paul Rogers says:

    The JC era is born out of a labour party and mainstream political landscape that was broken beyond belief. JC has brought old divisions back to the political landscape. The new political 30 somethng + really do not know how to handle it. Their political upbringing is born out of spin and designer politics. Grow up and stop crying yourself to sleep. This is real politics. Find a way to make it work whilst still holding true to your political belief system. Many people have had to do this in the past.

  16. paul barker says:

    The 1st paragraph is spot on, a shame its on a site with only 23 readers – have you tried getting on Labour List ?
    The big problem with tactical voting when things are changing so quickly is the lack of useful information & the difficulty in getting it to the voters at the back. Under present conditions I cant see it working.
    We dont know how quickly Labour will die so the safest option is just to back The Libdems everwhere.
    To clarify the present Libdem position is no Coalition with Labour led by Corbyn, some other Labour might be OK.
    In theory The Libdems are open to a Coalition with The Tories, if they drop Brexit, so not Tories as they are now.
    The current Libdem presumption is a Tory majority, if not a landslide, our aim is that The “Opposition” should actually oppose.
    Everything is in flux though.

  17. ian murray says:

    Not a Labour guy but very curious and would to hear your opinion.
    Theresa May called the snap election to enhance the Tories and hopefully wipe out UKIP
    also the ridings that were under threat for illegal spending plus plus but bringing Westminster “together” was not one of them. Stepping on the throat of the opposition was probably number 1
    Alex Salmond said that JC should have sat on his hands and forced the Tories to a self inflicted non confidence vote.So shame and embarrassment for the Tories but they get their election.
    As it was JC macho man not wishing to appear afraid of an election said we will give you the election you want
    The Tories got their election and Labour never laid a glove on them
    Why do it that way?

  18. uglyfatbloke says:

    Don’t see how this is going to work with Scottish Labour campaigning for the tories while Labour as a whole campaigns against them.

  19. Bonnemort says:

    Taffia – “You also seemingly fail to grasp that 38% of Labour’s vote voted Leave.”

    I don’t think the Blairites have forgotten this at all – straight after the referendum result they were lined up by their media friends to slag off Corbyn for not campaigning hard enough – while Nicola Sturgeon, who saw 37% of SNP voters go Leave, got zero criticism on that score either inside or outside her party.

    Corbyn’s not got a great set of policies, but neither had Michael Foot, and he didn’t get this treatment. It’s Corbyn’s support for the Palestinians, and his general antipathy to bombing Middle Eastern countries every time Al-Nusra releases a video of big-eyed children suffering, which is the difference.

  20. john P Reid says:

    and labour need to get additional votes to win the election from ukip who also voted leave

  21. Mr Akira Origami says:

    The “Hymn to the remoaners”……….just replace remoaners for soldiers in the song below………

  22. Tafia says:

    while Nicola Sturgeon, who saw 37% of SNP voters go Leave, got zero criticism on that score either inside or outside her party.

    It was about 10% of SNP voters. And the SNP don’t exist outside of Scotland and tis is a UK election. To put things in perspective, come June 9th no matter how bad Corbyn does, Labour will still have at least three times as many seats as the SNP

  23. Peter Carabine says:

    A brilliant piece , rarely has anyone caught the true essence of Labour Corbynite madness as Robert Williams does here. He correctly goes beyond the Corbynite cult to attack the moderates, the majority of the PLP who sadly colluded with this massive defeat now unfolding so that even in Wales and the North the Conservatives will gain working class votes galore.

    I knew when JC was invited to Progress conference last year it was all over for the moderates…they had bought into the cult madness themselves and swallowed the idiots Hard Leftist mantra that Corbynites were only pure ones and others were somehow traitors.

    The Labour apocalypse is imminent and Macron gives us an idea of what you do when your old socialist back to the 1980s party is finally taken over by the lunatic left.

  24. Peter Carabine says:

    Brilliant article and expresses what many of us feel. We have had two years of JC with two years of awful polling and the worst leader ratings in UK political history. And correctly Robert Williams exposes the fact that MP moderates have really been too accepting of the Corbyn purist mantra and by this retreat from challenging the Corbynite cult we end up facing a possible meltdown in many of our heartlands.

  25. John Bowes says:

    Oh boy, did you call it wrong. Please now admit you were all mistaken about the man and get behind him – the British public just have!

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