Danczuk NEC hearing delayed yet again

Today was meant to be the day that the NEC finally decided on whether Simon Danczuk would be allowed back into the party and to stand as an official Labour candidate in the looming election.

It’s been over a year since he was suspended and this decision has been a long time coming.

As arranged, Simon Danczuk made his way to the meeting in good time and was waiting outside the room, ready to hear his fate.

And then he was told.

Despite the huge, unexplained delay in scheduling this hearing, the NEC wasn’t quite ready. More time was needed to review the paperwork. Really.

Monday is the new decision day. The saga continues. Readers will draw their own conclusions on the efficiency and effectiveness of the party’s internal processes.

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3 Responses to “Danczuk NEC hearing delayed yet again”

  1. JohnP Reid says:

    His is a joke, Sam as the Keith Vaz case, I’m happy ellie reeves enthusiasm for politics, but the bloke who ran the small business ,for kebabs, showing labour could be pro small business deserved to get it, it’s just another example of nepotism,and how the Labour Party is so out of touch with anyone ex Oxbridge,spads ,

  2. Livingston says:

    Blairite wipeout in Scotland teaches us an important lesson about them. They have no particular beliefs other than in their own careers. Progress was always more about career progress than societal progress. When politics stops being a nice little earner, the Blairites will very easily give it up.

  3. NickT says:


    The Blairites did more for Britain than Corbyn’s rabble of lazy, vacuous, gullible Stalinists ever will. There’s a reason why Blair won three elections and Corbyn will never be more than a petulant student politician who can never understand why no-one trusts or respects him.

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