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The week Uncut

10/10/2010, 01:48:50 PM

This week was all about George and Vince. George’s child benefit cuts caused confusion throughout the Tory ranks. Dave said sorry. Vince’s incredible u-turn on university fees caused a shock wave throughout the Lib Dem ranks. Nick said nothing.

Ed got dealt his hand. 19 players picked by the PLP, with some big names left on the bench. He played his wildcard and rescued one or two of his campaign faithful. Gordon’s Scottish mafia are gone, the ‘new generation’ hail from Yorkshire.

Lower down the food chain, the junior shadow ministers should be named today, with lots of the ‘010 intake expected to make a showing.

In case you missed them, here are Uncut’s best read pieces of the last seven days:

Michael Dugher said Liam Fox is right (and George and Dave are wrong) on Defence cuts

Dan Hodges deconstructed the new shadow cabinet

Uncut gave you our pen portraits of the new front bench team

Philip Cowley talked us through the incumbency factor

Tom Watson wrote to David Cameron about the new Andy Coulson allegations

ITV News’ Alex Forrest took her baby somewhere funny

Tory  Margot James couldn’t quite figure out her own party’s child benefit cuts

Chris Bryant wrote a poem for national poetry day

Nick Keehan says we shouldn’t join the Tories in going soft on sentencing

Dave Howells gave us his take on Cameron’s big society big moment

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Child benefit cuts reduce Tory MP Margot James to radio gibberish

05/10/2010, 09:46:04 PM

Tonight George Osborne has written to Tory MPs to explain the cuts he announced to child benefit. It’s a good job. The ill thought out plans seem to be catching out Tory MPs from the PM down.

A red faced David Cameron, with watery eyes, struggled to explain how the announced reform was “fair”, to Sky’s Adam Boulton, hinting at other tax breaks that could level the playing field. Later he stonewalled Five News when asked what the tax breaks would be, offering a line which should inspire confidence in all parents:

“We’re only going to announce one measure at a time. You have to look at all the measures together”.

Iain Duncan Smith floundered in a similar fashion when questioned, saying: “Like all these things, that will all be smoothed out as and when we reach the transitional point”. Thanks for that Iain. You may as well have stayed quiet.

But the prize for the most confused Tory MP has to go to Margot James. The Stourbridge MP, who was elected in May, must have been delighted when she realised that the conference would be on her patch. What better opportunity to get in the local media than the whole conference jamboree coming to your backyard? (more…)

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