Child benefit cuts reduce Tory MP Margot James to radio gibberish

Tonight George Osborne has written to Tory MPs to explain the cuts he announced to child benefit. It’s a good job. The ill thought out plans seem to be catching out Tory MPs from the PM down.

A red faced David Cameron, with watery eyes, struggled to explain how the announced reform was “fair”, to Sky’s Adam Boulton, hinting at other tax breaks that could level the playing field. Later he stonewalled Five News when asked what the tax breaks would be, offering a line which should inspire confidence in all parents:

“We’re only going to announce one measure at a time. You have to look at all the measures together”.

Iain Duncan Smith floundered in a similar fashion when questioned, saying: “Like all these things, that will all be smoothed out as and when we reach the transitional point”. Thanks for that Iain. You may as well have stayed quiet.

But the prize for the most confused Tory MP has to go to Margot James. The Stourbridge MP, who was elected in May, must have been delighted when she realised that the conference would be on her patch. What better opportunity to get in the local media than the whole conference jamboree coming to your backyard?

And so, rising star Margot, took boldly to the airwaves on this morning’s BBC WM women’s magazine show, ‘Mornings with Joanne Malin.’ Malin was joined this morning by Gary Wilmot and a Sutton Coldfield man who used to work for Shirley Bassey (It’s not exactly Newsnight).

And a very, very confused Margot James.

First listen to the train-crash of an interview here (it starts around 00.07.07).

Then see how Henry Macrory, Tory head of press, might have viewed the ‘A’ lister’s performance:

7 mins 07 secs – Great start. The deficit. Lovely stuff, Margot.

7.31 – A stat. A stat about the deficit. Yes.

7.58 – Ok first real question what about two people on 40k – that’s 80k, Margot. That’s more than 44k. I’ve done it on a calculator. You know the line, Margot.

8.17“The Policy needs refining. It just goes to show we’re feeling our way.”

What? Refining? Feeling our way? You’re joking. Thank god this is radio. Look at your notes, Margot. Look at your notes.

8.33“We need to get our message right here.”

Yes, Margot we do. That’s why we sent you that briefing pack that you clearly haven’t bothered to bloody read.

9.01 – “I agree with you.”

Jesus, get back on the line woman. I agree with you? That’s your plan – capitulation? 90 seconds on ‘Mornings with Malin’ and you’ve crumbled. Jesus.

9.33 – “30 plus 30 that’s a total of 60”.

Oh, i see. You’re going for utter bewilderment are you? It’s a bold strategy. Some might even say a sodding stupid strategy. Well, let’s see how it plays out.

9.43 – “One earner is just into the higher tax rate, then they don’t get it. It’s a very good point”.

No it isn’t, Margot. It’s a stupid point. A really, really terrible point. What are you talking about?

9.47 – “We still have some work to do on the details of the policy”.

Thanks for that, Margot. I’m sure George will be delighted when you tell him you’ve decided we have more work to do on the policy. I’ll schedule a meeting now, shall I. First thing tomorrow. I’ll write it down straight away. 09.00, Wednesday morning, Hyatt Room 311 – meeting with idiot.

9.50 – Finish Yes, finish, Margot. End. Finito. Margot.

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