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We need to get real about the cost of ageing

20/02/2014, 10:42:48 AM

by James Beckles

In Britain we face a challenging future with an increasing population and one that is ageing rapidly. Statistics show that one in six of the UK’s population are over 65. Britain’s older people have made momentous strides to make Britain the place it is today with its diversity, modernity and liberal sensibilities. But our public services in health and social care, two areas many older people are dependent on, face a catastrophe of over burden and under-funding if this Tory-led government continue to strangle public spending and investment in health and social care.

We have heard this government’s hollow promises about protecting the NHS, yet their Health and Social Care Act 2012 has begun the process of privatisation and gutting the National Health Service by private firms; who are cherry picking the best parts and providing very little in patient satisfaction and care. Cameron, his Lib-Dem allies included, have shown a blatant disregard for the health and well being of the general public and it’s most vulnerable people.

As a former Care Quality Commission (CQC) compliance inspector I saw first hand how the failures of health and social care can lead to poorer health outcomes for older people, whether it was a late diagnosis for a treatable condition or the lack of regular contact with health professionals. All this was because the professionals in health did not speak to the ones in social care. There were no formal links and this affected older people significantly. There were examples of good care of course but this was few and far between.


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