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Sunday News Review

29/05/2011, 06:00:07 AM

Is Lansley on his last legs?

The Sunday Telegraph has learned that the package of changes to the Health and Social Care Bill is likely to be finalised in around three weeks’ time after a bruising internal battle between Mr Cameron, Mr Lansley and Nick Clegg. Senior figures at 10 Downing Street have begun to “war game” Mr Lansley’s departure on the ground that his Bill will be so radically different from its original state that he no longer has the credibility to drive it through. Mr Cameron wants an urgent resolution to the crisis over health which he sees as politically toxic for the Conservatives and the single issue most likely to tear the coalition apart. – Sunday Telegraph

David Cameron is ready to lose Andrew Lansley from the Cabinet as the PM plans to axe key parts of the Health Secretary’s NHS reforms. The PM is on the brink of caving in to Lib Dem demands to ­drastically change Mr Lansley’s bid to hand GPs most of the £92billion budget and use private firms more. A senior ministerial source said the concessions will be “much ­bigger than expected” and leave Mr Lansley “isolated” as the PM axes reforms he spent years drawing up. Allies of the PM fear Mr Lansley may quit over the humiliation after ruling out a move sideways, insisting: “I don’t want any other Cabinet job.” Mr Cameron will give in to one of Lib Dem leader and ­Deputy PM Nick Clegg’s main ­demands by watering down moves to get more firms battling to ­provide ­services. – Sunday Mirror

Their first show of strength

Lawyers who want to pursue human rights challenges should have their cases heard in Scotland and Strasbourg, not London, SNP ministers will argue this week. Justice secretary Kenny MacAskill and Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland are to discuss plans to stop Scottish criminal cases involving human rights being sent to the UK Supreme Court after claims by Alex Salmond that the court was “second-guessing” Scotland’s independent judiciary.  The move follows Nat Fraser’s successful Supreme Court appeal against his 2003 conviction for murdering his wife Arlene. The First Minister has gained support from legal figures, including former lord advocate Lord Fraser, who argue that there is no need for criminal cases to be appealed outside the High Court in Edinburgh. – the Scotsman

SNP ministers said the independence of Scotland’s legal system must be defended in the wake of several high-profile rulings. Scotland has its own, distinct court of criminal appeal. But the Supreme Court can currently rule on cases where Scots law conflicts with human rights legislation. The Scottish cabinet will discuss “possible remedies” at its regular weekly meeting on Tuesday, following a ruling in the Nat Fraser case. Fraser was jailed for life in 2003 after after being convicted of murdering his wife, Arlene, in Elgin. Having exhausted the appeal process at home, the 52-year-old won an appeal to have his conviction quashed when Supreme Court judges remitted the case to the Scottish Court of Criminal Appeal. – BBC Scotland

SamCam’s Ibiza getaway

Now Samatha Cameron has shown how a very modern Downing Street wife likes to relax – by partying with DJ Pete Tong in an Ibiza nightclub. While David Cameron was preparing to fly out and join her for a family break on Saturday, his wife Samantha took the chance to catch up with friends at the bar as a succession of DJs played techno and dance music. Mrs Cameron, who turned 40 last month, stayed at the open air nightclub till around midnight, surrounded by more than 2,000 clubbers enjoying the last night of a week-long festival in Ibiza Town. – Sunday Telegraph

For those of you not there in person

Labour leader Ed Miliband married his long-term partner Justine Thornton today in a low-key civil ceremony in Notts. Mr Miliband, who said he was “the luckiest guy in the world”, braved strong winds to pose for pictures with his new bride after the ceremony at a hotel in Langar. He wore a slate blue suit while she opted for a traditional floor-length ivory dress, without a train, as they tied the knot. Among around 50 family members and old friends on the guest list was his brother David, whom he beat to the Labour leadership last year. – Nottingham Post

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