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The Muslamic Raygun megamix

11/04/2011, 01:30:02 PM

You’ve seen the riot, now buy the record. Muslamic Rayguns, the YouTube sensation featuring a tired and emotional EDL supporter eloquently explaining his support for everyone’s  favorite anti-Islamic movement is going vinyl.

Or whatever the modern equivalent is.

Labour Uncut can exclusively reveal that a super-mega remix will soon be hitting our airwaves and clubs after music producer, Alex Ross, confirmed that he is in negotiation with Press TV to secure the rights to their now legendary interview.

For those who have missed this internet phenom, an unofficial and unnamed EDL spokesman, now elegantly dubbed, begins by explaining how he is, “going on a march because I want Britain to be back British”. At least, that’s what Uncut thinks he says. On first hearing it comes across as a plea for Britain to be “black British”, but given the source, that seems unlikely.

He then explains the perils of “interacial law, and the Muslamic infidel”, along with his belief that  “they’re trying to get their law over our country”. Having identified additional Muslamic plots to take over “other countries”, which in the emotion of the moment he struggles to name, our intrepid English lion then comes out with the revelation for which he has become rightly famous.

The Muslims have ray-guns*. Yes, ray-guns. Somewhere in the mountains of Torra Borra, Bin-Laden has conquered anti-matter.

So before the Muslamic Ray guns lay waste to western civilization, get out  there. Party. Cut a few shapes.

And get yourself  a copy of the EDL rap. Appropriate ignorance and hate. Such a quintessentially  English thing to do.

*Yes we realise what he’s actually saying

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