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The week Uncut

12/03/2011, 09:30:28 AM

In case you missed them, these were the best read pieces on Uncut in the last seven days:

Dan Hodges asks who will be the next Labour leader.

Atul Hatwal crunches the numbers to reveal the government’s total loss of grip

Tom Watson thinks Cameron would be lucky to get out of the pub alive

Kevin Meagher says Dave’s got nowt to say and Nick’s just scared

Peter Watt wants us to leave the cuts protests and join the fuel protests

Matt Cavanagh on Cameron’s shambolic foreign policy mistakes

Victoria Williams asks what this government are doing for women

John Woodcock says the Tories are failing to back British business

…and Uncut aired episode two of ‘Half a minute Harris’

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Voting for tuition fees to teach protesters a lesson is appalling, and will be remembered

07/12/2010, 02:30:43 PM

by Dora Meredith

John Hemming MP’s comments yesterday, on BBC Radio Four, that he will be “very likely to vote for the increase in tuition fees simply because we cannot reward the bad behaviour from today” are appalling.

To break his pledge made to the electorate to vote against a rise in fees is one thing, but to do so, so willingly, as a result of a knee-jerk reaction to a small group of protesters is quite another.

Students have delivered a petition of over 3,000 names to Mr. Hemming, representatives have met with him to discuss the issue, and individuals have written many personal letters. As such, it is incredibly disappointing to see so many voices, including those of members of his constituency, so readily ignored.

Let’s be clear – if the current government proposals are adopted it will fundamentally alter the way higher education is perceived and valued in this country. The proposed cuts and subsequent fee rises are not only acutely unfair, but surely misjudged. (more…)

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