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Come to TechCentral at #Lab14

20/09/2014, 12:45:13 PM


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The UK political party conferences have seen health hotels and transport hubs; now it is time for TechCentral. An initiative from the teams behind Labour Uncut, MessageSpace and Big Brother Watch, TechCentral?is putting technology and digital policy firmly on the party conference agenda for the first time.

With key players in the industry, including TalkTalk, Microsoft, EE, Facebook and a host of NGOs and start-ups, showcasing fringe meetings, debates, interactive experiences and workshops, TechCentral promises to be an exciting addition to the party conference season.

Conveniently placed in a marquee within the secure zone at the Labour and Conservative conferences and in the conference centre at the Liberal Democrat conference, TechCentral offers?MPs, delegates, campaigners and journalists the chance to debate and explore tech and digital policy. MPs and candidates will also have the chance to brush up on their social media skills ahead of the general election through a series of workshops.

Emma Carr, co-founder of TechCentral says: ?How technology and data are used can fundamentally improve the way that our country, and indeed the world, functions. Yet far more can be done to ensure that technology policy making is better informed and it is this that lies at the heart of TechCentral.?We’re very pleased to have significant players in the digital industry supporting the project in its first year. The conferences will feature sessions on social media training for the general election and fringes on digital policy, all of which we very much hope the delegates will enjoy.”

TechCentral will be kitted out with free Wi-Fi from EE, the Facebook Geni Bar, live conference feed and a bloggers lounge (when fringes are not taking place).

For a full agenda of events taking place in TechCentral at each conference just click:Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat Conference, or head over to the TechCentralwebsite.

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Labour engaging on digital and tech policy – join the action at conference in Manchester

15/08/2014, 12:38:27 PM

by Jag Singh

Guy Levin of Coadec says we are now catching up with the Tories when it comes to digital campaigning and technology policy, and that the party should be applauded for taking on the task of transforming itself into a relevant digital movement, with progressive policies and initiatives to match.

Our own Digital Government Review (led by Chi Onwurah MP) will no-doubt feed great ideas and assist Ed and his team put together a compelling manifesto for the 2015 election, encompassing technology and digital policy to not just save money and create jobs, but also reduce the digital divide. We’ll then also have to make sure ideas are followed through, once we get into Government.
Key public policy issues have in the past all enjoyed dedicated zones at the party conferences, with delegates and politicians flocking to hear about the latest advances and discuss hot issues. We’ve seen this for years with Transport Hub, the Health Hotel and the Climate Clinic, but going forward into the next general election, only Labour can be the party that examines how Whitehall policies and regulations keep up in such a fast moving technological world, while also ensuring the disadvantaged don’t lose out on opportunities in the new economy. It’s long overdue that there was such a public forum at annual conference to bridge the gap between the tech and political worlds.



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