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Time to replace the failed model of rail privatisation with an integrated, publicly accountable structure

27/08/2012, 11:58:06 AM

by Jordan Hall

The unexpected jump in the RPI rate of inflation will be grim news for rail passengers. UK commuters who already pay the highest fares in Europe, face further increases of at least 6% from next January.

The coalition has insisted that above inflation fare rises will end when the costs of the rail industry are brought down. However this argument doesn’t stand up when Network Rail has already slashed running costs over a 5 year period.

Rail reform could be the key to winning over swing voters in the marginal commuter constituencies that Labour will need to win to form a majority in 2015.

Back in June shadow transport secretary, Maria Eagle, welcomed the Rebuilding Rail report by Transport for Quality of Life as a consideration in the policy review.


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