Fastest anti-budget protest?

By 6pm this evening, banner-waving protesters were already massed outside Camden town hall in north London.

Surely, they must be the first to have taken to the streets against the budget?

Even more so, they won’t be last.

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2 Responses to “Fastest anti-budget protest?”

  1. Jane says:

    People who do not have to earn a living who are able to march during the day and early evening? Out in the country, we all think that the budget has been fair given the state of the deficit. We also like coalition government as tribal politics has become so boring..

  2. M Houlihan says:

    Perhaps these people are public sector workers, whom the Labour party is supposed to represent, straight out from work. Or even unemployed casualties from the bankers crisis, but they certainly wont be the last after this manifestly UNFAIR budget given the state of the deficit, especially with a measly £2 billion corporate tax…

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