We campaign in poetry, said Mario Cuomo, here’s Gordon Watson’s take on the Coalition Budget

Where on earth’s Horatius …….?
[After Horatius: A Lay made about the Year of the City CCCLX’.]
Dave Cameron and George Osborne,
  By Bullingdon they swore,
The cost of Public Services
  Should blight the rich no more.
By Bullingdon, George swore it,
  And named his Budget day,
And sent his minions scurrying forth
East and west and south and north,
  To make the poor man pay.
East and west and south and north
  The message travelled fast,
And Councils in the regions,
  All felt the cold wind’s blast.
“We’re all in this together”;
  Echoed hollow from the floor,
As the blame for all to follow
  Fell, on those who’d gone before.
There were three financial prophets,
  George appointed from the right,
Who daily read the entrails,
  And read the runes by night.
The OBR, he called them,
  And he kept them close at hand,
‘Till their economic forecasts
  Fitted just what he had planned.

“Go forth, go forth”! Dave Cameron,
  “Go forth”! George Osborne too,
 Deep cuts in Public Services
  Are clearly overdue.
Cut wages, jobs and pensions,
 Cut benefits – support,
For the workless and disabled,
  And the mentally distraught.

And all throughout the country,
  There was anger and dismay,
As departmental spending cuts,
  Grew larger every day.
Plans to make the poorest poorer,
  Steal the working widow’s mite,
Determined now to slash and burn,
And cut what public servants earn,
  To satiate the right.
For all was for the Party.
  And none was for the State.
The great man fleeced the poor man,
  Whilst the poor man served the great.
With tax unfairly portioned,
  With wealth unfairly spread,
The rich can dine on caviar,
  The poor can want for bread.
Beware the silver spoon-fed boys,
  Who’ve learnt at home and school,
To see themselves superior,
  Who’s right it is to rule.
They have no thought for common good,
  Their one sole aim is power.
A boot forever on your face, 
 Comes closer by the hour!
So where on earth’s Horatius,
  Now “Porsena” is here?
Who’ll wipe the smirk from Cameron’s face?
  From Osborne’s face the sneer?
Who’ll rid us of false Nick’las,
  Who wrought the deed of shame?
And sold his party’s principles,
  For fifteen minutes fame.

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    Great stuff! I’ve Stumbled this.

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