Diane Abbott’s desert island discs

A woman of conviction, Diane Abbott presented us with the same list she gave to our namesake in 2008. Any flirtations with post ’08 tunes have been put to the back of her mind. She has stayed true to the mix tape which had accompanied her life up to that point. The lady’s not for turning.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo make the list. The Temptations make the list. Bob Marley makes the list. Buju Banton – the (convicted) weed growing, (awaiting trial) alleged coke smuggling, (on/off) gay bashing, (confirmed) Jamaican – singer, makes the list.

But the one song that really stands out from the rest is D.ream, with the Blairite crowd pleasing, conference-electrifying classic Things can only get better. Abbott isn’t a Blairite. Abbott wasn’t a Blairite. We can’t imagine Abbott was one of the many uncomfortable middle class lefties shuffling on the spot and mouthing the words at conference ’97.

Other selections include Scarlet ribbons, a song that has been covered over 30 times by artists from Perry Como to Sinead O’Connor. Abbott has picked Henry Belafonte, who croons the story of a little girl who prays that god will bring her scarlet ribbons for her hair.

The selection of The Beatles’ Things we said today is a decent pick. The less frequently played cousin of Can’t buy me love, also written for A hard day’s night, is a catchy pop song. The lyric tells us that ‘these days such a kind girl seems so hard to find.’

Harry Belafonte – Scarlet Ribbons

The Beatles – Things We Said Today

The Temptations – Ain’t Too Proud to Beg

Bob Marley – Exodus

Buju Banton – Driver A

D:ream  – Things Can Only Get Better

Paul Roberts – Reflections in the Water

Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Nkosi Sikelel ‘IAfrika

Book: as many volumes as possible of the ” Architectural & Historical Survey of London”

Luxury: A nice bed with comfortable mattress, sheets & mosquito net.

Website: The Huffington Post

Film: The Godfather

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