The week Uncut

The ballot papers are out. Voting has begun and the end is in sight. In three weeks the party will have its leader and the job of opposition can begin.

The Red Menace, Bash’em, Rocky, the Mauler and the Changemaker were back on the campaign trail kissing babies and courting votes.  The candidates played the numbers game with campaign polls coming out that all, unsurprisingly, said their man was the answer.

It was the week David and Ed B played nice, Andy auditioned to be Shadow Health Secretary, Diane got stood up in Camden, Ed M welcomed new members and Tony’s big week was overshadowed by the New York Times and Andy Coulson.

In case you missed them, here are Uncut’s best read pieces of the last seven days:

Tom Watson on what the New York Times says Andy Coulson knew

Tom Watson writes to the Met Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson

Crowdsourcing the mayor: Ken Livingstone on newts, suits and Johnson’s johnson

It’s time to offer real alternatives, says John Healey

Dan Hodges backs a Blairite for the leadership

A night down the pub with the leadership contenders

We must be in the game, not shouting outside the stadium argues John Woodcock

Gove made me ashamed to be a Conservative says senior Tory councillor as she joins Labour

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  1. rwendland says:

    … and out in the south-west sticks (well Bristol westwards at least) we are still waiting for our first hustings. Thursday 9 September. Nice to feel wanted.

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