Shadow cabinet: Vote for Kevin

We have recieved four of these already.

From: BRENNAN, Kevin
Sent: 15 September 2010 15:01
Subject: FW: Shadow Cabinet Election

Shadow Cabinet Elections
Help shape Britain’s progressive future

Dear friend,

This is to let you know formally that I will be a candidate for the Shadow Cabinet.

At the first PLP meeting after the General Election I said that we would be fooling ourselves if we thought that the coalition would last months rather than years.  I hold to that view, and to the belief that we need to think strategically about our path back to power.

The Coalition’s strategy is to emphasise the pain, to lower expectations and hope that, like in the 80s, Labour will be divided.  Even with higher unemployment they calculate that sufficient voters will be relieved to have survived the recession and still be in work, and that this will win them re-election.  Combined with the rushing through of partisan constitutional changes, they hope to consign us to opposition for at least two terms.

If we are going to thwart them we need to set out a strong positive alternative to their politics of fear, as well as exposing how their policies are damaging Britain.

We need a powerful, united and strategically focussed Shadow Cabinet team to counter their plans, containing colleagues capable of taking on Government Ministers in the Commons, the media and the country.

As well as having been Head of Economics in a Cardiff, I have been in the Party for 31 years, was a local councillor for 10 years and ran Welsh First Minister Rhodri Morgan’s office and campaigns.  I came into the House in 2001 and led the campaign on behalf of Allied Steel and Wire workers which led to the setting up of the Pension Protection Fund.  I was epolitix Disability Charity Champion of the Year 2004 for my work on Muscular Dystrophy.   Comprehensive School

Until May I was Minister of State for Apprenticeships, FE, Skills and Consumer Affairs at BIS.  I have also served as Minister for the Third Sector in the Cabinet Office, as well as Children’s Minister at DCSF.  Prior to that I spent two years serving in the Government Whips’ office.  I established a reputation across the House as a strong campaigner and performer in all these roles.

I believe that I have a lot to offer to the party in opposition too, and have got stuck into the new government from day one.  I hope that you will give me one of your votes in the upcoming contest.  Please call me on xxxxxxxxxxxxx if you would like to ask me anything.
Best wishes


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2 Responses to “Shadow cabinet: Vote for Kevin”

  1. Dave Collins says:

    Seems as though the Welsh vote is going to be split at least four, if not five, ways (Hain, Bryant, Brennan, Irranca-Davies, possibly David Hanson). Peter, having been a principle lieutenant of the Ed M insurgency should be a shoe-in, but he’ll be keen to see at least one other Welsh MP getting on so that he doesn’t have to carry on shadowing the principality, however with such a wide field the risk is that none of the rest will make it.

  2. Phillip Clarke says:

    Please anyone who has any kind of power, bypass Kevin and give him a bit more time to work on his music and lobby on behalf of the music industry for more powers to tackle online piracy. The world needs more unworkable policies such as the DE Act to alienate more young voters from the Labour Party.

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