Shadow cabinet: Vote for Sadiq

A shadow cabinet vote for me letter, from an actual member of the shadow cabinet.

From: KHAN, Sadiq 
Sent: 13 September 2010
To: KHAN, Sadiq
Subject: Shadow Cabinet election

Dear Colleague,

I am writing to ask for your support in the Shadow Cabinet election that will take place between 30th September and 7th October. I know you’ll be receiving many other emails along the same lines from other colleagues, so I’ll try to keep it concise.

Over the last few years, I hope that I have shown the energy, skills and values to be an effective, hard working and approachable member of the Shadow Cabinet. If elected to continue serving, I will be:

  • Campaigning – highlighting and challenging the failures and bad policy of the coalition nationally while making sure you have the materials and information you need to campaign locally and represent your constituents in the House.
  • Collegiate – working with all colleagues, through the backbench committee and PLP policy groups, to shape policy, develop our arguments and define our positions
  • Committed – I’ll put to use the same zeal and energy which saw me re-elected in a key marginal to tackling the Tories and Lib Dems and representing the Party to the public

Following stints as a Whip and then a Minister at DCLG, I worked with Andrew Adonis as Minister of State for Transport (attending Cabinet). I’m immensely proud of the work we did in that time, and of the ambitious approach we took to tackling the transport challenges of the future. I’m confident that our actions improved our national and local transport networks, contributing to improved quality of life, fairness, and economic recovery across the country.

As you know, I was appointed Shadow Secretary of State for Transport in May, a position which, as the son of a London bus driver, I’ve been very proud to hold for these last few months. During that time, I hope that you have found me approachable and ready to take on board any insights you have had on transport (or any other area), to answer any questions and to provide support and advice on your local campaigns. I also hope you have found me to be an effective performer both in the Commons and the media.

I realise that voting will take place during recess, so if we don’t have chance to speak in person during the next few days or at Conference, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone or email. I’ll be writing again over the next few days to set out in more detail why I’m standing for the Shadow Cabinet. I know that you’ll be receiving a lot of communications on this subject, so if you’d rather not hear from me again, please do let me know.

Best wishes

Rt Hon Sadiq Khan MP

Member of Parliament for Tooting

House of Commons


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