Ed Miliband and the Tribune rally

Straws in the wind? Uncut notes with interest Ed Miliband’s sudden announcement that he will be rubbing comradely shoulders with  the cream of the left at this Tuesday’s Tribune rally.

According to a report on Twitter, Ed is now scheduled to appear with other Labour luminaries Neil Kinnock, Ken Livingstone, (no mean achievement to get those two sharing the same platform), Dave Prentis and Lisa Nandy. It would be a  bold appearance for a newly crowned leader, coming hours after his maiden conference speech. Ed’s aides will be only too aware of the headlines accompanying his triumphant arrival, supported by robustly captioned photos of comradely badinage between him, the doyen of the London radical left and the leader of one of the nation’s largest unions.

Another interpretation is that it represents an insurance policy in the event of a defeat. During the campaign Ed built an impressive following amongst the centre-left, and his appearance could be part of a strategy of embedding his coalition in the event the result goes against him. It could make him a formidable political force, regardless of how the shadow cabinet chairs are shuffled.

Alternatively, he may just fancy some political banter and a glass of wine after a long election. Whatever the reason, he’s sure to draw a crowd.

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