BBC rules that Strictly will stay a socialist-free zone. No Christmas Mandelson.

From: Kate Toft, BBC

To: Dan Hodges, Labour Uncut

Sent: Fri, 19 November, 2010 16:50:27


Dear Dan,

I’m responding to your email to Daniel Maynard and your question around political balance on our entertainment show Strictly Come Dancing.

The BBC’s obligation is “due impartiality”. Due impartiality is defined in the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines: “The term ‘due’ means that the impartiality must be adequate and appropriate to the output, taking account of the subject and nature of the content, the likely audience expectation and any signposting that may influence that expectation.”

Strictly is not a political programme it is an entertainment show. The “subject and nature of the content” and “the audience expectation” is rather different.

Both Ann Widdecombe and Vince Cable are huge fans of the show and of ballroom dancing, as is Peter Mandelson, although he declined an offer to take part in the show.

I have no comment to make on reports that Labour MPs are planning to table a House of Commons motion criticising the BBC, if indeed these reports are true.


Kate Toft
Head of Communications, Entertainment & Comedy

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  1. Griselda says:

    Labour? Socialists? Don’t make me laugh\!!!!

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