Did Gordon snub Steve?

The team at Uncut isn’t the most tech savvy operation on the web, but we take a keen interest. Some of us have got apples, some of us have got androids. We might not know how to use ‘em – but we’ve got ‘em.

So perusing tech news earlier today, we spotted an article from the tech correspondent at the Telegraph claiming that big Gordon blocked a knighthood for Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. Being mac “fanboys” (and girls) we were shocked.

The story quotes an unnamed ex Labour MP saying that GB blocked an honorary knighthood for Jobs in 2009 as revenge for Jobs snubbing an invitation from the ex-PM to speak at Labour party conference. Could this be right – and if so should we be cross with GB for snubbing Steve, or with Steve for snubbing our beloved party? Bemused and confused we made a call.

“The story is completely untrue”, our source close to GB told us. “Mr Jobs wasn’t invited to speak, so he couldn’t have turned it down. The claim that Gordon blocked an attempt to award Steve Jobs an honorary knighthood is a load of rubbish”.

Phew. Turns out this question is one for John Rentoul’s series.

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3 Responses to “Did Gordon snub Steve?”

  1. Tom says:

    Why should Steve Jobs get a knighthood anyway? He’s an American born, bred, and based marketeer of technology products that ask for your credit card details.

  2. Rachel Walker says:

    Similar to the statement ‘Labour doesn’t do God’, it seems clear to me ‘Apple doesn’t do politics’. So it therfore doesn’t surprise me this story is untrue. I don’t think a knighthood goes with jeans and a turtleneck anyway.

    Speedy recovery Steve.

  3. Edward Carlsson Browne says:

    I wish this one were true.

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