Half a minute Harris

Welcome, Uncut readers, to the mind of Tom Harris

What did you think? That he’d go gentle into that good night?

Or find another format to rage?

Having folded away his macbook and given up his celebrated blog last November, Tom Harris is back. But only once a week, only on Uncut, and for strictly thirty seconds.

Tune in on Wednesdays from next week to hear why he’s right, you’re wrong, and it isn’t like you thought it was.

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3 Responses to “Half a minute Harris”

  1. I’ve always really liked the idea of political video blogs from Labour MPs generally, think they could be useful and entertaining. Though im a complete junkie for this kind of stuff. Why only half a minute once a week though?

  2. Sue Brock says:

    Half a minute Harris I’d like you to do a piece re the awful conditionality in the ESA and the nasty ATOS “medical” which finds almost everyone fit to work ———- even when they die a few months later! Thank you. Sue

  3. Clare says:

    Good to see video used this way. Used to enjoy your blog so look forward to this.

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