Letter from Wales: Despite the cuts, money keeps getting poured down the Welsh language drain

by Julian Ruck

Welsh Labour isn’t red, it isn’t new and it most definitely isn’t blue, it’s just plain old and totally out of date. The Welsh Labour government holds on to an exclusive reliance on the state with a stubbornness that would have made even Pyrrhus think again!

It continues to obsess on policies of devolved isolationism and ‘You don’t give….but you get, get get as much as you like and to hell with the British tax-payer!’

England owes us.

For an example of profound arrogance and a total denial of austere times where the ruling Welsh ‘elites’ are concerned, consider the following.

A separatist Welsh language, that has had literally billions of tax-payers’ money thrown at it over the last 40 years, has resulted in bi-lingual signs that few understand, pyramids of bi-lingual paperwork that the overwhelming majority of Welsh folk throw straight into the bin, a Welsh Health Service smartphone ‘app’ for Welsh speakers costing £26,000 being dumped because less than a 1000 people used it, a Welsh language S4C television channel that  no-one watches (and not to mention its history of rampant management skulduggery), and a radio station – Radio Cymru – that demands £13 million pa of license fee  money.

A couple of weeks ago Radio Cymru’s audience figures dropped to their lowest level ever (119,000 listeners per week), according to respected Radio Joint Audience Research (16.5.13).

In comparison BBC Radio Cornwall receives a modest £1.3 million and yet it has higher audience figures!

Overall, BBC Wales receives £167 million pa of tax-payers’ money for Welsh language broadcasting, which some might feel is fair enough. After all, in any civilised society minorities should be respected and their views always accommodated where possible; but here’s the rub, none of this money has resulted in any kind of increase in Welsh speakers, indeed the opposite obtains.

10 years ago 40% of welsh schoolchildren could speak Welsh, now it’s only a paltry 24%.

You might have thought this would give our welsh leaders some pause for thought? Not a bit of it.

Only last week Leighton Andrews announced a further £750,000 of tax-payers’ money for Welsh language technology and digital media.

This at a time when the NS&I are dumping their Welsh language services because only 107 customers corresponded with them in Welsh (at a cost of £900 per Welsh speaking customers!) and the BMA has just stated that the use of the Welsh language should not be a priority when delivering healthcare because it would be a deterrent to people coming to Wales to work and would have a ‘very adverse effect on welsh healthcare’.

So then, millions of European and tax-payers’ hard earned for nothing but failure and where is the scrutiny and accountability?

Of course there’s no discussion about this in the Welsh media. In Wales, no-one moves without an intravenous grant drip firmly imbedded in their arms.

Last April at the Celtic Media Festival, BBC Wales controller Rhodri Talfan Davies was heard to muse upon this tricky conundrum of loads of tax-payers’ bucks going into welsh language broadcasting.

Lest we forget, Mr Talfan Davies is son of Geraint Talfan Davies and previous controller. He’s the boss of BBC Wales’ political editor Betsan Powys, daughter of R Alun Evans, previous Head of BBC in North wales. And she works with BBC Wales Welsh affiars editor Vaughan Roderick, son of Selwyn Roderick, previous BBC Wales programme maker.

All very cosy. Anyone would think that a public sector organisation was being used as a private fiefdom by a handful of Welsh establishment figures and their families?

In his Celtic Media Festival turn, Mr Talfan Davies was of the view, and this really is worrying, that programmes on Welsh English language stations should have more Welsh language in them. More Welsh language?

Isn’t a Welsh language radio station that very few listen to and a Welsh language television station that virtually no-one watches, enough for you?

Isn’t it enough that both cost tax-payers a fortune for little if any return?

With respect Mr Davies, you are living in cloud cuckoo land and if you go down this route, be in no doubt that the impact on the Welsh language will be a disastrously negative one. Consent and persuasion are the words, not assault and battery.

As usual, the Welsh elites and self-righteous intelligentsia are up to their usual old tricks. Let’s get unsuspecting tax-payers’ money in, carve it all up amongst ourselves and throw a blinder to the Wales Audit Office (WAO) – who couldn’t care less anyway, talk about a toothless pussy cat.

The WAO still thinks ‘scrutiny’ and ‘accountability’ are fancy cocktails served up in some Cardiff Bay nightclub.

Julian Ruck is the author of the Ragged Cliffs Trilogy and legal thriller The Bent Brief’. He is an FoI campaigner and has made contributions to programmes in both Welsh and national broadcasting

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81 Responses to “Letter from Wales: Despite the cuts, money keeps getting poured down the Welsh language drain”

  1. Mr Akira Origami says:

    Dear Mr Hewson

    Please indulge yourself with your fantasies of Mr Ruck.

    Mr Hewson I do not emulate Mr Ruck, I have my own personal style of satire to highlight the “goings on” in the princi;ality. (primarily because newspapers are so dull here and journalists are afraid to speak their minds)


    Hewson……….you have a problem!

    Funny…If there’s anyone with time and a talent for psychological analysis, a cursory look at your comments on this blog with a person who is suffering from delusion may reveal curious similarites.

    Mr Hewson,get a life, see a specialist or keep taking the tablets….please!

    I will overlook your accusations of “me!”……. “baiting” people on this site.

    Yours sincerly

    Mr Origami

    PS…are you writing a novel about a syntax detective?

  2. dave rodway says:

    Keep talking to yourself Julian, if it makes you happy.

    Or should that be: ‘if it make you, happy’?

  3. John Abell says:

    Julian, are you actually serious when you say people can’t understand bi-lingual signs? Can you please cite some of your sources or figures you claim in your article?
    I am really strruggling to find them and trust me I have looked.

    This is a strange article you’ve written Julian, on the topic of handicapped charities and the NSPCC and operation Yewtree… I quote

    ”I have been reading an article by Ron Liddle in The Spectator, who asks ‘Why does Mencap believe that its protests should carry greater weight than the democratic process?’

    His article mainly concerns all the bullying, and demands for ‘apologies’ that minority groups keep getting up to whenever someone says something they don’t like. Indeed, he goes on to write about the recent lady barrister – funnily enough whose name is Hewson, I wonder if she is any relation to author David Hewson, he of gentle repartee and evocative wit ? – who dared to voice an opinion on the futile Operation Yewtree prosecution of old men, being undertaken by the police.”


    Julian old boy, the police operation Yewtree concerns prosecuting predatory paedophiles, you think that is a waste of time, having previously called the police on bloggers who disagree with you?

    When you and Mr Origami write about education levels in Wales, remember the funding gap between English pupils and Welsh pupils, per capita.


    What is wrong with the Welsh language Julian? Are you annoyed that it cost money to preserve? Surely a language is one of the things that should be protected? Why do you hate the Mabinogi so much? I suggest you read (although I know you do not like reading, you have said so yourself http://jewelsfromjulian.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/much-is-explained-julian-ruck-isnt-a-reader-either/ )

    Actually, if there is anything you need to be known about Julian, this is a good place to start


    I do not think Mr Origami is Julian Ruck, on the Julian Fuck parody blog I used to think Ross BP is until a friend of mine admitted doing it as a joke.

    Mr Origami is a name Julian is uncapable of thinking of, in a correspondence with my frien Joao he asked if he was a ‘male or female of the species’, I doubt he can think of Japanese names.

  4. Mr Akira Origami says:

    Responding to MM’s comment

    The Urdd highlights televisional bias to youth groups in Wales.

    Fully accessible subtitles in English? Cymraeg speakers can’t be bothered to watch it.

    Deaf people do not want to watch second rate TV on S4C – “give them a break”, lifes hard enough for them, they deserve more surely.

    How does S4C stand up to scrutiny? Not very well perhaps?


    Until the vast majority of people in Wales can speak Cymraeg, “equal access” will be limited. There is the joke about the life guard in Aberystwyth – he couldn’t swim but he could speak Cymraeg. There would never be a situation of this happening of course as a life would be at risk. The lifeguard may get the job because he speaks Cymraeg and that there may be a person in Wales that does not speak a single word of English. That person could have been shouting “helpu!” and the English speaking lifeguard unaware that the person was in distress, inadvertently let the person drown – ensuing outrage occurs.

    Have you heard about the astro physics degree course in Cardiff university? The lecturers teaching the course don’t know anything about astro physics but they speak Cymraeg – no ensuing death – no ensuing outrage.

    “welsh speakers are fully entitled by law to equal status”?

    Let’s not forget the phrase in the Welsh language Act – “as far as is reasonable and practicable”.

    I am still looking at the “Act”.the clause “that person in Wales who cannot speak English.”

    I am still looking at the “Act”for the clause “that person in Wales who cannot speak English.” If anyone can spot it please tell me.

    Equal status and the Welsh Language Act:

    The Welsh Language Act 1993 and the Government of Wales Act 1998 provide that the Welsh and English languages be treated equally in the public sector, as far as is reasonable and practicable. Public bodies are required to prepare for approval a Welsh Language Scheme, which indicates their commitment to the equality of treatment principle. This is sent out in draft form for public consultation for a three month period, whereupon comments on it may be incorporated into a final version. It requires the final approval of the now defunct Welsh Language Board (Bwrdd yr Iaith Gymraeg). Thereafter, the public body is charged with implementing and fulfilling its obligations under the Welsh Language Scheme. The list of other public bodies which have to prepare Schemes could be added to by initially the Secretary of State for Wales, from 1993–1997, by way of Statutory Instrument. Subsequent to the forming of the National Assembly for Wales in 1997, the Government Minister responsible for the Welsh language can and has passed Statutory Instruments naming public bodies who have to prepare Schemes. Neither 1993 Act nor secondary legislation made under it cover the private sector, although some organisations, notably banks and some railway companies, provide some of their literature through the medium of Welsh.

    On the subject of law, did you know that there is a law in France that states you cannot call a pig Napoleon.

    Some laws can be ridculous………………

    Mr Origami

    Totally racist rubbish, he seems to miss the point welsh speakers are fully entitled by law to equal access. Maybe have a go at the WAG for wasting millions on a turkey of an airport. With regards to welsh language TV a lot of money is also used to make it fully accessible in ENGLISH via subtitling, in fact S4C was the first TV channel to fully offer bi-lingual access in the UK, this also gave considerable access to people who were deaf. The Urdd and the eisteddfod are always well attended, and the demand for welsh medium schools is pretty steady too, so this is meeting DEMAND. Stick to rants and writing rubbish….

  5. Mr Akira Origami says:

    Roads signs in wales:


    Every rock in Wales should carry a health warning. Sign makers in Wales are warmly welcoming new proposals!


    Danger! Bi-lingual road sign ahead. Only for the tourists.

    Mr. Roberts ( Under secratary ofstateforWales ).”The signs on our roads in Wales are there for the benefit of visitors and of Welsh motorists as well.

    and lastly because Wales after devolution has so much money to spare.

    “Loadsa money!” from the English and continental chappies who seem to lavish the stuff on us here in Wales and cheer at the success of devolution ( although some are critical of our standard of English – Mr Hewson )

    To the English contingent who have responded to this article and support devolution. Go forth and lobby devolution for England. An English assembly would create so many jobs! – you would have to mad not to want to have one.

    Tell you what butt,you are really missing out on it! Nice little scam it is.

    Oh yes!…lastly…we have even got a bit of dosh over for research programmes. Given you boys in the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds £53,000 we have. Spend it wisely boys – money for research grants are hard to get these days.


    Bi-ingual road signs are not dangerous! Well only if the Assembly runs out of dosh – and there is no chance of that – cos it grows on trees in Wales…………….

  6. Mr Akira Origami says:

    and my final contribution to this article:

    If anybody from now on complains about Bi-lingual signs being dangerous or if in the future the signs are proved to be dangerous….go and see the boys in Leeds University.

    Hopefully they have got some kind of insurance policy?

    You thought the folk in Wales were daft?

    Wales gives it’s gratitude to the boys in Leeds University………….

  7. alan jones says:

    Wow , mr ruckigami. .. bonkers stuff.

  8. John Abell says:

    Mr Origami,

    The first piece you’ve linked to is just a story about a poorly run, inept sounding council. It has nothing to do with the Welsh language.


    As the penultimate sentence says…

    ‘The community council were unanimous in agreeing to pay for the markings.’

    At a whopping price of £80.

    The next article you have linked to is from the Daily Fail, a turgid, racist poo stain of a rag.


    This is an article about one of their favourite topics (aside from immigrant bullying, Hitler, the monarchy and she’s too fat/too thin celebrity stories) the ruination of good old Britain by ‘elf and safety. Again, it has nothing to do with the Welsh language. Personally I don’t think those signs should be there and I certainly do not think they would stop people climbing rocks.

    What is wrong for paying for a study to see whether bi-lingual signs could be dangerous? This was a study done 13 years ago when money was less tight and is useful to see if bi-lingual signs could, or would, increase the risk of crashing in motor vehicles. I am sure it was a rigorously applied scientific study which are time consuming and I am sure that all the expenses had to be audited properly.

    Again, you are naive if you think £53,000 is a lot in terms of government expenditure and very cheap compared to most scientific studies. For an individual, yes, a government, no.

    The Westminster government is a dab hand at wasting money Mr Origami, and not just on pointless wars and Trident upgrades. How about the £12 billion NHS computer network that never was?


    England already has an assembly, it is called parliament. It employs and spends billions more a year than the Welsh assembly.

    Why Mr Origami, do you think that local representation by the Welsh for Wales, is a negative?

    I feel a lot more connected to the Senydd than I do Westminster and I think most of the Welsh would agree.

    You are clearly an Old Labour, anti devolution, anti Welsh language bigot of a bye gone era and thankfully, like mr Ruck, you are a dying breed.

  9. Ben Orange says:

    Mr Origami, or should that be Mr Julian Ruck (you dreadful old troll), what on earth are you talking about?

    All conjecture, all nonsense, all dreadfully dated imperial claptrap. You anti-intellectual buffoon, do you specialise in hate filled bile? Don’t bother answering that.

    But do keep writing – utterly unknowingly (what else?) you merely serve to increase support for everything you appear to despise. Keep it up.

  10. dave rodway says:

    since we’re on the topic of crap politicians, let’s think about the billions of £ that Westminster costs us, the the millions of £ that were found to have been snaffled by lying MPs on expenses, not to mention the lobbying scandals and cash for questions that happened only a few weeks ago.
    Not ONE welsh assembly member or Scottish parliamentarian has been found doing anything even vaguely similar. Why? Because the system is cheaper, and the procedures more tranparent. If you’re worried about pigs and snouts and troughs, look to Parliament.
    If roadsigns in other languages were dangerous, let alone bilingual ones, then it’s safe to presume that no British people would be safe driving abroad. yet they somehow manage to drive through France, Italy, Spain, Belgium etc without crashing.
    Mr origami, you may not be a liar, plagiarist and envy-driven failed writer like Mr Ruck, but you are an idiot with literacy issues.

  11. dave rodway says:

    Labour Uncut, you should be proud of yourselves: Mr Ruck trumpets the fact that he is “a weekly guest columnist (Letter from Wales) for the infuential [sic.} Westminster website and blog Labour Uncut”

    Infuential? Infuential?

    You must be delighted to have such a high calibre of writer among your regulars, especially when it comes to matters of literacy, education and language.

    I congatulate [sic.] you!

  12. Mr Akira Origami says:

    To Mr Abell

    England does not have an assembly. Where did you get the information that it has?

    My apologies for being slightly satirical. Should Wales get to spend the money from the English and Europeans on bi-lingual road signs? Do you think bi-lingual road signs help the economy. Do the road signs attract tourism? Are bi-lingual roads signs necessary? Could the money for the roads signs have been better spent.

    So could you add the £53,000 to the whole amount of having bi-lingual signs?

    We are only talking of the initial cost. How much extra cost anually?

    Personally I would rather the money be spent on the Arts.

    I think local representation a good thing and the institution that is the Assembly be open, scrutinized and accountable. It is rather diconcerting that old labour have resided in the Senate and dropped off to sleep. The polite people of Wales are just letting them doze. Old Labour in the Assembly are dozing while the “opposition” are in coalition with them dictating policies.

    I agree with you Mr Abell, Labour’s disastrous £12 Billion NHS computer scheme was a disgrace. In Westminster and in the Welsh assembly – Labour knows no bounds in wasting money.

    Labour is really good at pouring money down the drain……………..

    Mr Origami

  13. Julian Ruck says:

    Mr Origami,

    Please don’t waste your tiime responding to Abell, he is using multiple identities both here and elsewhere and is patently of unsound mind.

    He is to be pitied, nothing more.


  14. Mr Akira Origami says:

    To Mr Ruck

    He is quite unable to have a coherent stance in this debate if he is under the impression that England has an Assembly.

    Personally I think England should have an Assembly. The people in England could then have a voice of whether they think the money given to Wales be better spent on the English people.

    The money from the Barnett formula is being wasted in Wales on nationalist causes. The only way for Wales to get out of the post- devoutionary mess is to have a referendum on independance.

    The majority of the people in Wales and the people of England are being fleeced…………..

    Mr Origami

  15. Mr Akira Origami says:

    To Mr Ruck

    Mr Ruck, John Abell maybe dangerous? He is an artist, his pictures are quite disturbing.


    I think you should inform the authorities about him. He posted on his blog site, some disturbing photographs with two other people. They we holding up a placard containing expletives and your name, Maybe the two people are behind the distruption of the debate on Labour Uncut?

    He may try stalking you? Who knows? You should contact the authorities though, just to be safe.

    Mr Origami

  16. John Abell says:

    England has a Parliament, that is their assembly.

    Bi-lingual road signs are in existence because some people speak Welsh as their 1st language, not English.

    Julian, I respond and use only my own name on the internet, no anonymity with me! Especially when routing z list ’tilogy’ (sic) and ‘infuential’ (sic) writers and cretins such as yourself!

    Julian, do not question my mental health you abusive, alcoholic, chauvinistic, blinkered, right wing, bitter, failed, bully of a pig.

  17. Julian Ruck says:

    To J Abell,

    I rather rest my case,Mr Abell.


  18. John Abell says:

    In fairness, I have contacted you once under the false alias of Darren Montague Bentley. Purporting to be from Bath, I asked you some questions. Some of your answers were truly amazing:

    You opened with this pretty desperate first line:

    ‘Thank you for your kind words – you wouldn’t mind putting a few of them on Amazon by way of ‘review’ would you? Cheeky sod that I am!’

    Quickly followed by this corker:

    ‘As it happens, the whole situation in Wales has really become quite sickening, both politically and culturally. I spent thirty odd years in England and have decided to return. I am more comfortable across the border and that’s that. My house is up for sale but this is not common knowledge at the monent so do please keep this under your hat – no doubt the Welsh press will make a story out of my taking off when the time comes.’

    Which is slightly revealing as to how you feel about the Welsh, isn’t it? But then you come out with this, patronising a whole nation and its great literary heritage!

    ‘You are right about the Festival, location had a lot to do with it and frankly I’m not even certain that my fellow countrymen had ever heard of an ebook, most of them are still reading Jack and Jill books’

    Jack and Jill books! Julian old boy, no one reads your novels!! To be fair, you did think you were talking to an Englishman. Read the whole exchange here if you fancy it, it is pretty funny reading and reveals the character of the man.


  19. alan jones says:

    John Abell that’s fantastic! What a brilliant exchange .. Ruck trying to get you to praise hs whoppingly crappy books on amazon! He writes his own reviews thats for sure. Now he trolls in support of himself with a japanese name. What a fraud. Utterly pathetic.
    Have you got any more of these corking exchanges? He’s so up himself he can’t even tell when hes being set up. Comic gold.

  20. Julian Ruck says:

    I rarely respond to Troll-like spite and insult, but on this occasion I feel compelled to point out to you all, that with this particular website you are broadcasting your unfortunate hatred and misguided venom to an audience that is not limited to the Welsh principality.

    Your impotent diatribes and wanton bluffs merely serve to add certainty to the national view that the Welsh suffer from a syndrome of despotic insecurity and inferiority complex.

    You are not harming me (quite the oposite in fact), but you are most certainly harming the reputation of the Welsh and Welsh culture generally.

    Your petty manipulations and the aimless velocity of your misguided heroism fools no-one.

    Least of all the educated and well-informed readers of this website.

    For the sake of Wales, debate by all means but please stop diminshing and emabarrassing the passionate spirit of the Welsh, because all your robotic and revisionist vitriol is doing, is precisely this.


  21. dave rodway says:

    Comic gold indeed – thanks for the link John.

    I just LOVE this:

    TV/Film rights will be explored once we see how TBB goes. I sacked my London agents last year and am still trying to work out what my next move will be, the ebook has changed so much.
    I will definietly get in touch when I’m in your area next (which is quite likely), always good to meet a reader who enjoys my yarns.
    All the very best,
    PS And I don’t speak a word of Welsh either!”

    Ruck did not sack his agent, he simply realised his books were too shit for them to sell , or they just dropped him. Who can blame them with the crap he writes and the doubtless aggressive emails he must have sent them if his letters to Welsh publishers who rejected him are anything to go by.

    “Film rights”?

    Has anyone asked his London agents if he “sacked” them?

  22. Angela Meaden says:

    This is all quite remarkable. I must confess to not having looked too closely at what going on in Wales before, but it can’t be right to be spending these sums of money when we have queues at A+E and people dying because of the cuts.

    From what I can see, all Julian Ruck has done it to point out something that is wholly ridiculous to Labour members like myself.

    The response of some of the commenters on this piece is utterly disgraceful and nothing short of bullying. If the David Hewson in these comments is indeed the author then I am doubly disappointed. I used to be a fan.

  23. Jordan Stock says:


    Wales is not a principality – it is a country.

    Also, it is the Welsh Government, not the ‘Assembly’ – someone who purports to watch/listen to the news should know this.

    Just two points of order, the rest is opinion and whilst I do not agree with yours, I respect your right to hold it.

  24. David Hewson says:

    Why are you disappointed? All I’ve done here is point out that Julian Ruck (a man who vilifies writers on a regular basis) and ‘Origami’ appear to be the same person. Though this could be easily disproved if ‘Origami’ said who he really was. What’s wrong with that?

  25. Julian Ruck says:

    To Mr Stock,

    Thank you for your comment.

    The use of the word ‘country’ implies a sovereign state, I believe.

    Wales is neither sovereign nor a country in this context.

    It relies entirely upon Westminster – 80% of Welsh GDP comes from Parliament, which hardly makes it ‘sovereign’, I think you will agree?

    And your respect for my right to have an opinion is appreciated. It really does make a change.


  26. Mr Akira Origami says:

    If Wales was a country, then the people of England would be really glad – not having to hand over a lot of their hard earned money.

    If Wales was not a principality, the Prince oif Wales would be saddened (probably)

    There is a person here who thinks there is an English Assembly- sorry there isn’t one. If you would like to have an English assembly, have you thought of joining the CEP


    Will the person in Wales who cannot speak English please come forward.

    “Reasonable and practicable”.

    Is it reasonable and practicable to divert money from health and education to bi-lingualroad signs?

    If Wales was an independant country it could do what it liked. It could: ban the use of English in all of it’s schools.refuse to sell houses to English people, leave the EU when the cash dries up and even make Carwyn Jones King of Cmyru.

    Being an independant country it could do all these things.

    In his treatise “What is a nation?” the French philosopher Ernest Renan the French philosopher and writer, suggested that a nation is “a group of people united by a mistaken view about the past and a hatred of their neighbours”.

  27. Mr Akira Origami says:

    Dear Mr Hewson

    With reference to the issues raised by Mr Ruck in his article….have you got a point of view?

    ………………or are “you” just a man who vilifies writers on a regular basis?

    Again Mr Hewson, please indulge yourself with your fantasies of Mr Ruck – hopefully in the privacy of your home.

    Mr Hewson I do not emulate Mr Ruck, I have my own personal style of satire to highlight the “goings on” in the princi;ality. (primarily because newspapers are so dull here and journalists are afraid to speak their minds)


    Hewson……….you have a problem!

    Funny…If there’s anyone with time and a talent for psychological analysis, a cursory look at your comments on this blog with a person who is suffering from delusion may reveal curious similarites.

    Mr Hewson, get a life, see a specialist or keep taking the tablets….please!

    I will overlook your accusations of “me!”……. “baiting” people on this site.

    Yours sincerly

    Mr Origami

    PS…are you writing a novel about a syntax detective?

    Yours sincerly

    Mr Origami

  28. Mr Akira Origami says:

    To Mr John Abell

    “Unlike Julian Ruck, I do not think Ramsey Campbell will be having his wikipedia deleted….”

    Thank you for sharing that information Mr Abell.

    A most informative. yet…..curious statement?

    Yours sincerly

    Mr Origami

  29. Craig says:

    Promote Welsh identity to get voted in then fill first England then Wales and Scotland full of foreigners.

    They have declared demographic warfare on the Native people of this land. The native people have the moral right to a future on their own soil.

  30. I’ve written a blog dealing with some of the above comments regarding the cost of the Welsh language here: http://whywelsh.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/the-welsh-language-costs-too-much/

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