Letter from Wales: Despite the cuts, money keeps getting poured down the Welsh language drain

by Julian Ruck

Welsh Labour isn’t red, it isn’t new and it most definitely isn’t blue, it’s just plain old and totally out of date. The Welsh Labour government holds on to an exclusive reliance on the state with a stubbornness that would have made even Pyrrhus think again!

It continues to obsess on policies of devolved isolationism and ‘You don’t give….but you get, get get as much as you like and to hell with the British tax-payer!’

England owes us.

For an example of profound arrogance and a total denial of austere times where the ruling Welsh ‘elites’ are concerned, consider the following.

A separatist Welsh language, that has had literally billions of tax-payers’ money thrown at it over the last 40 years, has resulted in bi-lingual signs that few understand, pyramids of bi-lingual paperwork that the overwhelming majority of Welsh folk throw straight into the bin, a Welsh Health Service smartphone ‘app’ for Welsh speakers costing £26,000 being dumped because less than a 1000 people used it, a Welsh language S4C television channel that  no-one watches (and not to mention its history of rampant management skulduggery), and a radio station – Radio Cymru – that demands £13 million pa of license fee  money.

A couple of weeks ago Radio Cymru’s audience figures dropped to their lowest level ever (119,000 listeners per week), according to respected Radio Joint Audience Research (16.5.13).

In comparison BBC Radio Cornwall receives a modest £1.3 million and yet it has higher audience figures!

Overall, BBC Wales receives £167 million pa of tax-payers’ money for Welsh language broadcasting, which some might feel is fair enough. After all, in any civilised society minorities should be respected and their views always accommodated where possible; but here’s the rub, none of this money has resulted in any kind of increase in Welsh speakers, indeed the opposite obtains.

10 years ago 40% of welsh schoolchildren could speak Welsh, now it’s only a paltry 24%.

You might have thought this would give our welsh leaders some pause for thought? Not a bit of it.

Only last week Leighton Andrews announced a further £750,000 of tax-payers’ money for Welsh language technology and digital media.

This at a time when the NS&I are dumping their Welsh language services because only 107 customers corresponded with them in Welsh (at a cost of £900 per Welsh speaking customers!) and the BMA has just stated that the use of the Welsh language should not be a priority when delivering healthcare because it would be a deterrent to people coming to Wales to work and would have a ‘very adverse effect on welsh healthcare’.

So then, millions of European and tax-payers’ hard earned for nothing but failure and where is the scrutiny and accountability?

Of course there’s no discussion about this in the Welsh media. In Wales, no-one moves without an intravenous grant drip firmly imbedded in their arms.

Last April at the Celtic Media Festival, BBC Wales controller Rhodri Talfan Davies was heard to muse upon this tricky conundrum of loads of tax-payers’ bucks going into welsh language broadcasting.

Lest we forget, Mr Talfan Davies is son of Geraint Talfan Davies and previous controller. He’s the boss of BBC Wales’ political editor Betsan Powys, daughter of R Alun Evans, previous Head of BBC in North wales. And she works with BBC Wales Welsh affiars editor Vaughan Roderick, son of Selwyn Roderick, previous BBC Wales programme maker.

All very cosy. Anyone would think that a public sector organisation was being used as a private fiefdom by a handful of Welsh establishment figures and their families?

In his Celtic Media Festival turn, Mr Talfan Davies was of the view, and this really is worrying, that programmes on Welsh English language stations should have more Welsh language in them. More Welsh language?

Isn’t a Welsh language radio station that very few listen to and a Welsh language television station that virtually no-one watches, enough for you?

Isn’t it enough that both cost tax-payers a fortune for little if any return?

With respect Mr Davies, you are living in cloud cuckoo land and if you go down this route, be in no doubt that the impact on the Welsh language will be a disastrously negative one. Consent and persuasion are the words, not assault and battery.

As usual, the Welsh elites and self-righteous intelligentsia are up to their usual old tricks. Let’s get unsuspecting tax-payers’ money in, carve it all up amongst ourselves and throw a blinder to the Wales Audit Office (WAO) – who couldn’t care less anyway, talk about a toothless pussy cat.

The WAO still thinks ‘scrutiny’ and ‘accountability’ are fancy cocktails served up in some Cardiff Bay nightclub.

Julian Ruck is the author of the Ragged Cliffs Trilogy and legal thriller The Bent Brief’. He is an FoI campaigner and has made contributions to programmes in both Welsh and national broadcasting

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81 Responses to “Letter from Wales: Despite the cuts, money keeps getting poured down the Welsh language drain”

  1. dave rodway says:

    Another inaccurate rant from plagiarist, liar, bigot and vanity-self-publisher Julian Ruck.
    All this because a couple of Welsh publishers turned down his novels.
    Very sad.

  2. Darren Almond says:

    A lot of figures quoted, but still no links to verify any of them- which makes me a little suspicious of your research, particularly as in your last blog you made the mistake of claiming that Wales was the only part of the UK that is not scrapping GCSEs. But, I could be wrong, please give some links if you have them.

    Plus, I am a little confused at how in one sentence you say the Welsh Labour have ‘a total denial of austere times’ and as an example in the next sentence you say the Welsh language has had loads of money thrown at it over the last 40 years. The majority of that time span would have been pre-austerity. And you still haven’t backed up your claim in the last blog that the Welsh Arts Council has not cut its budget while the british one has and that Wales spends 4.4 mill on books on Welsh cakes.

    Plus, I’m not sure using language such as ‘sepratist’, ‘taffy-Taliban’ and ‘Welsh-Caliphate’ (used on this and your other blogs) is going to lead to a constructive, level headed debate, sounds a little Richard Littlejohn to me.

  3. dave rodway says:

    This is what Ruck has written about Welsh and Welsh-speakers:

    “That may sound shocking considering I’m a Welsh author, but cards on the table, this particular form of communication sounds like a turkey being strangled and should, like the Dodo, have been confined to the history books years ago.

    Constantly having this gobbledygook rammed down my throat is too much. It’s made me miss my train on more than a few occasions I can tell you.”

    This is racism and bigotry – no wonder this clown gets ‘liked’ by BNP bloggers. He presses all the right buttons: hates minorities, mocks their language and culture, allies them to extremists (taliban) and generally uses the language of Islamophobia and racism to attack Welsh. What a disgusting spectacle.

    What is he doing on Labour Uncut?

  4. Eric Heffer in England, Tam Dalyell and the Buchans (Norman and Janey) in Scotland, and Leo Abse and Neil Kinnock in Wales, were prescient as to the Balkanisation of Britain by means of devolution and the separatism that it was designed to appease, and as to devolution’s weakening of trade union negotiating power.

    Abse, in particular, was also prescient as to the rise of a Welsh-speaking oligarchy based in English-speaking areas, which would use devolution to dominate Welsh affairs against the interests of Welsh workers South and North, industrial and agricultural, English-speaking and Welsh-speaking. Heffer’s political base was in Liverpool, at once very much like the West of Scotland and with close ties to Welsh-speaking North Wales.

    But that Gwynfor Evans threatened to go on hunger strike if the Thatcher Government reneged on its, and Labour’s, 1979 commitment to a Welsh-language television channel recalls an age when the Conservatives saw much point in trying to win seats in Wales while Labour saw much point in trying to win them in rural areas, for where the two intersect is where Welsh is most commonly spoken.

    Indeed, Evans had in 1979 lost his own rural, Welsh-speaking seat of Carmarthen to a Labour candidate who was at most a mild devolutionist. Earlier that year, Welsh-speaking Wales had voted No to devolution by the same enormous margin as English-speaking Wales. 20 years later, whereas the split by language ran and runs North-South, the split on devolution ran East-West. How the world turns. And how quickly.

    But there is still the odd pocket of the old order. Ynys Môn, the most northerly seat in Wales and as solidly Welsh-speaking as its name suggests, was Conservative in 1982 and is now fought out between Plaid Cymru and Labour, with the latter currently holding the seat, and with the Conservatives in a respectable third place, especially since their vote increased very dramatically indeed last time.

    If Labour recovers the rural Radicalism and the basically Nonconformist peace tradition that created it in the first place, then there are no no-go areas for it in 2015. In fact, of the areas that could thus be reached, the presence of Plaid Cymru make North, West and to an extent Mid Wales the hardest nuts to crack. The loss of the 2014 referendum on independence will have the SNP on the run. While the West Country and its hinterland are just there for the taking. So take them.

  5. alan jones says:

    Could you furnish evidence c fhis welsh speaking oligarchy? Most welsh mps and ams dobt speak welsh and even plaid s leader is an English speaker from fhe valleys.
    Show us some evidence please otherwise yiu just sound like the usual racists who pretend that minorities get all fhe breaks while the ‘silent majority’ get crushed. Show us how please bcauee it doesn’t correspond to anything I as an English speaking south walian know. I just see a bitter anti welsh bigot and his troll chums attacking devolution.

  6. alan jones says:

    Apologies for bad typing – the effects of sunlight on my Samsung in sunny devolved Cardiff. I can console myself that even typing blinded by sunlight I write better than Ruck.

  7. Mrs PennThomas says:

    I don’t know where you are getting your figures from Julian. Could you tell me your what source you are quoting that says there has been a decrease from 40 to 20% in schoolchildren speaking Welsh? I tried to find this figure and couldn’t. What I found was that there has been a year on year increase in the number of pupils being educated through the medium of Welsh (source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welsh_medium_education) and while there has been a decrease in Welsh speakers it seems this is largely due to inward-migration of non-Welsh speakers (source http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-20677528). So in fact, you moving back to Wales has been a contributing factor in those statistics. You can see why I am so curious as to where you have gathered your information from. The picture you paint doesn’t match up with the official figures I’ve found. Please enlighten me.

  8. I love this description of Julian Ruck:

    “Finding the organiser of this epic non-event we asked him where his author had gone. “Which author?” came the reply. We explained that we had been waiting for this speaker for some time, four of us – not exactly rent-a-crowd – only for half the audience, both of them, to walk off and the other half to go off on an author-hunt. He had no idea, absolutely none.

    I said, “You’ve lost an author? How do you lose and author at such a poorly attended literary festival? He can’t exactly hide in the crowd.” Pointing out that, far from being 20,000 to 30,000 strong, his audience was no greater than a dozen or so, the food provision was doing nothing for his reputation, the stall-holders were in revolt and forming a posse, I remonstrated with him that now he had lost an author. He had actually lost an author!

    “Let me find out,” he said, as though I had asked him if he stocked my favourite brand of coffee. It was one of those occasions that so wrong when it would have been so easy to get it right. I have been involved in conventions in different parts of the country for some twenty years and we made some mistakes but we have never lost an audience or an author, much less both.

    This man, however, seemed to be unwilling to take responsibility for his own show and seemed incapable of showing any concern for the disappointments of others. “This is a shambles,” I said, raising my voice. “You’ve lost an author for pities sake” However, he seemed to be talking as though this was a small wisp of cloud in an otherwise clear blue sky.”

  9. I think us Welsh people should embrace Julia like Kansas has embraced Westboro Church. Local people now run tours for tourist following the church members in their pickets.

    Maybe we can do the same for Julian Ruck? We can take them to Dinefwr Publishing were we can ask if they did really pay him to write his books. We can take them to Ffors Las Racecourse and recreate the epic failure of Kidwelly E-Festival. Finishing it off at around 1pm when Julian gets chucked out of the pub after groping the barmaid. Who’s with me?!

  10. From: http://julianruck.wordpress.com/2012/06/21/spreading-wifely-arses-and-lunch-club/

    “Now, for all you young ‘uns out there be warned. When women reach the sagging years of milfhood, for God’s sake never, never say anything about their weight or God forbid that their backsides are spreading uncontrollably – so, read and learn young ‘uns. It’s all true believe me. Ask any middle-aged man who’s been coping with the insanity of female kind for a good few years and he’ll confirm every word.”

    How he has been turned down by publishers is beyond me!

  11. alan jones says:

    Wow, its worse than I thought: labour uncut hosting unverified rants by a sexist as well as a bigot and a plagiarist and a liar.
    Time to find out if hes been in prison too. Rumour has it that ur Julian has cost the taxpayer quite a bit himself!

  12. MM says:

    Totally racist rubbish, he seems to miss the point welsh speakers are fully entitled by law to equal access. Maybe have a go at the WAG for wasting millions on a turkey of an airport. With regards to welsh language TV a lot of money is also used to make it fully accessible in ENGLISH via subtitling, in fact S4C was the first TV channel to fully offer bi-lingual access in the UK, this also gave considerable access to people who were deaf. The Urdd and the eisteddfod are always well attended, and the demand for welsh medium schools is pretty steady too, so this is meeting DEMAND. Stick to rants and writing rubbish….

  13. Mr Akira Origami says:

    To Mr Alan Jones….. http://mrorigamidotorg.wordpress.com/2013/06/01/is-the-silient-majority-being-crushed/

    Lets not “attack” devolution……

    The Economy

    I remember Welsh politicians saying the North-East should have it’s own Assembly. The clever Geordies knowing it would be a waste of money said “no thanks!”

    “Other countries and regions have made a success of European regeneration funding. Areas such as the north-west of England, south Yorkshire and northern Spain have used their European money to lift their populations out of poverty and have seen a big improvement in their financial positions. Wales has gone backwards and the last four years has shown that the Labour-Plaid government isn’t fit to get Wales out of this economic mess. They have clearly wasted this opportunity to get Wales’ economy on the right track and boost regeneration right across the country.”

    full article http://rhystaylor.focusteam.org.uk/2013/02/12/eu-budget-deal-failure-for-wales/


    the post-devolution gulf in education between England and Wales*

    Year Funding difference Attainment difference (GCSE A-C grades)

    2001-02 1.8% 1.1%
    2002-03 4.9% 1.8%
    2003-04 4.4% 2.3%
    2004-05 5.8% 4.6%
    2005-06 8.1% 5.2%
    2006-07 8.9% 6.4%
    2007-08 9.5% 7.3%
    2008-09 10.1% 9.3%
    2009-10 9.7% 11.6%
    2010-11 10% 12.2%

    *Source: NASUWT

    from: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/education-wales-in-recession-devolution-2028565

    and the efforts to promote the language



    Why would anybody want to “attack” devolution? Some people may have the opinion that devolution has not been benifical to the majority of people in Wales. To “attack”, would suggest some kind of crime had been commited. It is not a crime to question “what has devolution done for Wales”.

  14. ‘To “attack”, would suggest some kind of crime had been “commited”.’

    No, it wouldn’t. May we assume that English isn’t your first language?

  15. Ben Orange says:

    More bitter unsubstantiated (and utterly erroneous) rubbish from Ruck.

    What a sad little man.

    Again: why are Labour Uncut publishing him?

  16. alan jones says:

    I’m not sure Ruck is aware of this but welsh speakers pay taxes and licence fees too. Hence it is not such a surprise that they get services and media in Welsh.
    Just sayin’ butt.
    History teaches us that when tines gethard there’s always someone ready to take things out on and bblame minority cultures. Deeply nasty.
    Mr Origami – you can’t spell butt.

  17. Mr Akira Origami says:

    To Mr Ramsey Campbell…thank you for your input.

    from the Oxford dictionaries: Definition of attack

    [with object]
    1. take aggressive military action against (a place or enemy forces) with weapons or armed force:
    in February the Germans attacked Verdun

    [no object]:
    the terrorists did not attack again until March•act against (someone or something) aggressively in an attempt to injure or kill:
    a doctor was attacked by two youths
    •(of a disease, chemical, or insect) act harmfully on:
    HIV is thought to attack certain cells in the brain

    PS .I did say “suggest”. You may assume English isn’t my first language.

    Feel free in your assumptions.

    Thank you for your interest.

    Mr Origami

  18. Mr Akira Origami says:

    To Mr Alan Jones

    I was not aware that I couldn’t spell butt, I do apoligise.Thank you for pointing this out.

    If I may reflect back to the debate, Isn’t it the case that Polish speakers also pay taxes.

    Mr Origami

  19. Mr Akira Origami says:

    …..and of course Polish speakers also pay licence fees.

    Mr Origami

  20. Mr Akira Origami says:

    To Mr Ben Orange

    Perhaps Labour Uncut is publishing Mr Ruck beacause of the, “abject and persistant failure of the Welsh government “. Since devolution the Labour Party in Wales has been in control of government.

    With the “clear red water” speech by Rhodri Morgan, perhaps the Welsh Labour Party is breaking it’s connections with the British Labour Party and at some point in the future will completely diverge into a completly different party.

    A question could arise. At what point would the British Labour Party disassociate itself from the Welsh Labour Party.

    ref: “abject and persistant failure of the Welsh government.” –


    Mr Origami

  21. Mr Akira Origami says:

    To Mr Ramsey Campbell – you write horror! – I mean you write horror fiction.

    I am taking English lessons from Stephen King at the moment. If I need any extra tuition would it be possible for you to take me on as a student?

    Yours faithfully

    Mr Origami

  22. Darren Almond says:

    Hold on, your proof that Labour is failing in wales is a quote from a speech by a member of the Conservative party? They are the opposition, of course they will criticise the current leaders- you can’t use that as a reference to back up your argument!

    Nearly as bizarre as the dictionary quote that actually proves you wrong.

  23. Mr Akira Origami says:

    To Mr Ramsey Campbell

    I am saddened that you may support Mr Alan Jones’ statement, that anyone who makes a dissenting voice about devolution in the “response’s” to Mr Ruck’s letter from Wales in Labour Uncut is a troll chum.

    It is good to see that you agree that “attacking” devolution is not a crime, hence,a legal activity.

    Mr Origami

  24. dave rodway says:

    ‘abject and persistEnt’, Mr Origami. Your first language is allegedly English, so please use it properly.
    Why is it that the least literate monoglots give the rest of us (monoglots) lectures in our linguistic rights when they can’t even spell.
    Join the BNP and have done with it – you’ll meet you equals in terms not just of politics but literacy levels.

  25. dave rodway says:

    PS I still want to know if Julian Ruck has done time…

  26. ‘Akira Origami’ and Julian Ruck seem to share the same difficulty in understanding the use of apostrophes and an identical habit of signing off comments with the curious mock-polite phrase, ‘Thank you for your interest’.

    I wonder if by any chance they’re related?

  27. Mr Akira Origami says:

    To Mr David Hewson

    Thank you for your interest.

    Sorry to point this out to you Mr Hewson, but this is “Labour Uncut” – the “Apostrohe and Grammar Forum” is indexed under “A”.

    You seem to share the same characteristics with that of a frustrated bullying English teacher.

    There is a self help course for frustrated English teachers. I will look for the link and post it to you as soon as possible.

    Are you suggesting Mr Hewson, that the people of Wales are prone to inbreeding and you have proof based on a non-understanding of apostrophes in your theory?

    Yours faithfully

    Mr Origami

    PS….forgive me….were you for or against the comments of Mr Ruck?

    PPS….For your information Mr Hewson, I am not related to Mr Ruck.

    NB…..I avoided the use of the “apostrophe” in the above.

  28. Mr Akira Origami says:

    To Mr Dave Rodway

    If you are offering your proof reading services – I am not interested.

    You seem to have an opinion that anybody making criticism of devolution and the Welsh government should join the BNP.

    If you are soliciting for the BNP – “no thanks!”

    Yours faithfully

    Mr Origami

  29. Gez Kirby says:

    I think it’s fair to say that Labour Uncut haven’t covered themselves in glory by running this bilious, stupid rant.

  30. dave rodway says:

    Mr Origami, you are either Mr Ruck himself (he is known to write his own amazon reviews, write his own – now deleted Wikipedia page, and leave comments on his own site under pseudonyms, and as observed you share the same infelicities of literacy as he does), or you are a sad nobody who is piggybacking anonymously on Ruck.

    I am not sure which is worse, but there you go. It’s not great.

  31. Mr Akira Origami says:

    To Mr Darren Almond

    Hold on Mr Almond. Exuse me, Mr Alomond it was not a “speech” by member nof the Conservative party?

    In a two thirds empty chamber, a motion condemning the government was passed on March 2013.

    The Welsh goverment that you defend couldn’t be bothered to turn up.



    the post-devolution gulf in education between England and Wales*

    Year Funding difference Attainment difference (GCSE A-C grades)

    2001-02 1.8% 1.1%
    2002-03 4.9% 1.8%
    2003-04 4.4% 2.3%
    2004-05 5.8% 4.6%
    2005-06 8.1% 5.2%
    2006-07 8.9% 6.4%
    2007-08 9.5% 7.3%
    2008-09 10.1% 9.3%
    2009-10 9.7% 11.6%
    2010-11 10% 12.2%

    *Source: NASUWT

    Would you provide evidence that the below is not true?

    “Other countries and regions have made a success of European regeneration funding. Areas such as the north-west of England, south Yorkshire and northern Spain have used their European money to lift their populations out of poverty and have seen a big improvement in their financial positions. Wales has gone backwards and the last four years has shown that the Labour-Plaid government isn’t fit to get Wales out of this economic mess. They have clearly wasted this opportunity to get Wales’ economy on the right track and boost regeneration right across the country.”

    Yours faithfully

    Mr Origami

  32. Mr Akira Origami says:

    To Gez Kirby

    Are you disagreeing with some point made in the article?

    Mr Origami

    PS….. people seem to be more interested in grammar than politics in articles about Wales in Labour Uncut. Are you in favour of devolution, do you have any comments on the way Welsh Labour has performed since devolution?

    Should England have it’s own devolution or are you happy with the current situation?

  33. Mr Akira Origami says:

    To Mr Dave Rodway

    To have a gang of cyber bullies turning up on Labour Uncut is quite sad.

    Mr Origami

  34. Mr Origami also has the odd habit of replying in rather annoying individual comments to separate comments rather than rolling up what he has to say into a single comment and addressing his critics in there (which is much easier to read).

    Who else does this (as evidenced very clearly on his blog?) Oh yes. Julian Ruck.

    So if you’re really not related (or indeed identical) Origami-san I can only assume you’re deliberately emulating your hero grammatically, stylistically, in manner and opinion, and the same tendency to rise to bait Ramsey Campbell (presumably on the grounds that Mr Campbell is a real writer or great repute) without ever addressing what Mr Campbell actually says.

    Funny that. If there’s anyone with time and a talent for textual analysis a cursory look at Ruck’s comments on his blog and Origami’s may reveal other curious syntactical similarities too.

  35. dave rodway says:

    Origami, this is ludicrous: devolution per se isn’t a problem, since the policies you have a problem with are the result of a one-party state , i.e. Labour, in Wales. Saying devolution is a problem is like saying Westminster govt was responsible for the catastrophic decline in work, wealth and living standards in Wales in the 80s. It’s government , not systems per se, that are the problem.
    Anyway, you are a single issue fanatic who only cares about attacking Welsh-speakers. My point about your BNP style rhetoric is that you write blogs like ‘silent majority crushed by minority’ etc. Scapegoating minorities is, I’m afraid, a classic of your kind of person, Mr Ruckigami.
    We are not fooled.

  36. John Abell says:

    Julian has stopped responding to any form of criticism of his views, track record or any challenging of his bitter and nasty opinions he has toward Wales and the Welsh in person on this forum. This is probably because the utter drubbing he got with his first skid mark of an article got published probably upset him. He dislikes opposing opinions and debate as any one who has tried to comment on his blog would know.

    The Welsh language needs to be preserved because it is essential to Welsh identity. I am glad the WAG protects it and am sure most people of sound mind are too. I would hate to see Welsh go the way of Breton in France. But unlike Brittany, Wales is a separate country.

    Julian is so stupid he thinks most people in Wales (or even regular visitors for that matter) cannot understand bilingual place signs. What a spanner.

    Mr Origami, are you Rucky in disguise? I believe you are.

  37. Mr Akira Origami says:

    Dear Mr Hewson

    Please indulge yourself with your fantasies of Mr Ruck.

    Mr Hewson I do not emulate Mr Ruck, I have my own personal style of satire to highlight the “goings on” in the princi;ality. (primarily because newspapers are so dull here and journalists are afraid to speak their minds)


    Hewson……….you have a problem!

    Funny…If there’s anyone with time and a talent for psychological analysis, a cursory look at your comments on this blog with a person who is suffering from delusion may reveal curious similarites.

    Mr Hewson,get a life, see a specialist or keep taking the tablets….please!

    I will overlook your accusations of “me!”……. “baiting” people on this site.

    Yours sincerly

    Mr Origami

    PS…are you writing a novel about a syntax detective?

  38. Mr Akira Origami says:

    To Mr Ruck

    Mr Ruck, maybe sometime you could write an article called ” Zen and the art of ‘gang cyber bullying’ in the debate of Welsh devolution.”?

    Mr Origami

  39. Darren Almond says:

    Okay, I really don’t want to get dragged into a debate here as I can’t help but think you are a troll- and this whole letter from Wales is some sort of joke.

    You say ‘Exuse [sic] me, Mr Alomond it was not a “speech” by member nof the Conservative party?’ And then repost the link to the article. An article that’s titled ‘conservatives debate’, and contains a video of a member of the welsh tories giving a speech. I’m not sure how I could make it any clearer then it already is that the source you cite is from the conservative!

    Plus, the Labour MP’s did not want to cross a picket, and it was not a case of them not bothering to turn up. It states that on one of first lines of the article.

  40. stevemosby says:

    Mr Akira Origami –

    Due to your grammar and syntax, I conclude that you are Julian Ruck, and I claim my £5. Or, to adjust that prize on the Kidwelly Efestival spectrum, my 0.01p.

    Listen. You should really be a little ashamed of your cheap, dismissive jab at Ramsey Campbell for writing horror fiction. (Julian doesn’t seem to know who he is either, coincidentally, but I think it’s been established that Julian doesn’t know or care much about literature or language). Ramsey has been writing fiction for six decades, has won numerous awards, and is the lifetime President of the British Fantasy Society. He is widely regarded and respected as one of the most important writers of horror fiction in the world, and numerous authors (myself included) count him as an influence. And numerous authors have benefited from his promotion of and support for their work and for the arts in general.

    Really. If you’re going to make stupid ad hom comments, you should try to make sure you’re not out of your league.

  41. Mr Akira Origami says:

    To Mr Darren Almond

    Watch the “democracy live” video again.

    Yes that is the Welsh assembly, thats how Welsh Labour stand up to accountability. Can you imagine if the Conservatives and Lib-dem’s refused to turn up in the Westminster parliment – Headline news and outrage.

    If you think that the letter from Wales is a joke, in a way you are correct.

    The letter from Wales highlights what is happening in Wales.

    Yours faithfully

    Mr Origami

  42. Mr Akira Origami says:

    To Mr Steve Mosby

    You appear to me to be part of the “cyber bullying gang” that has turned up on Labour Uncut, as you make no reference to Mr Rucks Letter from Wales.

    I will not engage in dialogue with you.

    Yours faithfully

    Mr Origami

    PS ……Perhaps the British Fantasy Society has got it’s own debate forum?

    PPS…To the “cyber bulling gang”- for the “last” time I am not Mr Ruck.

    PPPS Mr David Hewson has the same delusion as you if it is any comfort.

    Lastly, Mr Mosby…..I can understand why people don’t come out more often to criticise the Welsh assembly and devolution. Are you and your friends part of a rent a mob scheme from the Welsh assembly?

    I congratulate Mr Ruck for standing up and saying it as it is.

    Let not, the Letter from Wales be de-railed by a bunch of bullies!

  43. dave rodway says:

    I’ve run the Oirgami comments through a check and they display, as Mr Hewson says, the same problems with English (while displaying, also, the same – paradoxically, given the low levels of English literacy – English supremacist lunacy) as a certain… Mr julian Ruck, self-published plagiarist of great renown.
    The clincher for me is this: as soon as Ruck stops replying to criticism, up pops Mr Origami, who has a rascist [sic] blog with a ballgagged Japanese man as his author photo.
    Come on Julian, not even you are this sad. Think about your fans…

  44. John Abell says:

    Unlike Julian Ruck, I do not think Ramsey Campbell will be having his wikipedia deleted….


  45. There’s really a very simple way of solving this. ‘Akira Origami’ uses a ridiculous pseudonym. Pretty much everyone else in this comments thread uses their own name.

    With every new comment ‘Origami’ sounds more and more like Ruck himself. So if you’re not him then prove it – tell us who you are. No need to be shy. Come out, come out … wherever you are (and no, a link to a free pseudonymous, illiterate blog isn’t proof).

    Oh… I like the PS above by the way (a very odd thing to put in a comment). Who else puts PS in comments? You can find Julian Ruck doing it five or six times on one post alone here… http://julianruck.wordpress.com/2013/04/02/malicious-alterations-to-my-wikipedia-page/

    I rest my case m’lud. Please send Steve his money.

  46. dave rodway says:

    As people have noted, Mr Origami and Ruck have the same mannerisms.
    But look at this, from Mr Origami:

    “Let not, the Letter from Wales be de-railed by a bunch of bullies!”

    Textbook Ruck – look at that comma.

    The misuse of commas is something Ruck has made his own.

    The Ruck homage site was set up to defend commas against Ruckigamisms. See here


    Case closed.

  47. To Mr Origami,

    I simply wouldn’t waste your time engaing with these sorry people. Allow them to vent their hatred and petty spite at will,they are only making complete fools of themselves.

    Stick to the issues as you are wont to do, and ignore them

    All the best,


  48. Language is so interesting when you take a closer look at it, you know. Take for example, the rather archaic phrase ‘goings on’. I will put quotation marks round it there because, well, I’m quoting it..

    But in general usage you’d just write… the goings on in the principality. Unless you’re ‘Origami’ in which case you enclose it in quotation marks thus, “goings on”, which is quite unnecessary in this context and really very unusual.

    Strangely enough here’s someone else who does exactly the same thing. A coincidence?


  49. dave rodway says:

    Oh dear, now Ruck is back in propria persona talking to his own pseudonym.

  50. Mr Akira Origami says:

    To David Lindsey

    Hopefully the SNP will be on the run after the referendum. A poll suggests that the 16 and 17 year old voters brought in to support Alex Salmond’s cause has backfired on him.

    Blair’s government “hit the ground running”. At least there was some opposition to make a reality check. I think the Welsh nationalists did the same in the Welsh assembly, but alas here in Wales there is not the reality reality check from an electable opposition. Welsh Labour are riding in a machine with no brakes.

    The crash when it comes will surely be spectacular.

    Scotland (hopefully) have a nationalist party that gets into power and cannot quite convert the people to it’s cause – Wales has a nationalist party that will never get elected and will never convert the people to it’s cause.

    Briefly on culture:

    The English have their culture: beer, football and rugby.

    The Welsh have their culture: beer, rugby and football.

    Not a lot of difference, if you ask me.

    We must keep the language going in Wales.

    Cwrw, rygbi and pel-droed.

    It seems to me the only difference is that rugby is more popular in Wales. It also seems to me that, really, the culture in Wales is the Cymraeg language.

    Now that Swansea and Cardiff are in the English Premiership perhaps the younger generation are about to change things.

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