Unite & Paisley

We have withdrawn an article today relating to  Unite and Mr Len McCluskey that contained allegations concerning Unite’s role in nominating Labour MPs with particular reference to Paisley. This withdrawal follows correspondence form Unite’s solicitors to the effect that information contained in the article was false. Pending further enquiries, we have withdrawn the article and request that media outlets do not report further  the information contained in it.

9 Responses to “Unite & Paisley”

  1. Konfuzed Dot Kom says:

    Labour have a fundamental problem

    do they support the average working man or woman in Britain, or do they not?

    Who is Labour for?

    To me they look like a bunch of middle class suits no different from the tories
    they may like immigrants
    but they don’t seem to give a shit about ordinary working people

    what is your purpose Labour?

  2. David says:

    What a wonderful advertisement for the Labour movement, eh? 🙁

  3. Bob says:

    There putting the frighteners on you then.

  4. Leslie48 says:

    Why do you people keep banging on about this story; it feeds the Daily Mail & other Right wing press and it gives Lynton Crosby more fodder against the Labour movement. In the economic ‘post crisis’ with Labour at nearly 100 seat lead in the polls this is the wrong story at the wrong time.

  5. John Reid says:

    Leslie,it was ignoring malpractice in th 60’s when it was minimal, that let the hard left use undemocratic ways to get control of the party in the 80’s GLC coup , militant in Liverpool etc, then it was out of control,

  6. swatantra says:

    Of course Labour supports the ordinary deserving working man and woman; its a no brainer. But Labour also supports the squeezed middle class struggling to make ends mee, and Labour also supports the small businessman and woman entrepreneurs, burning candles into the night while the rest of us are down the pub, and working 24 hrs a day to make an honest living building up a business themselves and not being dependent on the state to provide them with a cushy job and pension in the public sector. And Labour also supports those upper class bods with a social conscience that are working to make a better society and getting criticized for being millionaires.
    In a word. Labour is a Party for deserving workers and achievers and those vulnerable people who for genuine reasons cannot work. Or thats what Labour should be. Its a Party for all.

  7. Joe Stalin says:


    Yes – let’s try to keep it a secret.

    It won’t do if the plebs know what’s really happening.

  8. Fred West says:

    “Labour have a fundamental problem

    do they support the average working man or woman in Britain, or do they not?”

    Labour hasn’t represented the working man since the 60’s. My grandfather was a postal union convener at the local branch and even he left the Labour party due to the way it abandoned the working class in this country..

  9. McCurry says:

    @John Reid, Well said about Militant.

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