Letter from Wales: Worried about public service cuts? Never mind, Carwyn’s splashing taxpayer cash on pubs instead

by Julian Ruck

You think I’m joking?

According to the Wales Eye investigative website (fronted by former BBC Wales reporter and presenter Phil Parry) Carwyn’s government dished out £700,000 of taxpayers’ hard earned to an up-market boozer, The Cross Foxes, in Dolgellau Gwynedd – which naturally went to the wall. The Welsh government tends to prioritise businesses that are likely to fail.

As if this isn’t bad enough, Carwyn’s Welsh Labour also gave £250,000 of taxpayers’ money to the Fire Island pub in Westgate Street Cardiff while another £189,000 was given to Jolyons, a ‘boutique’ boozer on the city’s Cathedral Road – funnily enough I had a glass or two of wine in Jolyons a couple of months ago. No wonder the prices were top drawer, Carwyn and his Crony Cabinet of Tafia incompetence trying to screw the Welsh again!

I bet it’s freebies all round every time they go in there.

The insanity of it all however doesn’t end here. If you remember my column of a few weeks ago, Carwyn and his team druid has blown £10m on nonsensical health initiatives trying to get the Welsh to stop boozing and scoffing!

Of course the real outrage is the fact that Carwyn is bunging the bucks into wealthy areas of Wales instead of seeing to the areas that actually need it, like the Welsh valleys. For example Wales Eye reminds us that ‘ The Welsh Government spent a further £356,000 persuading food manufacturer Halo to relocate to Newport, one of the wealthiest parts of Wales, when it was formerly in Tywyn, Gwynedd, one of the poorest.’

It continued, “Public money is meant to be spent with care and transparency, but it seems it is not. Yet at least the senior civil servants and politicians responsible can always be sure of a good meal and nice bed when they travel around Wales.”

Now let’s be honest here, you couldn’t make all this up if you tried and Finance Wales, the lending arm of Carwyn’s government and administered on the banking models of the Vatican and Lehman Brothers I’m told, has confirmed the whole lot.

Almost every day now in Wales, the Welsh media are reporting monumental abuses of the taxpayer by the administration. Wales is entering a permanent state of emergency measures be in no doubt.

This is what happens when political power is devolved to those who live in a by-gone age of leftist spend, spend spend and to hell with the consequences, who are blatantly incapable of exercising even a modest degree of sophisticated statesmanship and real politik and who still believe that the unions and 1940’s Labour are the only bastions of a modern and prosperous Wales.

Welsh Labour needs to understand that or the fate of Scottish Labour awaits.

Julian Ruck is an author, journalist and columnist. He also makes contributions to both Welsh and national broadcasting and media.

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3 Responses to “Letter from Wales: Worried about public service cuts? Never mind, Carwyn’s splashing taxpayer cash on pubs instead”

  1. treborc says:

    Love it New Labour Progress telling the Welsh what they got wrong, you lot put this country into a massive depression talk about your own mess.

  2. Mr Akira Origami says:

    Mae’r holl waith a dim chwarae yn gwneud Carwyn yn fachgen ddiflas.

    After boasting he could do it 5 times a day, Carwyn is found out to be a fraud!


    In fairness to Carwyn perhaps he doesn’t prioritise all businesses that are likely to fail.

    Nadolig Llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda i bawb.

    Sadly Wales is getting more like a third-world country by the day ,and with the swelling sense of ‘entitlement’ across the board in politics , planning , public services as well as in the arts among the ruling Welsh Labour elite is it any wonder?
    Anyone living here in view of the recent reports of the acute state of crisis in the Welsh NHS would be fearful of entering a hospital here even if there was an ambulance available to take them there.I will not even begin to comment on the Mental Health Service that is Dickensian.
    In Wales we have had a proud history of a radical past , but now sadly departed.Everyone with a consciousness knows the state of play here ,but few have the courage to speak out about fearful of having the , ‘gravy train’ run past them.Everyone knows the system is rotten, and “the good guys lost” …

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