Are Nick Clegg’s pants indeed on fire?

In their television ding-dong last night, Nigel Farage accused Nick Clegg of “wilfully lying” about Europe when the Lib Dem Leader claimed just seven per cent of UK laws are in fact made in Brussels.

But he wasn’t the only one accusing Clegg of being economical with the facts yesterday.

He is also in hot water after berating his local council in Sheffield for not being willing to take in its share of Syrian refugees.

Clegg accused council chiefs of “tarnishing” the city’s reputation as a “city of sanctuary” after refusing to be part of the Home Office’s Vulnerable Persons Relocation (VPR) programme.

In a piece of chest-puffing hyperbole, he claimed the Labour Leader of Sheffield City Council, Julie Dore, had “decided to shut the door on some of the most vulnerable people in the world”.

Dore hit back, saying it was “outrageous” of Clegg to claim the council had refused to take in Syrian refugees and accused him of “not telling the truth”.

She in fact wrote to ministers last month “making it clear” the council would do so, providing the government would guarantee funding for longer than 12 months.

The refugees are expected to need to stay for up to five years, with many having complex health and social care needs.

Hull and Manchester are also said to have asked the government for further funding guarantees before taking any refugees.

Unfortunately, Clegg has form. Last year exasperated council chiefs had to formally write to him to ask him to stop misrepresenting the council’s budget, claiming the council was spending £2 million renovating council meeting rooms.

In fact, the council was spending £600,000 on essential maintenance to the Grade II listed Town Hall and making improvements to increase the number of income-generating civil ceremonies.

In accusing Farage of being an isolationist last night, Clegg mocked his Billy-No-Mates approach.

Still, better than being Billy Liar?

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4 Responses to “Are Nick Clegg’s pants indeed on fire?”

  1. Call2Biz says:

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  2. Terry Casey (@tcliverpool) says:

    He is a politician and all are held in contempt by the public as being liars, Nobody trusts them any more, Elections have become a lie fest to see which party can keep the straightest face while telling the population how well off they will be if they vote for them.
    Elections are now an event to make one bunch of criminals better off than their opponents.
    A successful election allows individual MPs and the Party itself to sell their souls to the top bidders, doesn’t matter why they were voted in or what particular stance they took in the election, corporate money will purchase them, corporate money will have their say and corporate money will ruin this country.
    My vote is abused if my party use it to go against my interests which has happened for many many years, I am a card holder and I am totally appalled at the direction my party is going, the amount of right wing pronouncements is alarming.
    Clegg tells lies but I have the feeling my Party will too, OK obfuscate, they will not say they will take the NHS back from the clutches of American Insurance groups that have made US medicine the poorest and most expensive in the world. they will not commit to building the houses we really need (which incidentally would rejuvenate the economy) and are committed to yet another phoney youth work policy,

  3. Trevor Wood says:

    If Nick Clegg is so pro-Europe why is he part of a Government that persistently flouts legally-binding European laws? And why hasn’t Miliband even mentioned this travesty?

    Of course, if Labour regain power Ed will put that right…..and pigs might fly.

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