Chuka the unready

by Atul Hatwal

In politics, you’re either on the way up or headed down. Chuka, unfortunately, is headed down.

After the shock at his withdrawal and the sympathy at what politicians have to put up with in terms of intrusion, one view will linger: he has suspect judgement.

And that will blight him for the rest of his career.

If there is a scandal about to break, of sufficient scale to force him out of the running, the question will be why he ran at all?

If there is no scandal, then in a way, it will be worse. To have jumped in, and then out, within days hardly suggests decisive leadership.

Chuka has a point about the difference between expecting and experiencing greater scrutiny, but the job he was running for was not some minor office, ultimately it was to be the prime minister of Britain. It’s right that there should be scrutiny and lots of it.

Chuka’s team are briefing that he might seek the leadership again one day, but this is fanciful. Despite his many skills and his ability as a communicator, questions over his judgement will hang silently unanswered, over all that he does from now on.

Many things are forgivable in politics. Bad judgement is not one of them.

Atul Hatwal is editor of Uncut

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12 Responses to “Chuka the unready”

  1. Tafia says:

    I said on here a few weeks back that he doesn’t handle pressure well (as demonstrated by the way he reacted to Murnaghan). Now he withdraws basically because of pressure.

    Not leadership material. To be a leader you need to thrive on pressure.

    As we used to say in the Imfantry, any clown can look good when everythings fine. It’s how you react underfire, outnumbered, outgunned with casualties all around you that shows how good you really are.

  2. Dave Roberts. says:

    He’s basically finished now. A really bad unthoughtout move which has now left him on the backbenches for the rest of his career. He was always a lightweight and this is the proof. So! The way is now clear for Dianne Abbot.

  3. John P Reid says:

    I’m not sure of it was due to pressure,maybe he twigged as David Lammy sId we need si wine who connects with the working class outside London, and Metrosexual isn’t it,

    Wilson, Callghan, Foot all lost leadership elections,went on to lead,and Burnham lost and is having another go,

    I thinks it’s right, I’ve got a feeling if Labour do elect Burnham/Cooper, we’ll lose again and 2020 maybe the right time for a 41 Year old Ummuna to stand

  4. paul barker says:

    Labour really are the Nasty Party, backstabbing & betrayal come naturally to you.

  5. Andy says:

    Whose judgement is more suspect?

    Chuka because after reflecting he realises maybe he’s not up for it at his current time of life, or

    Ed, who obviously wasn’t up to it two years out but plugged on to the inevitable crash and burn?

    Just saying..

  6. Bob says:

    Tafia, and in the infantry that usually fell to the NCOs to sort out, just look at the recent award of the VC to Corporal Joshua Leaky from the Para’s.

    Some are leaders but many are followers.

    I was in the RAF, some I would follow out of sense of curiosity.

  7. swatantra says:

    Agree with other comments that Chuka is basically finished in politics. He’s never going to live this down. Best to go back to soliciting and that time share villa in Izbithia and his £3000 suits.
    Politics is a brutal game and you don’t get a second chance. D Milliband had a chance in 2008 to unseat Brown but blew it. He didn’t have the killer instinct you need that as a Leader, because you’re supposed to be Leading and not being told what to do. That especially applies to Labour which has more splits than a raspberry ripple.
    Shame really, but there you go; Chuka had some potential. I’ll now have to vote for Andy.

  8. TB1 says:

    Wonderful news. That’s one red tory down. Unfortunately, there’s plenty more to replace him. Labour should give up NOW.

  9. Tafia says:

    Best to go back to soliciting

    Is there something we should know?

  10. Bob says:

    Tafia, here it is courtesy of the mail on Sunday. bet his constituents could not even afford to be in the doorway let alone inside.

  11. john P reid says:

    swatantra, Like me you backed I Andy last time, like me you’re disapointed that chuka has dropped out, but this is why I won’t be backing Andy this time, Liz it is,

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