We have wasted a decade. We cannot afford to waste another

by Jonathan Todd

We have wasted a decade.

All my son’s life, twice my daughter’s life, a quarter of my life. Lived since the last Labour prime minister – as David Talbot has recalled for Uncut – launched a general election campaign in a Labour seat in the home counties, which now has a 17,000 Tory majority.

Wasted by Labour, the UK, the world.

We are all in this together. I want to believe it now when I see it on the t-shirts of Tesco workers. I never did from David Cameron.

Fixing the roof when the sun is shining. That is what the Conservatives said Labour did not do.

The Sunday Times casts severe doubt on the extent to which Boris Johnson was on top of NHS capacity and pandemic preparedness. Sadly, this is not the only roof unfixed in our decade of austerity.

“The world is on fire, from the Amazon to California, from Australia to the Siberian Artic,” begin Christina Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac in their book on our climate crisis, as its impacts begin to ominously manifest. “The red wall” submerges under Tory MPs and flood waters.

As Prospect illustrate, child poverty in the UK, after falling under the last Labour government, has returned to a similar level to what it was two decades ago, when Tony Blair said it would be eliminated in 20 years.

Austerity, we were told, was the price to be paid to ease the burden on future generations. Trapped in poverty and destined to confront catastrophic climate change do not expect gratitude.

There are footballers whose transfer value rises when they are injured. What they bring to their teams becomes more apparent in their absence. Gordon Brown is that footballer in the politics of the last decade.

Brown’s defiant listing of Labour achievements at conference 2009 is now proudly replayed. It can be forgotten that the prime minister went into that conference under threat of potential challenge from David Miliband. To whom the camera cuts half-way through Brown’s listing, as if to say, who are you trying to kid?

As today’s world leaders fall short of the coordination that Brown helped to bring about in the 2008/9 financial crisis, we ask the same of them.

That crisis bequeathed kneejerk nativism and leaders much smaller than the massive events of now.

We have wasted a decade. We cannot waste another.

“It is no exaggeration to say that what we do regarding emissions reductions between now and 2030 will determine the quality of human life on this planet for hundreds of years to come, if not more,” write Figueres and Rivett-Carnac. “If we do not halve our emissions by 2030, we are highly unlikely to be able to halve emissions every decade until we reach net-zero by 2050.”

We have wasted a decade. We cannot waste another. But we probably will.

The ideology on debt and deficits that gave us austerity, the bridge to nowhere that is Brexit, and an inadequate climate crisis response remain. With the party that presided over them, as Labour failed to convince that we could offer more, still in power. With an 80-seat majority.

Donald Trump saw the 2016 Brexit referendum as a harbinger of his presidential victory. If the 2019 general election is followed by another Trump victory, much will be forsaken: the cherished values of the American republic; the institutions that shaped much of the world since 1945 (NATO, the UN and its WHO, and the G7/G20); and much hope for the world halving emissions by 2030.

We have wasted a decade. We cannot waste another. But we do not have to.

We can accept – as Adam Tooze has illustrated – that coronavirus means the normal economy is not coming back and, “to call instead for a more active, more visionary government to lead the way out of the crisis.”

We can be somewhat relaxed about the costs of this because – as Simon Wren Lewis shows – “in an era of very low interest rates government debt can safely be much higher”.

We can direct this enhanced state toward increased health and social care capacity and Chris Goodall’s 10-point plan to create a zero carbon economy in the UK – both interventions that will reduce poverty and create jobs.

There can be no return to business as usual. Only – as followed FDR’s new deal – expanded business opportunities created through state activism and a vision of a better tomorrow.

Expecting a government that cannot deliver the PPE needed to get through our health crisis or the tests required to navigate our economic crisis to see this bigger picture seems unlikely.

We would be better able to embrace this future with a Labour government – which, due to the last decade, we do not now have.

But, by the end of the year, our sister party may have the White House. An FDR awaiting an Attlee.

We must remake the world again in the spirit of 1945 or waste much more than a decade.

Jonathan Todd is Deputy Editor of Labour Uncut

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26 Responses to “We have wasted a decade. We cannot afford to waste another”

  1. John P Reid says:

    After the Grooming gang inquiry finally comes out I feel that they’ll be some independents who’ll be more than dog whistling winning areas with racial divides, luton, Even Yuppified areas of Inner London

    It’s gonna take his sort of shock to realise the Labour party is about as socially relevant to real peoples needs as putting a love scene in A Hollywood Movie with B list characters just to get punters is would be as relevant to The films plot

    while labour likes Opposition and can keep it’s councillors in its safe seats, there’s nothing for party activists to worry about

    if Labour loses even more seats and they’re not to one nation tories but people who feel pub talk won’t see their collar felt then it might actually shock the party into realising that just shipping the Old gammons off to the coastal towns won’t keep labours councillors in the areas we already have them and that just blaming the electorate for not voting for us, when we’ve got to get more money for local government as the government can cut form Council services and ,convince the public its’ not their fault will last for as long as we let them do it.

  2. John P Reid says:

    the Only part of the UK that labour are ahead of the Tories is London(inner) and alobur doesn’t need it labour is 30% behind of places in England where it needs to win and labour still has 32% AB1 voters compared too C2D2E which is skilled working class

    labour will lose outer London in the Mayor election next year

  3. John P Reid says:

    I just read a article by Novara saying “how can Blue labour say we’ve lost the Working class vote when we’re getting more BAME votes than ever”


    without a hint of irony, Novara was suggesting these voters are Working Class!

  4. Alf says:

    The party would be 20pts ahead with a decent leader. Starmer is a disaster. Just look at the polls!

  5. Warren Tarbiat says:

    Too late, the 2015 UK GE result for any functional Left-Of-Centre government was the last one. Even a Labour-minority government (a Labour majority at the next GE is unlikely) in 2024 is going to be wracked by these challenges once we are in WTO terms and post-COVID-19 cuts and tax rises (which both won’t be borne by the post-war generation of home-owners who voted for the messes of the decade because they weren’t physchologically prepared for anyone to say “no you can’t do that to them”) they’ll be very little stomach for big changes again amongst the working age population.

    And thus we will descend into the spiral of economic ruin and Climate breakdown. Heh you think this depression is going to be bad? The 2026/2027 housing market crash (18 year land cycle, sounds cranky but it’s pretty much undeniable) will be *worse* because a lot will be flocking to prop up the housing market (which was effectively proped up in 2008) probably in reaction to this downturn. And predictably it’ll all end in tears as many Boomers looking to sell off their obscenely over-valued housing find out that pretty much almost nobody can afford them.

  6. Henrik says:

    In that long howl of frustration and disappointment, one thing strikes me as risible – a Labour Party supporter speaking fondly about NATO.

    Labour’s biggest achievement since 2010 is to make sure that in the public’s eye. Labour is an unpatriotic, Jew-hating, NATO-ally-despising nest of hard-Left maniacs which should never, ever be allowed near any sort of power ever again.

    The party needs – as I’ve been saying here for years now – to sort itself out, purge one fraction or the other and decide whether it wants to be a mildly social democratic mainstream political party – and hence electable – or an elite band of class warriors, constantly splitting and feuding in the quest for total ideological purity – and utterly unelectable.

    Your call, Comrades. I’m sat on the sidelines with my popcorn.

  7. Anne says:

    When I was young (some years ago) I thought America was a great country – ‘the land of the free, the home of the brave.’ Epitomised what a Democratic country should be. Sadly, since Trump has come to power this thought has been dispelled, and the Covoid 19 pandemic highlights the vast inequalities and divisions that exist within that country. There are, of course, divisions also within our own country, and yes these have increased in the last 10 years under Tory Governments – increase in child poverty, increase in food banks, lack of investment in our public services, increase in inequalities. No, we should not waste another ten years. There are, in my view, other differences to contribute to this decline and that is the standard of our politicians. I respected Tory politicians such as Ken Clarke and Michael Hestletine, but I fear I do attribute the same respect to this present Tory Government. No, we can’t waste another 10 years. Labour has made a good choice in it’s leader – Keir Starmer and he has chosen well he establishing his shadow cabinet. No, we can’t waste another ten years.

  8. Tafia says:

    Latest Survation polling shows 72% believe the Government should reduce taxes after the lockdown to try to increase economic growth and jobs, with just 8% disagreeing.

    This means that the majority of 2019 Labour voters do not support Annaliese Dodds/ Keir Starmer’s beliefs over a key high-profile issue.


  9. Vern says:

    Just because you write it from the position of Deputy Editor Mr Todd doesn’t mean it’s right. This is mostly bollocks and fantasy and reeks of denial. Failure to accept Labours lack of financial discipline, overspending and resultant austerity. Failure to acknowledge how wrong you and your sort were over Brexit. Failure to acknowledge carbon emissions are down and more renewable energy is used more than ever before. Failure to acknowledge more people working than ever before and low unemployment.
    I’m not going to discuss PPE shortages amid a worldwide pandemic because you cannot possibly understand how the world works to write such bollocks.
    I cannot waste another decade with your sort near the party – grow up and write about important stuff that makes a difference. Not fantasy and hysterics.

  10. wg says:

    Well, get used to another ten years – because people can see right through this.

    As much as regular contributors on here like to portray themselves as Boxer from Animal Farm, I doubt very much that they have ever been ‘down here’ with the workers of this country.
    Like Boxer their only answer is to work harder and have faith in their new leaders.

    And, like the rest of the animals in Animal Farm, we are outside the window looking in: Blair to Corbyn, back to Blair – it’s like playing football on a round pitch with no goalposts or crowd.

    To expand on the analogy – who are the chairmen and coaches?
    Now Blair is smuggled from studio to studio to claim his return to humanity; Campbell likewise – and a full team of EU remainers whose leader is backed by big money from barely publicised backers.

    Ten more years – get used to it.

  11. Dave Roberts says:

    The whole thing is summed up in an open letter to Keir Starmer from a long time Labour councillor and former leader of Tower Hamlets Helal Abbas. Look at the Open Letter to Keir Starmer on http://www.helalabbas.com. Click “My Thoughts” and it’s at the bottom. It’s all there.

  12. Rocinante says:

    I’m struggling to see Joe Biden as FDR. Starmer as Attlee? Well, both lawyers I suppose. Just as I did with Corbyn, I’ll give him a chance. But he needs to start really going for the government over their utterly dire handling of the pandemic. Public opinion will soon start to turn, remember the Iraq war was popular at first.

  13. John P Reid says:

    When the mcpherson report found the police institutionally racist
    Diane Abbott
    Jeremy Corbyn
    Dwayne brooks
    Paul Boateng
    Shami Chakrabarti
    Berny Grant felled for Commisioner to resign
    if the EHRC finds labours institutionally anti Semitic So will
    Chakrabarti Corbyn & Abbott resign as MPs

  14. john Reid says:

    Dave Roberts good link

    made we think

    Considering Peter Mandelson and Alistair Campbell Ran the Blair government how much did they influence authoritarian law and order Policies excluding blunketts migration clampdown, all he could do in the EU was stop Conmonwealth To help win in 2005
    how much did of roll Did ,Blair play , Considering Prime misters are suppose to lead from the front give the government and policy a sense of direction, then and in the future, I’ve never heard them speak of it, but as Blair went form a London Islington liberal Lawyer of the early 80’s to the most Authoritarian PM ever, wonder how much went back to the Communist days of the 60’s and if they’d lost the economic argument their old liberal idea were then put into a mantra of imposing what people could do as that’s illiberal as for their own good the state control of authoritarian ideas was used to push through their drive, of them feeling controlling descent was a direction to get their views to not be questioned , it went back to a view that if they controlled the purse strings in the parties in the 70’s they controlled the direction of the party and now they controlled the purse stings in the treasury

    but they either didn’t know how authoritarian it was calling accusers victims guilts proved or not even needing proof for someone to feel someone else hates them in their mind without even needing proof of it
    it something that wasn’t part of their 70’s councillor union ideals of controlling what people could say if they were employed by the council, even then the GLC would want to explain to people certain phrases attitudes of the 70’s were no longer acceptable

    When Charles Clarke’s opposition where they were also thinking non-libertarian stuff was only right and popular post 911 to get fascistic policies agreed by those who opposed it like margeret Hodge who were in government

  15. wg says:

    @John Reid

    One of my main reasons for falling out of my Labour circle was the willingness of its occupants to go along with the authoritarianism of that Blair government.

    Ever since that awful climate of victim, and therefore villain, we have seen a development of unconstitutional law: the Crown Prosecution Service now judges me to be racist if I don’t smile at every BAME person I come across.

    I remember the tanks around airports and the shooting of people in railway stations; I also remember the databases being built up of children’s fingerprints and DNA – even the Guardian latched onto that.

    I’m sick of the Blair sycophancy (I am no fan of Corbyn) – and I have wished to God incessantly that John Smith had lived and maybe Labour could have emerged a decent and representative of the working class party.

  16. Tafia says:

    @Dave Roberts.

    A very good read that letter by Helal Abbas. I think he’s probably right, but stands no chance of seeing the problems addressed.

  17. Gary O'Brien says:

    it is hard to see a way forward for Labour when studying who deserted them and why;

    some left because it invaded Iraq, but (fewer but in swing areas) others left because it didn’t then invade Iran and Syria afterwards – so how to please to both of them?

    some left because it stopped too many people entering the country, whilst (again fewer but in swing areas) others left because it allowed too many people to enter the country – and so again how to please both of them?

    (the old “Gordon Brown bankrupted Lehman Brothers” myth has taken hold with the public too. David Cameron backed Labour spending plans on becoming Tory leader in 2005 of course).

    Traffic Lights’ Tories and `Pelican Lights’ Labour?

    over time the Labour leader faction sequence is this – Old Labour, Old Labour, Blairite, Blairite, Old Labour, Bennite – Old Labour, Old Labour, Blairite, Blairite, Old Labour, Bennite – Old Labour, Old Labour, Blairite, Blairite, Old Labour, Bennite – etc etc?

    and the Tory one is Thatcherite, Thatcherite, Thatcherite, Cameroon, Cameroon – Thatcherite, Thatcherite, Thatcherite, Cameroon, Cameroon – etc etc?

    so mainstream politics offers those “Despatch Box Combinations” over time.

    Examining the issue further, with some examples;

    When the Tories LOST the two 1974 elections, they moved RIGHT
    When Labour LOST the 1979 election, it moved LEFT
    When Labour LOST the 1983 election, it moved RIGHT
    When Labour LOST the 1992 election, it moved RIGHT
    When the Tories LOST the 1997 election, they moved RIGHT
    When Labour LOST the 2010 election, it moved LEFT
    When Labour LOST the 2015 election, it moved LEFT

    i.e. They both seem to perennially but instinctively make the WRONG move after any single defeat, UNTIL a string of defeats seemingly BLUDGEONS them down the correct path and so to (eventual) victory.

    e.g. when Labour were incumbent and lost in 1979 to the Tory Party – that clearly showed an Electorate moving Right – so why move LEFT in response? Nonsensical.

    Similarly – when the Tories were incumbent and lost in 1997 to Labour – that clearly showed an Electorate moving Left – so why move Right in response? Again nonsensical

    Geordies, Russians, and The Hungarians

    During the Cold War, the Russians, and Hungarians told us they were the `great enlightened people’ and us Westerners were wrong – and they are saying that again now, but from a complete opposite perspective, they have changed 180 degrees not us (truly dysfunctional behaviour over time).

    The trouble (for Labour) is this, Geordies have become like that – they kept Tony Blair in office (as the MP for Sedgefield) instead of voting for Reg Keys etc – now they complain about what Tony Blair did when there would’ve been no Tony Blair MP without them voting for him (again truly dysfunctional behaviour over time – and surely Tories are secretly laughing at them?)

    A wager – by 2036 AD (the centenary of The Jarrow March) it will be marked in places but not in Jarrow itself? (Like the Russian Revolution centenary in 2017 – not marked in Russia but was elsewhere) – in fact Geordies might even go all Orwellian on us about what the march was about and who opposed it with guns etc.

    then the problem that everything that comes out of Silicon Valley and Netflix etc pretty much suits a Capitalist agenda not a Socialist one – whilst North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela etc pretty much export nothing of influence to here. So there is less and less general Socialist influence in the country over time.

    so Labour just faces so many problems on so many fronts.

  18. Tafia says:

    YouGov, 01 May (Scotland – Holyrood Election only)

    SNP : 54%
    SCon: 23%
    SLab: 12%
    SLD : 8%
    SGP : 2%
    Oth/DK/WNV: 1%

    Regional List:
    SCon: 23%
    SLab: 12%
    SLD: 7%
    SGP: 8%
    Oth/DK/WNV: 5%

  19. john P ried says:

    gary O’brein

    The only thing I’d say is labour didn’t move to the right straight away, after 1983 and labour wasn’t as left wing as 1983 as people thought
    Yes the public thought Michael foot was a bit nutty ,but apart from disagreeing on leaving the EEC and unilateralism plus The SDP, there wasn’t much difference between 74 and 83

    In 1986 with the loony left were categorised by the Tory press as, bernie grant saying out of context black men killing a Copper was a bloody good hiding, THE GLC welcoming the IRA with open arms and that some stiring miners had killed taxi driver David Wilkie taking a working miner to work
    That according to Shirley williams Peter mandleson and John Cartright, the public rightly thought that Labour was more a extremist organisation in 87 a then 83
    The question is why did labour swing towards the left after 79 and in 2010 and 2015
    In 1979 it was Tony Benn convincing The party ,that labour lost in 79 as it wasn’t left wing enough and nearly did in 83 And Ed Miliband doing the same, as he’d decided their was a mood swung in the country to be more left wing

    And then lost ,so when he did ,The party went with Ed Miliband and couldn’t accept the public has rejected Ed Miliband, so the Said party we lost again in 2015 as it wasn’t left wing enough and backing the moderates was a rejection of Ed miliband saying hat lost as the public were wrong not to vote for him so Backed Corbyn as Jeremy was the only candidate to echo what Ed miliband had said that in 2010 Gordon had lost as he was too right wing

    WG well said

  20. john P ried says:

    The he answer to why labour swing to the left in the 80’s was Benn convinced the party the electorate didn’t know what they were voting for when they voted tory in 1979

    Ditto tebbit in ‘97 argued that it was major not thatcher that lost them 97 by surrendering to Europe and there was a mood swing to be more right wing as the public rejected major for not being right wing enough as a protest vote

    I can’t see labour winning till 2040

    But I can see, The midlde lcass liberals will be self identifying as working class I and they’ll be
    self identifying the real working class people they dislike as being middle class

  21. Tafia says:

    Latest set of opinion polls. Massive Tory lead remains

    Redfield & Wilton, 17 Apr
    Con: 52%
    Lab: 31%
    LDem: 8%
    Grn: 3%
    Oth/DK/WNV: 6%

    KantarPublic, 16-20 Apr
    Con: 54%
    Lab: 28%
    LDem: 9%
    Grn: 4%
    Oth/DK/WNV: 5%

    Opinium, 21-23 Apr
    Con: 50%
    Lab: 33%
    LDem: 7%
    Grn: 3%
    Oth/DK/WNV: 7%

    Redfield & Wilton, 26 Apr
    Con: 50%
    Lab: 33%
    LDem: 7%
    Grn: 4%
    Oth/DK/WNV: 6%

    Survation, 27-28 Apr
    Con: 48%
    Lab: 31%
    LDem: 8%
    Grn: 6%
    Oth/DK/WNV: 7%

    Opinium, 27 Apr-01 May
    Con: 51%
    Lab: 33%
    LDem: 6%
    Grn: 3%
    Oth/DK/WNV: 7%

    YouGov, 01 May, Scotland Only
    Scot: SNP 51%, SCon 25%, SLab 15%, SLD 6%, SGP 2%, Oth 1%

    Holyrood Const/List
    Scot: SNP 54/45%, SCon 23/23%, SLab 12/12%, SLD 8/7%, SGP 2/8%, Oth 1/5%

  22. Tafia says:

    WG – Blair was the best Labour leaderof my entire adult life. (I started voting in the mid-1970s when darling Harold was still leader).

    He took all leave of his senses when he took part in the second Iraq fiasco – not for doing it, but because he did so using what was a blatantly obvious lie to justify it. If he’d just told the truth – Saddam is a twat and were going to give him a good hiding and bin him, people would have gone with it. but instead he chose a micky mouse lie and that turned people off him.

    Labour will never win again until it has another leader of his charisma and ideology – particularly economic ideology. Too many workers have mortgages now and DC pension schemes. The last thing they want is gob-shite unions calling strikes nd making their lives difficult, or socialist economicsdamaging their pension funds (or knob chancellors raiding them).

    Alistair Darling would have been a decent leader but instead you chose to go with a brooding manic depressive, followed by some sort of toy, followed by a karl marx impressionist, and now a tailors dummy that Labour Leavers dont trust and never will.

  23. wg says:

    Tafia – tell me, and I take your point on board concerning out of control unions, or Militant for that matter – but I wonder where you would stand if a Tory government had done the following.

    What if a Tory government had set a minimum wage for the whole country; a low-bar for every multi-national, multi million pound profit-making company to come down to – bailing out those low wages with tax payers’ money ?

    What if a Tory government then opened the borders to millions of cheap, ready-trained workers – relieving any company or council of their duty to train our own young people and throwing our young people under the bus ?

    What if a Tory government scorned (and they do) all those agreements made between the workers’ representatives and their government – and decided that a court in Brussels was now going to dictate, rule upon, and fine unions – even if they abided by national agreements ?

    What if a Tory government derided and ignored the working class battles of history – Chartists, Suffragettes, Peterloo etc.
    What if the Tories turned around and told us that all our rights were down to the European Union – and that our ‘rights’ were safe in Brussels hands.

    The next ones not a ‘What if’ because the Tories did it – they handed over our democracy to a foreign power; ably assisted by Labour leaders and members who had no right to hand over their neighbour to foreign control.

    Iraq was a major part – and if you believe that you have the right to march into a foreign land and depose its leader because you don’t like him, then you are nothing to do with the Labour Party that I grew up with.
    Especially when we are quite at home dealing with regimes that are every bit as bad as Hussein’s was.

    Blair was an abomination and has done untold damage to this country and its people.

  24. John P Reid says:

    GH, what about what the Tories did while in power
    Industry gone
    Crime doubled , unemployment tripled
    500,000 homeless
    Ruined NHS, education system destroyed
    Family silver sold off

    The point was we were desperate to get rid of the Tories by 97

  25. Tafia says:

    Latest polling:-

    YouGov, 05-06 May
    Con: 50%
    Lab: 30%
    LDem: 7%
    Grn: 5%
    Oth/DK/WNV: 8%

    Redfield & Wilton, 06 May
    Con: 50%
    Lab: 31%
    LDem: 7%
    Oth/DK/WNV: 7%

  26. john P reid says:

    propaganda is one of the Reasons middle-class young liberals hate the white working class, but are not acting like they want to win those areas where they live for Labour,they don’t realise union bosses ruined the country intimidated nurses who wanted to help who crossed picket line winter of discontent who voted voted Tory,
    Playing on to romantic view of the NHS was created by Labour so all over people without NHS because I like them same as with the nurses strikes minor/working-class same as trade unions, Saw multiculturalism, scream Islamophobia and racism, towards Brexiters yet the globalisation was exploiting the working class
    We Weren’t any good at running the country with the Unions and their with beer and sandwiches and the public want to go back to that because Labour could run the economy better despite 70s back to approve and they couldn’t despite playing on they couldn’t Do better and the public proved them wrong , yet they can stills ay they know best despite the Len McCluskey and the Corbin wing losing twice, to get their union members money and but keep losing elections, and their snobbery if they keep saying the public are racist the public fed up of being called it, might then vote labour because we’ll stop calling them racist, they
    Rewriting history of the Wilson government and deny Corbyns unpopularity and wish Corbin was still their leader and would have voted for him again in A leadership election if it were today same as Ed Miliband but they both lost( Corbyn) twice, in the 1978 strike Nurses crossed the picket line, the trade unions had behaved badly towards the nurses quite sexist actually the way the men who think they’re women, behave badly to the lesbians today and women are treated badly even though they fought for gay rights it shows how badly Labour behave now

    Owen Jones had a mythical radical working-class vote and get middle-class votes and don’t need working class if we keep telling the working-class they’re racist, then one day they’ll get upset come and join us don’t need working-class vote so racist is more middle-class racists and we didn’t lose the working-class vote the working class who is nice they were wrong not to vote for us holding content working class I have nowhere else to go working-class vote that women’s rights the NHS trade union food and then vote Tory,
    Gordon Brown was much more left-wing than people thought he was similar to the Callahan gov’t & blue Labour is very similar to Harold Wilson

    thinking there was a radical working-class vote he got in 2015 it’s still there but holding contempt if we keep talking about Wilson 1970s good trade unions and the NHS the public sector workers are right about wanting better pensions than the private sector, and the public were wrong to vote Blair and the public were wrong about voting tory and the public were really wanted Corbin and they wrong not to vote for him and he should still be leader as the miners; strike and identity politics victims with positive discrimination for Muslims and transgender and if working class women are victims we shouldn’t speak about them if the perpetrators are victims as it’s transphobic and racist and we shouldn’t say it’s out loud as its encourages those who come out with medical nonsense about men can’t be women
    They keep Reminding us labour created the NHS and are pro it’s workers to be able to rewrite history trying to believe that the bad trade unions were good, and the public want left-wing public owned trade unions
    We went around because they were wrong to not realise that trade union should intimidate people don’t do it then it’s a way of saying how good they are I don’t know how to add a macho man Muslims,

    Holding the working-class and contempt for not voting Foresthill and the public they were wrong and then one day they will realise they were wrong because Corbyn and Ed Miliband with the greatest prime minister is the country never had

    Yet if labour swing to the right,it wouldn’t cause racism, when it is the liberalism that caused the anti-Semitism at the turning a blind eye rape gangs attacking white girls which in turn was racist

    the working-class don’t like that though they want somewhere to work and have a living and one earn a living
    even though we got the most Tory left-wing government ever Gordon Brown. More littering the people thought he was like Callaghans government and we have the most left-wing government years blue Labour/ red Tory government, that are very left-wing more left-wing the label was even possible exception of 1970 for any Labour government ever yet

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