The Corbynite leadership’s final, scorched-earth, rearguard action

by Rob Marchant

It was all going so well: but a matter of days following the election of Keir Starmer as Labour’s new leader and it is convulsing itself over the scandal of a report, leaked widely, containing sensitive, personal information and also making serious allegations about current and past staffers, not to mention various members and non-members.

It has the makings of a PR disaster of epic proportions which, thanks to Covid-19, national media has not yet given the prominence it is likely to have in future. But it will: make no mistake about its seriousness. It could even bankrupt the party, or some of its individual figures.

Corbyn himself is gone, of course. But this week we discovered, not to much surprise, that the report was commissioned by his last lieutenant: the party’s General Secretary, Jennie Formby.

You do not have to agree that Formby created a climate of fear and bullying at Labour HQ; or that she allowed unresolved anti-Semitism complaints to balloon on her watch and then disingenuously blamed the problem on her predecessor, although there is ample evidence for both these things. But they are opinions.

Where one has to despair with some party members over recent days, in uproar on Labour’s social media echo chamber, is the wilful blindness to the following actual facts:

1. Spying on staff is not ok. Honestly, what is wrong with you people, that you think it’s fine for any organisation to spy on its staff on an industrial scale, compiling their emails and WhatsApps, whatever the nature of their comments turned out to be?If you go into pretty much any organisation in the world, you will find groups of people being rude about their bosses and colleagues on email, chat or text, in a private way: this is human nature. Most of them quite reasonably do not expect they are about to be spied on by their employer. Even if use of information extracted from such monitoring is legal under certain, specific circumstances, it is clearly not behaviour which would be calmly accepted by a workforce as a rule and rightly so.

With that one action, Formby has destroyed the trust of hundreds of people employed by the party and using its email or mobiles on a daily basis. She surely cannot continue long in her role now, for purely managerial reasons – she has clearly lost confidence of her staff.

2. A major data breach has been committed. Are we really saying that Jennie Formby, who commissioned a report she knew contained highly sensitive and personal information, should not be held responsible for its safekeeping?

And how could she realistically not have known that such a sensitive document could not possibly be kept secret in a million years, given the controversial nature of its contents?It is all very well, Ms Formby, to tell local party members not to distribute it, now you are personally implicated in a serious breach of the Data Protection Act. But your either malicious or incompetent handling of personal data has now left a number of people involved in current cases, including some minors and Jews, exposed and vulnerable.

It would have clearly have been better had this report never been compiled at all, for the damage it has done the party. For example, Uncut is aware of some Jewish former members whose personal details have now been posted on far-right websites, thanks to this idiotic report and letting it into the hands of numbskulls like Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP. You, as commissioner of the report and as the chief person responsible for the data contained within it, have to carry the can for all of this. The buck stops with you.

3. Non-independence of report. “The work of the Labour Party’s Governance and Legal Unit in relation to antisemitism, 2014 – 2019”, does not read like an objective, formal report, despite its 800+ pages and pseudo-academic footnotes. Its authors were not named, for a start. And then the tone, which often reads like a Squawkbox editorial:“The result [of the 2015 leadership election] was seen as a triumph for Jeremy Corbyn, and a rout for the ‘Blairite’ politics of ‘Progress’, whose candidate acquired just 4.5% of the overall vote”.

Pretty objective stuff, eh? No, the simple reason that the party’s lawyers have not accepted the report into its submission to the EHRC on anti-Semitism is because it is an embarrassment. This is not any kind of independent report: it is a propaganda exercise by the last remnants of a dying order.

4. This is not whistleblowing. For those who have been disingenuously referring to the raising of personal grievances via this report as “whistleblowing”, the government is very clear about what constitutes whistleblowing, and it’s not this*.

While it slyly purports to explain the lack of action on anti-Semitism cases, the report liberally throws the blame at everyone except the current regime – surprise, surprise – and as a side order, ends up lobbing random smear grenades at a list of the enemies who have crossed it over the years. It is petty revenge, essentially to scorch the earth behind them: we are not going to have the Labour Party, but we are going to make damn sure that quite a few of you won’t, either.

Given the legal, regulatory and industrial action which will now ensue, from Data Commissioners, wronged individuals and staff unions, this story will run and run, be in no doubt.

But we should also note that the legal position of the General Secretary and the current regime managing the party is now very, very tricky indeed. With advent of GDPR legislation, privacy of personal data is taken very seriously indeed, and the owners of that data have a duty of care.

When the current froth settles, it is difficult to see how the current General Secretary comes out of this in any kind of tenable position. After the last week’s revelations about her people snooping on others’ emails, she will certainly not be missed by many of her staff.

* “You’re protected by law if you report any of the following:

  • a criminal offence, for example fraud
  • someone’s health and safety is in danger
  • risk or actual damage to the environment
  • a miscarriage of justice
  • the company is breaking the law, for example does not have the right insurance
  • you believe someone is covering up wrongdoing” website”

Rob Marchant is an activist and former Labour party manager who blogs at The Centre Left

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29 Responses to “The Corbynite leadership’s final, scorched-earth, rearguard action”

  1. So Rob, deliberate sabotage of Labour’s 2017 election campaign is OK as long as it’s done by your faction. Is that the message you really want broadcast?

  2. Alf says:

    If Labour had a decent leader, we’d be 20pts ahead in the polls. Tory-lite Starmer just isn’t up to the job.

  3. Wavertree Red says:

    There is no right to privacy on company e-mails, as you well know. If you are currently e-mailing things from work you wouldn’t want your boss to see, stop doing it. The whatsapp chats were obtained because one of the muppets saved them from their phone and e-mailed it to themselves on their Labour e-mail. The Labour party has done nothing wrong in using it to analyse organisational competence.

    The Labour party lawyers were right not to pass it to the EHRC, because their job is to win the case. If the Labour evidence shows a sytematic failure to deal with anti-semitism under McNichol (which is incontrovertibly demonstrated by the report) we lose. This is not blame-shifting, this is apportioning the blame in the correct place. When Formby took over there was, by any objective measure, a massive increase in the number of antisemitism complaints actioned. McNichol’s team simply wasn’t doing it, the facts in the report tally with everything we know.

    There is also a deeply worrying revelation that one of the Labour-staffers believed that some right-wing members of the NEC voted not to expel a prominent member for anti-semitic remarks in order to embarrass the leadership. If true, this politicisation of anti-semitism alone would lose us the case at the EHRC. I remember being very surprised when it happened, so it rings true for me.

    As for the whistleblower, they deserve a medal, this is clearly in the public interest, and there is reasonable grounds to suspect fraud has occurred. If you tolerate the behaviour of these staffers, you lose all right to complain about anti-semitism, they were tasked with dealing with it and failed.

  4. John P Reid says:

    This is it
    If all the Corbynites have got left id
    Of the fact we all thought I the Tories would win well in 2017 didn’t realise it would become a huge by election of ex UKIP and Libdem viters voting for us to prevent a Tory majority , plus their disastrous Campaign
    We though canvass in marginals we’ve got don’t try to win marginals we havent got
    We’ve got no chance

    Also we had lots of good MPs Like Gloria we fought to keep their seats

    As for the banter between some employee who didn’t like the Corbynites coming in raking over complaints if they did criticise a rich girl who got the job because of her dads clothes sense
    It’s not the end of the world

    Fact is when both the EHRC report And the grooming gangs one come out it’ll be like McPherson
    My biggest worth was the amount of attack by white People from black oriole went through the roof after McPherson
    I just hope there’s not attacks in council offices police stations and mosques after the grooming report comes out

    No matter how much,” region wasn’t dedicated to the Corbyn project they hoped labour would do worse in 2017 so they could get their preferred choice of Yvette Cooper in
    And never recovered from Gordon standing aside in 1994, Him not having kin enough to prove himself or their preferred choice Ed balls getting it in 2010’

    Thing was none of there people were blairites and even some of the Gordon brown wing of things like Ed Miliband fitted in with them
    The brown items where the LIke’s of Charlie Whelan

    Plus if this article is right the Corbynite bullies who got rid of the moderates will have to take responsibility for their actions

    The EHRC report will come out and it’ll still be shocking snd they can’t wotk their way out of it

  5. Vern says:

    All this happened under Corbyn and McDonell under the pretence of “a kinder and fairer” politics you may recall. Some of what you write about would not be out of place under certain regimes.

    You have to question the mindset of the leadership and Lansmans Cult following of fools. Worse still, those that continued to support this and turning a blind eye to what was happening under their own noses.

    The party is riddled with wrongdoers – it’s a long road to recovery and one that needs a major clear out to begin with. Starmer is no more than a stop gap.

    Just listened to Ashworth – he makes Hancock look good !

  6. Stephen Hildon says:

    What a surprise Rob Marchant supports McNicol et al efforts to lose the 2017 election…NOT! Setting up Ergon House looks like fraud and the racist treatment of Diane Abbott is surely a criminal offence/breaking the law.

    This columnist’s last hot take was praising Johnson’s COVID-19 response shows that he is basically an inverted King Midas. I am sure this column will age as well.

  7. anosrep says:

    The party officers who spouted misogynist, racist and ableist abuse at colleagues, sabotaged a general election campaign for petty factional reasons and presided over an utter failure to deal with the antisemitism issue were in the wrong. Whoever leaked the report with complainants’ names unredacted was also in the wrong. But if you think the latter were as wrong as the former, then you are wronger than both of them put together. And if you think the former did nothing wrong at all, as Marchant appears to, then the English language lacks words adequate to convey the extent of your wrongness.

  8. Dave Roberts says:

    There is a big article on this very subject in today’s Sunday Times which reaches more or less the same conclusions as this but is much more scathing and in depth on the amount of ultra left infiltration. Post lockdown this one is a long term danger to Starmer. and the open letter to Starmer from a long time Labour councillor and form leader of Tower Hamlets council.

  9. John P Reid says:

    The Labour party is over, the only question is when did the straw that broke the camel’s back happen
    as long ago back in Wilson couldn’t implement,
    Barbara Castle in place of strife
    because If the hard left failed to take over the party in the 80s and Ed Miliband held off the civil war In for the party, to say after five years trashing-our record in office

    the current labour organisers have bankrupted the party
    public enquiry on anti-Semitism which has seen so much criminal allegations submitted

    Labour Conference if it goes ahead will be the showdown the women who say women dont have penises will stand with placards outside and probably be expelled they’ll be a counter demo

    the grooming gangs inquiry may well find in Barking Essex Margaret Hodge was aware Syrian refuges didn’t know that U.K. morals If you dont grope 13 year old school girls as acceptable
    Hodge knew it happened thought those girls were daughters of gammons of chavs and we’re better off getting the attention then being ignored
    And to try to cover up this
    will be seen historically
    As so many angry people were told to shut up you’re racist

    and there will be rioting

    Any people will be proved right
    the Labour Party is institutionally anti-Semitic

  10. Anne says:

    For goodness sake – the world has moved on. No, I don’t think this will rumble on. Jennie Formby should never have been given the position in the first place – she was not the correct person to be independent. We now have an excellent shadow cabinet and much more pressing issues to address.

  11. RobinM says:

    Shouldn’t this diatribe be titled “A Blairite’s final, scorched-earth, rearguard action”?

    The people the leaked report holds up to public view were not, as Marchant’s duplicitous account would have us believe, just your everyday employees of a large organisation, they were those at the top of that organisation’s bureaucratic management team. And they had, moreover, been conducting themselves not just vilely in word and deed in relation to other individual party members, they had been trying to undercut and destroy the elected leadership of the Party and were willing to injure the Party’s electability, not least by furthering dubious charges of anti-semitism, in order to maintain their own grip on the Party apparatus.

    Given their deviousness, their manipulation of an all too willing media, how else was all their corruption to be revealed? So yes, it was whistleblowing. And it deserves to be acknowledged and praised as such. I’m as grateful to this whistleblower as I am to Manning, Assange, and Snowden; I only wish Anthony Nutting had been more forthcoming about the Suez invasion when it would have meant something.

  12. John P Reid says:

    Stephen hilson in what way was the treatment of Diane Abbott racist

    Anosrep not sure if a woman criticising another woman’s personal appearance was doing it because A the person they criticised was a woman, B, they were sexist o wards women
    When mcdonnells team were bulking other people with their domination of the party were they sexist
    When Murray senior said vote class war instead of Tessa a Jowell did he do it as he was sexist towards women?

    Regarding anti semitism funny it was Corbyns allied who when suspended were re admitted

  13. Jonathon Osposol says:

    The Tories have so penetrated Labour and Momentum that they have been able to engineer this war that is so devastating to Labour. Antisemitism is a virus that the Tories have overestimated in their press and smeared both groups with, based on the sad fact that some idiots in both groups are actually antisemitic. Keir faces an impossible and uphill task as the Tories will destroy Labour and replace it with a new party. The open wounds they now continue to exploit are numerous and obvious. Keir’s Shadow Cabinet is hamstrung by Corbynites who, however noble their intentions, are unelectable dinosaurs. Lammy at Shadow Justice and Shah …. top trolling but evocative of a protest group not a serious political party. Until we realise that it is some bloody evil and ingenious Tories amongst us who are ripping us apart from within, we are screwed and may as well shut up shop. We are being played. This report is symptom not cause. I do not personally see any way we can be rid of teh Tory threat as they are far too shrewd and well-funded. They know all our weaknesses and work in a synchronised way to exploit them, keeping Labour on the back foot. They have so scaled up their intel gathering and smearing capacity that we cannot keep up. Now Boris is PM they have ramped up operations and we are sitting ducks. Labour is dead, comrades. The question now is will Labour have any influence at all on the new opposition that will inevitably emerge to fight in 2030.

  14. Rocinante says:

    Lots of people, of many different persuasions, on this blog seem to want Labour to be finished, for various reasons. I’m old enough to remember the 80s and I’ve heard it all before. Eventually the Tories will lose their grip (they’ve lost it already, read the news ffs) and who will take their place? The Condems? Nigel “I’ve failed to win seven Westminster seats” Farrago? Or maybe a NEW PARTY of some kind. That worked out really well for the Tiggers, not.

    A lot has happened in the last 4 months and a great deal more will happen in the next four years.

    FWIW, I think the main threat to Labour from this leaked report is the financial one due to fines and damages payable to individuals. The reputational damage will be contained because coronavirus (and the Tories’ abject handling of it) will drown out everything else for at least a year.

  15. Vern says:

    Jonathan Ospasol – I can only hope that your post is to be taken with a huge sense of humour. The left, love a good conspiracy theory but this is straight out the batshit crazy bin. Next you will be telling us that Russian Bots were behind Labour losing the election and the Brexit result.
    Its time to grow up. Its time to admit that the party really is that bad and its because of the people elected to serve it.
    Compare the representatives for each position between Conservative and Labour and see how you get on. Imagine its Top Trumps – what are the strengths of the opposition….

    Kier vs Boris
    Rayner vs Raab
    Dodds vs Sunak
    Ashworth vs Hancock


  16. Tafia says:

    Latest YouGov Covid polling as of 17 Apr

    66% of people believe the government is handling the crisis very or somewhat well

    Political support wise, Tories massive lead remains.

    YouGov 16-17 Apr
    Con: 53%
    Lab: 32%
    LDem: 5%
    Grn: 3%
    Oth/DK/WNV: 7%

    Starmer as leader is only marginally rated better than Corbyn.

    You could say ‘early days’ etc etc but everyone has known for months Starmer would win.

    There is increasing annoyance by the public at what they see as the media and Labour trying to undermine the government.

  17. wg says:

    The problem that the present form of the Labour Party can not get to grips with:

    Ordinary working class people have no love of Boris Johnson or the Tories: neither do they have any love for Farage, Trump etc.
    People are afraid – they are terrified. They are watching their world disappear around them – they believe that everything is against them; all the institutions that they grew up loving are now politicised; the charities, services, civic society.

    The UK people have emerged from one battle – the EU referendum – and are now in the midst of another, this present virus.

    Who do they trust ?

    Politicians who would parcel them up and hand them over to a supposed trading bloc ?
    People like Blair and Campbell – both leading the charge to keep the UK in the EU and now using the Coronavirus to install their beloved New World Order ?

    I find it amusing – if it were not so tragic – that the owner of the much reviled Sun newspaper becomes very much a Sunday Times hero when he aligns himself with those of the ‘progressive’ Blairite mindset.

    I would not have voted for Corbyn and his thug McDonnell as long as I drew breath, but I have a hard job working out who represents the biggest threat to this country and the rights of its people.

  18. Wavertree Red says:

    Genuine question here, for wg, what is it about McDonnell that you find thuggish? It seems that the labour left is characterised bizarrely. I don’t mind people disagreeing with us politically, but all this left-wing “thuggery” nonsense is far at odds with reality that it’s hard to understand where it comes from.

    Especially on this article, when we are discussing demonstrated bullying, racism and misogyny by some members of the Labour right.

  19. John P Reid says:

    Wavertree Red

    the description left and right in the party is meaningless, Corbynites as much middle class identity politics as Blairites, those in the Office who didn’t want him leader or were dismayed when Laura Murray came into complaints herself having just lost a legal case for anti Semitism, defamation
    there were wings to Brownites the Ed Miliband wing and the Ed Balls wing and the latter in the Ian Mcnicol office so well to the Left of Blair who was on the right
    this also doesn’t include the Labour leave left wingers who weren’t Corbynites

    the Whats App message where some Women who were clearly ignored on fighting Anti Semitism, and their cries that this is vile to Let Laura Murray not suspend anti Semites (one of whom was arrested for her anti Semitism)
    Because the Stalinists sided with Murray isn’t bullying even if the juvenile smutty comments were made about her and Karie Murphy

    regarding the fact the Labour strategy at the2017 election was try to keep the marginal seats labour had and don’t try to win seats we didn’t have, we didn’t Know Theresa may would implode and those seats would go up on the2010 vote(such as Ilford North and Dagenham,)but the fact we did so well in the seats that were marginals we had, showedin2019whenhte majorities went right down

    the fact that those at HQ had felt when the exit poll came out in 2017 that there wouldn’t be leadership challenge and they’d have to make the best of it, as if Corbyn had own outright, is a fact and their preferred choice Yvette Cooper couldn’t now make a Challenge is sexist in what way

    as for the Copeland by-election they didn’t try to throw it,they accepted it was a inevitable loss

    Describing Diane Abbott as a very angry women isn’t racist or using a racist trope, Clive Lewis didn’t make the play offs for labour leader as they were racist, he didn’t make it as he wasn’t as good as the others

  20. John P Reid says:

    Remember when Len McCluskey recommenced Ian Mcnicol ,for the job of Labour Party chair, 8 years ago.

    Well ,why Doesn’t Len McCluskey just go Off And join the Tories.

  21. Rocinante says:

    @Tafia “There is increasing annoyance by the public at what they see as the media and Labour trying to undermine the government”

    Well I’m part of the public and I think The UK is a complete basketcase at this moment. We are the country that other countries point to and thank God they don’t live here. We are busy slaughtering our way through our own population and not so much as raising a squeak of protest. At this point, less than 100k deaths would be a surprise.

    The difference is our government. That’s it. Not our national character, our health service, our infrastructure, our constitution. Our government.

  22. Wavertree Red says:

    John Reid: The messages were sent on a work e-mail, and a work phone, and that makes them a sackable offence in any company, on two levels. The women were not frustrated about ant-semitism, they are dismissive of it whenever mentioned, the person charged with working on it, McNichol, simply ignored the inbox. He did not do his job, whether out of malice or incompetence. This was a factional battle, and nothing else.

    As for your statement re. Laura Murray, that is libellous. She has not been accused of anti-semitism and she has not yet lost her libel case. She is accused of analysing a statement by Rachel Riley as calling for violence against Jeremy Corbyn, when it is possible to argue it is merely celebrating violence against Jeremy Corbyn.

    Do you condone passing the location of Abbott to the press? Sackable offence anywhere.
    The use of racist and sexist tropes would have been front page news if it had been a leftist doing it.

    They were horrified by how well labour had done, the only honest thing for them to do would have been to resign when Corbyn took over, except they thought they owned the party. Startling arrogance and entitlement from these no-marks.

  23. Wavertree Red says:

    btw, the examples of the lack of importance placed by Blairite Labour staffers on anti-semitism pre-2017 include:

    Sitting on a report naming holocaust deniers (not just blabla Palestine stuff, actual holocaust deniers) for 12 months without action, after advising the Leader’s office the people concerned would be expelled.

    One of the so-called whistleblowers is demonstrated to have lied about having worked on this to the Leader’s office, and then later lied again to the press about the same

    Documented failure to act on 34 proven anti-semites, simply moving them out of the database into a holding file where no action would be taken.

    Lying about the number of cases dealt with (documented).

    Mishandling the receipt of complaints from on-line anti-labour groups who were complaining about anti-semitism. This meant it was impossible to clearly

    Malicious action against Jewish members for obviously non-antisemitic remarks (such as a post criticising anti-semitic logic) taken on political grounds.

    Read the report.

  24. Wavertree Res says:

    BTW, my earlier post contains an error, stating McNicol was responsible for actioning complaints of anti-semitism, it was actually someone reporting to him, who is not a professional politician, and so I will not name.

  25. john P Reid says:

    Wavertree red,

    no not all the messages were sent on work email and no they didn’t dismiss anti Semitism, in fact they were so stressed about Corbyns office ignoring it they couldn’t do anything, in fact 1 person they wanted

    if the junior staff felt they were being bullied and Mcnicol couldn’t help all they could do was wrongly tell the press Abbotts address

    it’s libellous of you to say it’s sexist and racist as they’re no proof that having been bullied by Abbott they acted badly but they didn’t act because she’s black or a woman

    Mcnicol couldn’t do his job as he asked dozens of times for Corbyns office to back him up on suspending people and as noted they didn’t help

    this goes back to the office ignoring stuff where they think they have no power and concentrate onw inning by finding money and using the press to canvass marginals

    Murray targeted Riley as she was jewish and yes it hasn’t been finalised the prosecution, but riley has won the first round of her case

    against the person who was suppose to be dealing with anti Semitism was ignoring it and was bullying the junior paid staff

    they’re not racist tropes, and yes I do condemn them telling the press Abbotts location, same as I condemn Mcdonell joking about knee capping and lynching Ester Mcvey

    disgraceful for you to say they(THE office)were dismissive of anti semtism, you’re thinking of Laura murray who didn’t suspend someone who was later nicked

    yes I accept a jewish fella was suspended for saying the Word Zio and then re admitted, but they’re not Blairites , Ian Mcnicol got in on the recommendation of Tom Watson and Len Mcklueskey, they’re if anything a wing of the Brownite camp

    but yes there were also rightly suspended anti semites

  26. John P Reid says:

    What stage of the white working class, be they police killed by black peoole who getaway with it or white girls raped by Muslims , or Tower hamlets vote rigging
    and The white working class brexiters jeered and held in contempt by the labour party , till the white working class become Such a large group they heve to be taken serious as a minority group treated in contempt by the liberal elite so should have a defined status as a oppressed group and say enough is enough

    Before you say “they don’t get stopped and searched” You don’t know what it’s like to be a white working class person on a council estate ,And being told when Syrian refugees groped their sisters they were being able to complain ,and should shut up for diversity and are daughters of gammons and chavs and are racist yokels and common

    When Monro Bergdoff says even a white homeless person has it better than A black upper class person ,What about Afua hirsch Upper class mixed race jewish went to a private school Oxbridge millionaire parents in Wimbledon

    Then theres minority ethnic lefties who send their kids to private schools like Shami Chakrabarti or Diane Abbott
    But they still talk of white privelege

    And the say they have it harder ,but white men are more likely to end up homeless, end up commiting suicde end up in prison, end up having their lives ruined after false rape allegations and end up commiting suicide or being killed after having their lives ruined when falsely accused of sexual harasment or rape

    Yet the White people are called racist when not

    yet Naz Shah tells white girls to shut up when raped by mulsims, Martha Osamor twices aid a white cop killed policeman keith blakleock and her daighter Kate Osamor retweeted it decades later

    Shami chakrabari said “save me from essex man”

    Diane abbott said brexiters were racist the working class are racist and all white people are racist
    And Emily Thornberry sneers at working class people who fly st georges flags from their homes, and we all remember Gordon brown calling a woman who wasn’t a bigot when asking about immigration, that she was one

    And then lefty Comedians like David walliams and Matt lucas sneer at working calss people on councile Estates like their Vicky pollard character

    Yet the left say theyre representative of the working class , but they’re Not as representative as they claim

    yet the labour view at meetings in middle class areas is The working class are knuckle draggers

  27. john P ried says:

    good for the TIMES backing trevor Philips
    if they want the truth in the grooming gangs scandal report revealed ,the fact that its being covered up because Muslim play the victim, says it all

  28. Wavertree Red says:

    Ok, John, you shouldn’t be voting Labour ever. Try the BNP? I know exactly what it is like to be a white person on a council estate, I’ve been one. There are times when I’ve dreamt of being on a council estate.

    Trevor Phillips is a proud islamophobe, and is not fit to be a member. Would you support someone who said: “Jews are not like us, Jews see the world differently from the rest of us, British Jews are becoming a nation within a nation”

    Because that is what he said about Muslims. Expel the racist, move on.

    When it comes to your weird obsession with Murray…she didn’t “target” Rachel Riley. Riley said Corbyn was a Nazi who deserved to get punched (after he had actually been punched by a nazi), Murray said that this was a despicable incitement to violence. To infer that responding to this deeply offensive statement is anti-semitic is absurd.

    And the staff at Labour HQ, one man in particular, simply refused to do the whole part of his job to do with anti-semitism. It’s concretely proven in the report with dates, times and figures. The only time he fought to get someone suspended was when that person was a Jew who had done nothing anti-semitic. As I said, he simply refused to do his job for months. The documents show time and time again that Corbyn’s office pushed them to take action, and they didn’t. Read the report.

  29. John P Reid says:

    Wavertree ted

    Being Jewish is a race
    Island a religion a fellow Labour Party member friend is a Jew who converted to Islam

    Trevor Philips doesn’t have a phobia. A phobia is a irrational fear
    And Riley said no such thing
    My black wife wouldn’t approve of me joining the BNP
    By the way the BNP are against israel
    I’ve canvassed and organised many campaigns for black female labour candidates over the years
    I’ve read the report it’s Shite fact was Laura Murray didn’ t suspend a anti semite when she would

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