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Is he or isn’t he – the mystery of Richard Carvath

04/02/2011, 03:30:02 PM

by Victoria Williams

Where do former Conservative party members go to die? Not, as one would hope, to Eastbourne. Rather, it seems that they are taking to the blogosphere. Formerly actual and currently self-styled “Conservative activist“, Richard Carvath, first emerged from the political ether as an independent candidate for Salford and Eccles in last year’s general election. He has been causing something of a stir ever since. Of which more later. First, some background.

Carvath was unceremoniously booted from the nasty party back in 2008, after annoucing his opposition to Stonewall, and publically declaring “Allah is actually Satan“. Ever since, he’s taken to the internet with gusto, becoming a lean, mean, tweeting, blogging machine. After a brief flirtation with Islamophobia, the hardline Christian turned his attentions to homosexuality, and hasn’t looked back since.

All of which was fairly inconsequential when he was a failed independent who garnered just 0.9% of the vote in the general election. But having already received a written warning from Manchester police after previous internet comments about the Tory selection for the area, he managed to put himself right back on the map in November last year, with this blogpost. (more…)

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