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The Contest

Yvette Cooper leaves the door open for future leaders bid

“So whoever wins Labour’s leadership election, I’ll still be there alongside Harriet and others, campaigning for progressive help for women. And as for future leadership contests, who knows …” – Yvette Cooper, The Guardian

“The question Burnham has to answer is what does he really bring much that one of the front-runners doesn’t? His campaign website doesn’t provide any answers (at least, not without joining a mailing-list up front), and looks amateurish, to be kind. In fact, things like his campaign launch, media non-appearances and website all contribute to an appearance that he’s just not trying very hard.” – Political Betting

“We cannot afford to just have an internal debate within our party. And we must stay focused on our number one task – being a responsible and effective opposition and once again becoming a party that can win.” – Ed Balls, Tribune

“DIANE ABBOTT yesterday launched her bid to become Labour Party leader in the B6 College in Kenninghall Road in Clapton.” – Irish Times

“Front runners in the Labour leadership race are under pressure to help lessfancied contenders to clear the first hurdle by lending them some supporters.” – The Telegraph

“THE younger of two brothers in the leadership contest, Ed Miliband, said he would be happiest if all six declared candidates got onto the ballot paper. Aware of criticism within the party at the prospect of an Ed Miliband v David Miliband contest, he said: “I think it’s important the party has the widest possible choice.”’ – Wales Online

The Blair years

Alistair Campbell releases 'uncut' memoirs

Tony Blair hesitated over standing for the Labour leadership, fearing it was such a big “psychological step” to reverse the party perception that Gordon Brown was “the main man”, Alastair Campbell, Labour’s former communications chief, reveals in the first unabridged volume of his diaries, Prelude to Power, serialised today.” – The Guardian

“Alistair Campbell on… ‘I kept pressing Ed Miliband to explain our economic message in a nutshell and what came out every time was an essay. DM and I had a row drafting TB’s Times article on public services, which I felt had to have real cutting edge and DM kept defaulting to these policy wonk words that I found impenetrable. Ed Balls spoke drivel, a never-ending collection of words that just ran into each other and became devoid of meaning.’” – The Guardian


Lord Prescott

John Prescott, the class warrior and opponent of the House of Lords, was named today as one of 54 working peers in a dissolution honours list largely reflecting the loyalties of the former prime minister, Gordon Brown.” – The Guardian

“HE IS the nation’s most famous class warrior, the former Hull MP with little time for “flunkery and titles”. But yesterday it was revealed that after 40 years at the sharp end of British politics, John Prescott is to leave his natural habitat and join the ermine-clad peers in the House of Lords.” – Hull Daily Mail

“He will be joined by an array of former Labour ministers such as John Hutton, Quentin Davies, John Reid and Michael Wills. John McFall, former head of the Treasury select committee, will also be entering the chamber, as will former Scotland first minister Jack McConnell.” – The FT

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