Fabian Hustings: laughometer

This is the laughometer from last night’s Fabian society leadership hustings.

Tiny chuckles weren’t recorded.

We maintained our rule that to score you had to get a proper laugh from a significant portion of the room.

David Miliband 5
Ed Miliband 7
Ed Balls 9
Diane Abbott 7
Andy Burnham 6

These numbers are significantly higher across the board than for previous hustings. Last night was a first outing for the Uncut reporter operating the laughometer on this occasion.  We have not yet been able to establish whether the leap in laughs was due to operator error, or to the candidates loosening up and getting funny.

Views from those present at last night’s Fabian as well as more than one other hustings would be welcome.

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2 Responses to “Fabian Hustings: laughometer”

  1. Amanda Ramsay says:

    an important indicator, need a charismatic leader who can connect with public out on the stump, via tv and media generally, let alone in the Commons chamber; david seems to be the one, but all very likeable and impressive in so many ways, just to different degrees

  2. Jonathan Todd says:

    I was there and kept my own laugh tally. It came to much the same numbers as this one. Perhaps, they are loosening up and getting funny. But, equally, it was the first one I have been to, so I can’t compare with previous performances.

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