Second tranch of PLP select committee elections

FAO Labour MPs

At 7pm this evening the deadline passed for nominations to the Labour vacancies on the select committees.

Please find below three key pieces of information:

– the list of nominations where we are proceeding to ballot.

– details of how you submit a short statement (200 words) to the PLP Office so that we can send all statements out together

– information about proxy voting

We will now move to elect the vacancies on the following committees in a ballot in the PLP Office between 10am and 5pm on Wednesday. The names of all the candidates is also attached.


1. HEALTH (3 nominations for 1 vacancy)

(Alex Cunningham, Mary Glindon, Virendra Sharma)

2. JUSTICE (3 nominations for 2 vacancies)

(Jeremy Corbyn, Karl Turner, Yasmin Qureshi)

3. NORTHERN IRELAND (3 nominations for 2 vacancies)

(Stephen Hepburn, Ian Lavery, Stephen Pound)


ENVIRONMENT , FOOD AND RURAL AFFAIRS – Dave Anderson, Tom Blenkinsop, Thomas Docherty, Bill Esterson

ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT – Martin Caton. Mark Lazarowicz

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION –Kevin Brennan, Michael Dugher, Paul Flynn

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY – Gregg McClymont, Pamela Nash, Jonathan Reynolds, Graham Stringer

WELSH AFFAIRS – Geraint Davies, Nia Griffith, Susan Elan Jones, Jessica Morden, Owen Smith


If you are standing in a contested ballot on Wednesday the PLP Office will be collating short (200 word) statements to be circulated to all colleagues and avoid too much email traffic. So, if you are in a contested ballot as of 7pm, please send your 200 words to me on this email address by 3pm tomorrow. All statements will then be circulated at 4pm tomorrow.


If you need to arrange a proxy vote for Wednesday’s election please contact me by Tuesday at 5pm

Best wishes


Martin O’Donovan

Director of Unit and PLP Secretary

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  1. Andrea says:

    North Ireland commitee members were elected unopposed according to the email last week. Why are they now holding an election for 2 vacancies?

    Do some select committees still have less candidates than vacancies? The situation would be ridicolous and wouldn’t reflect well on the PLP

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