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The Leadership Race

David Miliband poses the greatest threat to the Conservative party of all the candidates in the Labour leadership contest, David Cameron has said in private remarks that could change the dynamic of the campaign just days before millions of ballot papers are posted. To the likely delight of the older Miliband, who enters the final stages as the frontrunner, the prime minister has made it clear he believes the shadow foreign secretary stands the best chance of reaching out to middle Britain. – The Guardian.

With the Labour leadership election entering its final furlong, the faint outlines of a genuine debate are beginning to emerge. In his speech on Wednesday, David Miliband put clear blue water between him and the other candidates, tacitly admitting that the state grew too large under his New Labour predecessors and acknowledging the need to cut the deficit. – The Telegraph.

Decisions, decisions

If you were forced to choose, which other candidate would you recommend your supporters to make their second preference?

EM: David is my brother, and I have huge admiration and love for him, so he will get my second preference. My supporters make their own decisions.

DM: There’s one other candidate I love in this election, so it would be my brother.

EB: People should make their own minds up.

AB: My fellow candidates are all talented and decent people. But it’s not my place to tell my supporters what to do.

DA: They are all good candidates but I am in this to win it, so I have yet to declare my second preference. – The Independent


Bono has met Blair on numerous occasions and has even spoken at a Labour Party conference, in 2004. The two are good friends. U2’s drummer, Larry Mullen, has made his feelings about Blair’s role in the Iraq war clear to Bono. “My problem is the company he keeps,” Mullen has said. “And I struggle with that – particularly the political people . . . Particularly Tony Blair.” – Irish Times.


The “donor clubs” began when he was leader of the Opposition, but the Tories yesterday admitted the “Leader’s Group”, which allows tycoons to mix with the PM, is still running. A spokesman said: “Events to raise money are vital to pay for the running of the party.”Labour MP Stephen Pound last night said: “This is utter hypocrisy form the Tories.”  The Express.

Miliband press rolls on

With one of them set to be crowned Labour leader four weeks today, we can certainly tell them apart now. In the past week, the relationship between the two sons of the Marxist historian Ralph Miliband has probably changed forever. They may still speak of their “love” for each other but this weekend there is little love lost between them as they vie for the crown – The Independent.


His devoted footsoldiers dubbed him “King Arthur” during the year-long miners’ strike of 1984-85. Twenty-five years on, he appears to have finally lost his crown.  The news that the National Union of Mineworkers has moved to deprive Arthur Scargill of full membership marks a final defeat in a career that led to national prominence but ultimate failure at the end of the strike – Financial Times.

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  1. Paul Bower says:

    I can’t belive anyone is takingthe Guardian story ” Tories fear David Milliband” story seriously. The Guardian are running a Conservative PR line at face value. Very lazy.

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