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Subject: Shadow Cabinet Election


Shadow Cabinet Election – A fresh Start

I am writing to ask for your support in the Shadow Cabinet election.  This election provides an opportunity to ensure new voices and fresh ideas can play a key role in shaping the renewal of our party.

I offer:

1.  A substantive track record of delivery and innovation

In my nine years as a Minister I demonstrated that Government can transform people’s lives through strong political vision and leadership underpinned by Labour values.

Some examples

In Education – I created young apprenticeships which give talented young people the chance to fulfil their potential via vocational education and developed the first ever Government led anti bullying programme which to this day is impacting in every school across the country.

 In Health – I moved the complex issues of social care and dementia from the margins to the top of the political agenda.

2.  An engaging style of politics

In every Ministerial role I developed an authentic two way dialogue with people on the front line building mutual trust and respect beyond Whitehall.  This included road shows in every region and meant I was able to champion the need for reform while maintaining goodwill towards the Government.  I treated Trade Unions as social partners not “embarrassing relatives”.  As Social Care Minister the media presented me as more of a campaigner for change than a politician defending a failing system.

 3.  The courage to stand up and be counted

I am a loyalist but also someone who is willing to speak his mind when necessary.  Three years ago I was the first Labour politician to warn that there was an urgent need for us to reassure both working and middle class voters that we were still the party of fairness and “on their side”.  Sadly, while we subsequently adopted fairness as our political mantra by that stage too many people no longer believed it was our true mission.  As a Labour team we must never allow such a disconnect to happen again. 

 In the weeks ahead I want to hear your views and will be expanding on my vision for the future.   I ask for your support with humility but also a genuine belief that I can make a serious contribution to renewing Labour as an effective opposition and credible alternative Government.

 Best wishes.


PS If you would welcome a chat please call me on XXXXXXXXXX

 Ivan Lewis MP

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