Friday caption contest: #wheresthegovernment special

HT to the great @johnprescott

UPDATE: JP will be picking his favourite caption and the winner will receive a signed copy of his book. You’ve got until Saturday evening to get your efforts in…

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213 Responses to “Friday caption contest: #wheresthegovernment special”

  1. Delia Stapleton says:

    Oh! Where have all the Fat Cats gone ?

  2. Peter Briffa says:

    Where is everyone, playing croquet?

  3. Martin Waterhouse says:

    Picture Caption : Whoa !! where’s all the other pussies ?

  4. That’s the vermin taken care of, now where are the rats?

  5. karen webb says:

    Coalition cabinet downgraded by S and Paws

  6. gracie says:

    Where’s Thatcher?

  7. Practical Cat says:

    Hmm. The Cabinet appears to have used up its nine lives…

  8. Judy Gibson says:

    Whose running the government? I AM ! – I’m more than just a cat …… I’m an IAMS cat.

  9. Judy Gibson says:

    Where is the government?
    Oh – haven’t you heard
    Dave’s gone swimming in Italy
    Please don’t be absurd!
    The world is in crisis
    Whilst shares start to plummet
    Things are looking quite bad
    Lord they’re calling a summit!
    The cat sat nonpussed…
    “What is it you fear
    They make no bloody difference
    When they’re all sitting here!”

  10. Judy Gibson says:

    By the way – I meant the cat sat nonplussed – but thought non-pussed sounded rather better. That’s it – no more, I await Mr Preston’s considerations!

  11. Sue Thorne says:

    Blimey the cabinet have all rushed off to buy cheap shares, wish they’d have told me!

  12. steve hayes says:

    Don’t know what all the fuss is about them being away – When they are here they only flip coins every two weeks to see if a decision carries on into the next fortnight.

  13. Glencoehiker says:

    Back soon, gone for a meeting with Murdoch!

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