Is George Galloway planning another by-election spectacular?

Our eye was caught by a series of tweets Galloway made this morning about Liverpool.

Why Liverpool? Well there’s likely to be a by-election there next May when Walton MP, Steve Rotheram, becomes, in all likelihood, the first-ever metro mayor for the Liverpool City Region.

This would mean a by election in his Liverpool Walton seat, probably held at the same time as the mayoral vote.

Is Galloway planning to stand? That’s the intriguing inference in a series of tweets he made this morning.

“All I ever hear from Merseyside MPs is bleating about themselves and how their angry constituents want rid of them” he wrote on Twitter, asking who will take responsibility for a quarter of Liverpool children growing up in poverty.

“What are the MPs even SAYING about it?” he demanded.

Does it amount to a coded declaration? Or is it sabre-rattling to chivvy the party into readmitting him? Or merely a digital stream of consciousness?

Despite Galloway’s raw charisma and previous form in using by-elections successfully, Labour has an enormous nigh-on impregnable 27,777 majority and fringe parties fared poorly in 2015.

Perhaps there are hopes of being back within the Labour fold in time to seek the selection? It certainly seems that George Galloway’s picture on Twitter has reverted to one from a time when he was in the Labour party. Coincidence?

Roll on next May…

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4 Responses to “Is George Galloway planning another by-election spectacular?”

  1. I hope George does come back. He’s a good solid socialist and he would challenge Labour’s endemic Tory-liteness in the Liverpool area.

  2. Dave Roberts says:

    All it is is the big mouthed sweaty sock mouthing off as usual. He has screwed up everything he has been involved in and left a legacy of division and hatred in Tower Hamlets when the voters of Poplar and Canning Town gave him the heave ho the last time he stood there. He is a total waste of space and why you spend time on him is beyond me.

  3. Barry Gilheany says:

    This anti-semitic demagogic thug friend of Assad, Saddam Hussein, Putin must never be let back into the Labour Party

  4. Dick Lightning says:

    Who ever wins the by-election won’t have long to get their feet under the desk as Liverpool Walton is being abolished in 2018 and merged with Liverpool Riverside, as someone who lives their it will be interesting to see how this ends up, will whoever wins by-election challenge louise ellman for the right to be Liverpool Riverside mp.

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