Uncut predictions for 2017: Blair will abandon support for free movement

How to solve a problem like Brexit?

Ostensibly, it’s the reason for Tony Blair’s return to fray. He wants a second referendum to reverse the public’s decision to quit the EU back in June, but polls show the voters simply don’t regret the decision.

To get them to change their minds, the facts must change.

Ever the pragmatist, Blair knows full well this means abandoning free movement of people as an article of faith for the pro-globalisationists of British politics, of which, he remains the undisputed leader.

Could he follow contemporary Labour luminaries like Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham, Rachel Reeves, Chuka Umunna and Hilary Benn who have each recently called for an end to free movement?

The impact of mass migration was the defining issue of the campaign and reforming it is an essential down payment in securing any fresh plebiscite. But, even then, there’s no guarantee one can be justified.

Of course, it also requires Europe to even discuss a special deal for Britain, which, variously, Angela Merkel, the Commission and east European Member States have all flatly rejected.

But we are through the looking glass in 2017.

And if John Major could secure his Maastricht Treaty opt-outs from joining the single currency and social chapter, Blair might calculate that a fresh deal on free movement is achievable.

After all, 2017 may be another tumultuous year for the EU, if Marine Le Pen wins the French presidency, or if Merkel is ousted in German federal elections later in the year.

Buying off the truculent Brits with a concession on free movement might seem the cheap option for a bit of stability.

Watch this space.

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5 Responses to “Uncut predictions for 2017: Blair will abandon support for free movement”

  1. bobby says:

    that won’t save Labour. Free movement was part of a revulsion with the politics of the Left. Labour are the party of multicultural dysfunction, and pandering to Islam. The cover ups in Rotherham and elsewhere, the pandering to Islamist extremism. The people have had enough, and are in the mood to punish you at the ballot box for it. Your days are numbered as a party who can ever rule Britain again.

  2. Malc says:

    “Ever the pragmatist, Blair knows full well this means abandoning free movement of people.”

    He’s very good at abandoning principles. Just consider the way he abandoned socialism and any semblance of democracy with the Labour party. Let’s not even think about Iraq.

    Blair should stay out of politics. We’ve got an election in Copeland to win and he puts off so many former Labour voters.

  3. john P reid says:

    Blair seems intent on coming back,but I think this is the one policy he thinks he can win people around on,so I think your prediction is wrong

    by the way Matthew godwin here makes the point about the labour party

  4. Richard MacKinnon says:

    Who wrote this piece? Embarassed to put your name to it? You should be.
    Forget Blair, his inanbility to leave the stage is does no more than makes him look silly. He is as relevent to present day politics as John Major is. His continued self promotion in Brexit is a sure sign that he is an unashamed narcissist. (OK that last point is stating the obvious).
    Ignore talk of second referendum it will not happen. The decision has been made.
    Forget so called Labour luminaries like Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham, Rachel Reeves, Chuka Umunna and Hilary Benn, they are yesterdays people in a personal and desperate search for something to do. They know their party is done for and so they seek out a position of safety that will give them some career self respect, chair a committee, a lord mayor’s chain, anything.
    Look at Brexit this way. Brexit is showing up the Whitehall civil service manadarins for what they are, far too many in number and much too close to the massed ranks of their non elected establishment buddies in Brussels. As a consequence of Brexit, they are now suddenly exposed to the light of scrutiny and they dont like it. They are suddenly recognised for what they are; unfit for purpose. They know it now what we have known all the time. Now due to Brexit they know the game is up, they have been found out. And article 50 has still to be fired.
    Its comparable to Trump’s election in the US. He was relentlessly mocked by the media, his campaign and his supporters were compared to trailer trash by the pundits, he was laughed at by the great and the good, pollsters gave him no chance, stand up comics made a fortune, the Washington establishment, the CIA and the GOP threw all they had at scuppering his nomination and yet their efforts came to nothing. Think about that, Washington, the CIA and the GOP. He is not yet in post and already a cold win blows through Washington and the CIA, both like our Whithall civil servants, over inflated in numbers and self importance and all three it seems about to get a serious bit of surgery.
    So that is the question anonymous author; what is there not to like about Brexit and the Trump?

  5. AnnoyingMess says:

    Could somebody in the Labour Party please recognise that the Leave vote was not just about Free Movement, it was about democracy also.

    Corbyn, Blair – and all the rest who are listed above – have nothing to say anymore.

    Labour, in thrall to the corporatist EU, are now irrelevant.

    Ditch the ‘progressive’ crap, ditch the Fabian eugenicists, and get back to representing the people Labour were set up to represent.

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