Labour’s Reset: The Path Back to Power – Free download

Labour’s Reset: The Path Back to Power sets out what’s needed to win the next election. Drawing together contributions from elected representatives, former senior Labour officials and expert commentators, it looks at the barriers to voters’ backing Labour, what the Party can do in opposition to break these down and the type of policy platform that will attract the switchers needed to put Keir Starmer in Downing Street. Click the link below to download your free copy

Labour’s Reset – The Path Back to Power

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One Response to “Labour’s Reset: The Path Back to Power – Free download”

  1. John P Reid says:

    The part about getting Tory voters to win
    Tie in with labour trying to get more youngsters to get a mortgage
    Answer yourself this the Tories won in 1951 with A end of Rationing, 1955 the Working class wanted to aspire to shop at Marks and Spencers not the co-op

    In 1959 Labour stood on A manifesto to sell Council homes but not cheap and for everyone sold build another) yet Harold Mcmillian was building them quicker than Labour saying you’ve never had it so good) the tories win and the Tories won 4 a total of elections before Right to buy of Thatcher in 1979 after the second world war, the idea that labour can get mythical student votes who can’t afford A mortgage will drive a future generation to vote Labour, but they’d also vote labour as they’d want to have  a mortgage
    The culture war part, Is nothing new, the tories knew that portraying labour as more extreme as it really is was used to help them getting additional votes in the 1987 election
    Blair did the same portraying William Hague as extreme but taking a side labour has to ask itself why life long labour voters either abstained or went tory for the first time in their life in2017/2019
    But labour can’t win on it ,if it says it’s irreverent of those who thought for womens rights to tell it as it is so bluntly

    that Julie bindel uses swear words or Germiane greer uses graphic details to use slang to refer to Human reproductive body parts and use those words to describe that Trans people by removing those parts suddenly become different
    It’s nothing new for someone with all the good intentions to think if there’s A crime committed towards A white person by A person of colour that it makes the persons race look bad, so if it gets in the news and their crime was based on race, that it can be used by racists, but It’s racist not to admit it exists and If Ethnic minority person highlights that other ethnics are committing Crimes towards whites and the fact communities shielded ethnic minority criminals
    Both 30 years ago Diane Abbott and recently Ash sarker had called the newspapers they highlighted crimes towards whites by ethnic minorities, racist papers (both of which  Newspapers backed the labour party and called Paul Boateng and Savid Javid uncle toms, for recalling those crimes ,as if revealing it , somehow sold out their race, and then Young Labour members well into their mid 20’s agreed with Ash sarkers view “you shouldn’t reveal if a ethnic minority commits reveal it if there’s a crime towards a white person, it makes the Bkeck snd Asian communities look bad so keep quiet about it Something, Naz shah had agreed with sarker on, and Bernie grsant when I was 17 and 30 years ago said the same
    And at the time I’d agreed with diane abbot and 2 minutes later I though of course you can, it’s racist not too.
    But the young laobur lot agreeing with Ash saker saying don’t reveal crimes by enthinc minorities towards white people it may cause racism so let them get away with it as those people are well into their mid 20’s with their view and they should grow up.

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