Campaign Uncut – Rumours of Morgan McSweeney to Makerfield

Introducing our daily-ish wrap, Campaign Uncut, bringing together the top 5 takeaways from the day’s action.

1. Rumour of the day: Morgan McSweeney to Makerfield

Word reaches Uncut that Keir Starmer’s most influential aide might soon be joining his boss on the green leather benches.

As a number of sitting MPs start to rethink their plans, throwing-up last minute selections, we hear that Morgan McSweeney is being linked with the Makerfield seat in Wigan, Greater Manchester.

Its a rock-solid redoubt and the former mining area has been represented by Labour MPs since the formation of the Parliamentary Labour Party in 1906.

Until 2010, it was Ian McCartney’s seat. He was the minister in the last Labour government who piloted the minimum wage legislation onto the statute book. In 1997, he won 73.6% of the vote.

Since 2010, Makerfield has been represented by Yvonne Fovargue. Until she announced she was standing down yesterday..

2. Worst take of the day: Nigel Farage scared Rishi Sunak into an early election

There are layers here. Under normal circumstances this post could comfortably be ridiculed as a barmy take. But this is Rishi Sunak that we’re talking about, his judgement is that bad. It’s possible that he was scared into it by Nigel Farage. In which case this still wins worst take of the day, it just happens to be true.

3. Gaffe of the day: Sunak on the Euros while visiting Wales

ITMA! Extraordinary thing to say by Rishi Sunak, it’s a miracle he didn’t call it soccer-ball; props to Tom Larrikin who wins political X for the day with a delightfully understated post telling the tale

4. Funniest take of the day: Piers Morgan winning his Rwanda bet

It takes some incredible positioning to make Piers Morgan the good guy, and not just that, a funny good guy. Hats off to the PM for another first.

5. Best take of the day: Michael Crick on the length of the real election campaign

Astute as ever by Michael Crick, whatever impact the campaign will have on voting intention, it needs to happen in the next 3 to 4 weeks.

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