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Select committee vacancies caused by front bench appointments

15/10/2010, 11:34:46 AM

We have been asked what happens to elected Labour members of select committees now that many of them have been appointed to the front bench.

The short answer is that there are fresh elections for the newly created places. On one select committee (BIS), the entire Labour cohort of new intakers (Luciana Berger, Jack Dromey, Chi Onwurah and Rachel Reeves) has been catapulted to shadow ministerial stardom. On most of the others, only a couple of places are at stake.

The full details are set out in the email below, to Labour MPs from PLP secretary, Martin O’Donovan. (more…)

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90% turnout, but Diane Abbott fails to vote in PLP select committee elections

24/06/2010, 12:03:43 PM

Labour Uncut has seen an unpublished list of MPs who failed to vote in yesterday’s select committee elections.

There were 25 non-voters, one of whom was leadership candidate Diane Abbott. Turnout in the election was 90%.

In the you-scratch-my-back world of the PLP, not voting in this secret ballot was a tactical mistake by Abbott, who was in the House of Commons during the voting hours of 10am till 5pm. (more…)

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