Lindsay Hoyle’s deputy speaker letter

Sent: 19 May 2010 17:42
Subject: Deputy Speaker Election – Email from Lindsay Hoyle MP
Dear Colleague
I am writing to formally announce my candidacy for the role of Deputy Speaker, as to be decided next Thursday 27th May.
Progressive reform is to be at the heart of our new parliament; reform that is widely recognised as both welcome and necessary. I am confident that each of us privileged to have gained the confidence and trust of our constituents believe in the fundamental values of our democracy; that of a robust, scrutinised system where parliament and people crucially, and rightfully work as a team.
It is to honour and uphold these fundamental values that I am seeking election as one of your Deputy Speakers.
Since my election in 1997 I have consistently fought to be a strong voice from the backbenches. I have served on the BIS Select Committee since 1998 and chair a number of All Party Groups. I have never held a paid position within government and therefore my time spent in parliament has been one of an independent minded and outspoken backbencher; perhaps to the dismay of the party whips! I firmly believe that the fundamental job of parliament is to allow effective scrutiny and genuine debate. I highlight this to you colleague, to convey my recognition of the vital role hardworking backbench MP’s play in making our parliamentary system effective.
I am standing as representative of our common purpose as members of parliament; driven by intent to ensure every member of this house can have confidence that their contributions are both heard and valued. Only by ensuring the widest possible debate can any changes to our system be effectively administered.
I would be most grateful if you feel you can support my bid. If you have any questions or wish to speak with me I am always contactable through Steph in my office; ext xxxx or 07xxxxxxxxx.
Yours sincerely
Lindsay Hoyle MP

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