Questions for Diane Abbott

Labour Uncut is interviewing Diane Abbott about her leadership bid.

What should we ask her?  What would your vote depend on?  Here’s a chance to have your say.

Add your questions to this thread as a comment, by 6pm on Monday.

15 Responses to “Questions for Diane Abbott”

  1. Ainsley says:

    Do you think you have the remotest chance of getting on the ballot paper?

    Assuming that not, why are you seeking nominations?

    Or are you actually just seeking publicity?

  2. Stuart says:

    How much have you been paid by the BBC since you first started appearing on This Week, and how much of this have you donated to your local CLP?

  3. Jock says:

    If elected leader of the Labour Party you would be responsible for arguing Labour policies, policies that would include education. How could you with clear conscience tell the people of Britain that it’s Ok for them to send their kids to state schools when these school were not good enough for you own family?

  4. Derek says:

    You and John both have solid socialist credentials, but isn’t there a danger that in standing you will split the left vote?

    My fear is if I vote for you we lose John and if I vote John, we lose you … and I don’t really want the wishy washy alternative of the other 4 candidates. What are your thoughts?

  5. Tim says:

    Two questions for you Diane,

    If you believe so much in equality for all why do you send your son to a £10,000 a year public school?
    Aren’t the schools in Hackney good enough?

    Do you feel you should apologise for the racist comments you made towards two blonde nurses when you said : “”blonde, blue-eyed Finnish girls” in her local hospital in West London were unsuitable as nurses because they “may never have met a black person before”.

    For the record : This is exactly the sort of hyprocrisy, and I will admit you’r not the only one, that made me and many others I know turn away from Labour at the last election.

  6. MixTogether says:

    What is the best way to eradicate the American-inspired gang culture that is blighting the lives of young people in our most deprived areas?

  7. David says:

    When you don’t win the leadership, will you stand for election to the Shadow Cabinet?

  8. You are the leadership candidate who can be most honest about the mistakes Labour made in government. What are the biggest mistakes labour has to learn from?

  9. Bob says:

    If you believe so much in equality for all why do you send your son to a £10,000 a year public school?
    Aren’t the schools in Hackney good enough?

    Question for Labour uncut- Are you going to leave qusetions to be answered- or are you going to remove them when they don’t fit your mindset? I raised aquestion for Ed Balls which was removed.

  10. Editor says:

    @ Bob

    Depending on how many questions we get and how much time we get, we’ll either ask all of them or our attempt at a representative cross-section, as we did with Ed Balls.

  11. Dan says:

    If, shortly after you are elected as leader, Portugal (or any other EU nation) were to suffer a similar fate to Greece’s collapse, what course of action would you urge upon the Coalition? And why?

  12. Mary Maguire says:

    How would you continue to provide quality public services and deal with the deficit?

  13. Alex C says:

    If you get on the ballot paper and are elected, how will you go about being a sucessful opposition, re-organizing and rejuvenating the Party and getting Labour re-elected, so basically, what would you do next?

  14. Paul says:

    a) Would you encourage the party to accept the money on offer from the government for trial runs of primaries in safe Labour seats, as set out in the Coalition agreement?

    b) What do you think of the Lisbon Treaty?

    c) Do we need to ‘deal with the deficit’ (see Mary Maguire above)? What other mechanism for economic stability might there be?

    d) Are Credit Rating Agencies a problem for democracy?

    e) What approach would you like to see taken to resolve the ongoing instability in the Eastern parts of the Democratic Republlic of Congo?

    f) What’s the capital of Papua New Guinea? No googling allowed.

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