Cometh the hour: the nation needs Mandelson on Strictly Come Dancing

Today, Uncut launches our campaign to end a cruel injustice:  “Mandy4Strictly”.

Widders. Cable. Both invited by the national broadcaster to grace (we use the term in its loosest sense), the stage of Strictly Come Dancing.

But there is, it seems, to be no place for the people’s party. No shadow cabinet member, nor Labour back bencher, will be slapping on the fake tan, or donning the sequins. At least not in public. Strictly, is to remain a Labour free zone.

Uncut will not stand idly by. We have rights. We were not born in chains. We choose to tango, jive and rumba on our feet, rather than live on our knees.

There is one man with poise, grace and elegance to lead us to our Canaan, (The Tower Ballroom, Blackpol). That man is former Labour party communications director, European commissioner, secretary of state for business and Uncut contributor, Peter Mandelson.

For too long he has lived in the darkness. Now is the time for him to step into the light. Tony Blair said his mission would not be complete until the Labour party had learned to love Peter. Uncut’s mission will not be complete until the entire nation takes him to its heart.

Write. Phone. Lobby. Petition. Spread the word. “Mandy4Strictly”.

We put the BBC on notice. We are the people who forged the welfare state. Rebuilt a country bloodied but unbowed by nazi bombs.

Mandy shall have his moment. We shall have our moment. We will not be denied.

Mandy4Strictly. Yes we can-can.

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