Friday caption contest: #wheresthegovernment special

HT to the great @johnprescott

UPDATE: JP will be picking his favourite caption and the winner will receive a signed copy of his book. You’ve got until Saturday evening to get your efforts in…

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213 Responses to “Friday caption contest: #wheresthegovernment special”

  1. Jo Skipp says:

    I meant “While the cat’s away the economy plunges into disarray

  2. Shelagh says:

    Come on guys , stop hiding, I only said we MIGHT invite Lord Prescott back to give us a helping hand.

  3. Jo Skipp says:

    8 out of 10 cabinet members (who showed a preference) said that they deserved a holiday

  4. Jo Skipp says:

    Attempt 3 I really meant “While the cabinet’s away the economy plunges into disarray”

  5. Philip Byrne says:

    Right that’s the rat problem sorted. I’m away to Speakers’s House to get a tummy rub off Sally Bercow.

  6. Jo Skipp says:

    8 out of 10 members of the public (who expressed a preference) said the cat would do a better job than the cabinet

  7. Mark says:

    The cat’s been let out the bag, the Tories can’t run the economy.

  8. Daniel baker says:

    Cameron insists that Murdoch visits No.10 In disguise from now on.

  9. Neil says:

    Ronery.. I’m so ronery …

  10. Dave Mullen says:

    Very well, alone!

    (David Low)

  11. Helen Craddock says:

    In other news concerns for missing cabinet members were eased today when Number 10 advised it’s most experienced member was in charge.

  12. David Hoyle says:

    *swallow* ‘All gone. They’ll knight me for this’

  13. Judy Gibson says:

    Sorry – the cabinet’s unable to take your call, please leave a message after the paws…erm and the Daily Mail will get back to you.

  14. Judy Gibson says:

    Welcome to the Black & White Minister Show

  15. Fi Hayles says:

    “it’s a catastrophe: I’m only in charge for August!”

  16. tom beckett says:

    Unpopular guest speaker at the Ailurophobic summer conference.

  17. Judy Gibson says:

    Pussy Cat Pussy Cat, where have you been?
    I’ve been up to London – no MP’s to be seen
    Pussy Cat Pussy Cat, what did you glean,
    David Cameron’s voice on an answer machine

  18. tom beckett says:

    Budget cuts in the pencil sharpener dept sees Larry promoted

  19. Judy Gibson says:

    Pussy cat Pussy cat what did you there?
    I frightened the cabinet under the chair

  20. tom beckett says:

    Soaring holiday costs sees Cabinet members sharing glasses of water

  21. Judy Gibson says:

    It’s all about about claws and’defect

  22. Judy Gibson says:

    Oh Well – I suppose somebody had to pull the short claw

  23. Esmee says:

    Because Larry had only been in Downing street for a few months he was unaware that it is Government policy to vacate the country in the face of a crisis.

  24. Judy Gibson says:

    I don’t know where they went – I just pressed paws and defeat…..

  25. Esmee says:

    Larry felt very smug that he had been the only member of the cabinet not to book a holiday with ‘Hoildays4U’.

  26. Kevin says:

    “With all the cuts taking place in here you’d think they could have sorted me a cat-flap…”

  27. Judy Gibson says:

    Postman Pat felt the weight of the country on his shoulders

  28. David Cheshire says:

    “Come on guys, where are you? I need some more of those NHS plans for my litter tray.”

  29. Howard Stanbury says:

    Like the cat, we’re all stuffed!

  30. Shaf Hansraj says:

    “I will admit the poo in the lobby is mine and so is the mouse you found in your slipper, but David you can’t pin the mess with the economy on me I am only a Cat!

  31. Melanie H says:

    Where have all the Rats gone?

  32. Melanie H says:

    Four legs good, two legs bad!

  33. Daniel baker says:

    After phone hacking scandal, News International find a new way of ‘hacking’.

  34. Judy Gibson says:

    Dear Larry’s in charge of Number 10
    So – Whose in charge of the rudder?!
    Don’t worry yourself – the economy’s fine
    Ed Milliband’s sent for his bruther

  35. tom beckett says:

    Pet Passports. another good Labour policy forgotten by the Coalition.

  36. AmberStar says:

    There’s never a sofa around when you need one….

  37. AmberStar says:

    Governing… it’s like herding cats.

  38. AmberStar says:

    Blair’s Babes… better than Cameron’s Pussy. 😉

  39. AmberStar says:

    I knew the Tories were fans of small government but this is ridiculous.

  40. AmberStar says:

    If you promise to send me a book, I’ll promise to stop posting stupid captions. 🙂

  41. Tirval Scott says:

    budget cuts strike right to the heart of government.

  42. Andy P says:

    2011 – The year of Government Cat-backs

  43. Liza Russell says:

    The Ministers’ cat is a caretaking cat.

  44. Richard Driscoll says:

    Catastrophe as The Cabinet ‘paws for thought’

  45. Tirval Scott says:

    After Larry explained that everything they touch collapses around them, terrified Cabinet Ministers hold meetings under table.

  46. TJM says:

    John Press-cat will play while the cabinet’s away.

  47. Adrian Blake says:

    1. The government’s a pussy.

    2. There has been a cat waiter to the ghost of governments past for over 500 years!

    3. Professor McGonagle turned up to represent the ministry of magic, but found all the other ministers appeared to have gone to their own fantasy world.

  48. Sue C says:

    To celebrate the launch of the latest Harry Potter film, the Cabinet played with their invisibility cloaks. Larry wished they’d grow up.

  49. Miles Stapleton says:

    Well, thats the rats sorted – What neouw ?

  50. Mr Eugenides says:

    “I hate this time of year… Prime Minister on holiday with Hosni Mubarak, Deputy Prime Minister off ******* his secretary and me left all alone. I can’t wait for Labour to get back in and raise ethical standards in public life.”

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