Time for policy in the pub with Jack Dromey

It’s that time of the month again. Pragmatic Radicalism is hosting a “Top of the Policies” session on housing, chaired by shadow housing minister Jack Dromey, tonight, in the pub. The fun and games will run from 18.30 to 20.30 upstairs at the Barley Mow pub, 104 Horseferry Road, SW1P  2EE.

The “Top of the Policies” debates are designed to make the floor accessible to as many Labour voices as possible: speakers have just 90 seconds to speak on a policy proposal of their choice, followed by three minutes of Q&A.

At the end of the session there is a vote for the top policy, prizes and the winner will go on to set out their idea in all it’s glory in an article right here, in the hallowed pixels of Labour Uncut.

Yes, wow indeed.

And failing all else, there are free refreshments. What more could you ask for?

See you in the pub.

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5 Responses to “Time for policy in the pub with Jack Dromey”

  1. swatantra says:

    This is just up my street Policy bytes in 90s, and not the verbage arbage that we normally get from our political Leaders. Wy don’t they say what they mean in stead of prevaricating all the time? Sounds like fun. Unfortunately can’t make it into London because it would st me back £20, but heres to more events like it.
    Its good to see the word ‘pragmatism coming to te fore, instead of dewey eyed idealism, which never gets to solve any problems, but creates tenfold more.

  2. aragon says:

    Yes, you can contribute to the policy debate if you can get to the pub.

    And the rail fare is a lot more than £20 quid from, here.

    However the independent leader is wrong, there are ways to promote growth, it just that I am not sharing my plan V with anyone.

    It looks like we will have to watch Cameron, Osborne and Clegg et al work through the rest of the alphabet and fail first.

    It amazes me how economists don’t understand macro economics.

  3. uglyfatbloke says:

    It’s not necessarily the case that they don’t understand economiics (although clearly Osborn and Balls do not), they just don’t want practical economy to have a damaging effect on their chums.
    Politicians have pet projects that make them feel important or that benefit particular regions or constitiuenceis and they pour out money accordingly. The Olympics is a good example. The government is spending billions on a love-in for wealthy athletes. There was never any question of having the Olympics in Manchester where there are fabulous facilities…it had to be held in London, the most heavily subsidised part of the country. And it’s not as if most people are at all interested. If 10,000,000 in Britian watch the opening ceremony that’ll be hailed as a great success – avoiding the conclusion that the other 50,000,000 people couold n’t care less.

  4. swatantra says:

    The Olympics will be good for Britain and its good that Britain has the once in a lifetime opportunity of hosting them. I don’t go along with the moaning minnies and the killjoys of this world. Sport Fitness and Exercise have to be encouraged, the benefits are lifelong. We have to make the effort and sacrifice. Its not a lovein or lovefest at all. Millions the world over will be watching. Its a celebration of Sport. Better if it were funded solely by the Int Community as a whole and commercialism didn’t creep into it, rather like the IMF has a fund which all nations contribute to and the host chosen depending on their ability to host the event.
    I also agree that professionals be discouraged from competing and if they do they don’t get a fee for an appearance. The olympics should go back to being an Event for the best Amateurs.
    India should also host the next Olympics or the one after Moscow.

  5. Mucker says:

    All women shortlists are great
    help the women get on a level playing field
    even if they do not have to work for it or have a real passion

    oh…………………..and then along comes Harriet…….and Jock.?./?

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