Uncut predictions for 2017: Jezza’s going nowhere

Like his great hero, Fidel Castro, Jeremy Corbyn has proved adroit at foiling his would be assassins in 2016.

The rash decision by panicky Labour MPs to try and oust him after the Brexit vote was doomed from the start.

Trying to hang the result around the Labour leader’s neck always felt like a losing approach, while the silly and undignified ‘drip, drip’ resignations from the frontbench only provoked his legions of supporters in the membership (and among many non-Corbyn supporters too) to give him another, even more thumping victory (up from 59.5 per cent in 2015 to 61.8 per cent this year).

The would-be challengers in the PLP were painted into a corner as splitters and schemers, while a weak and uninspiring leadership bid by Owen Smith made the result a foregone conclusion.

In one of his many unguarded comments, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell quipped that Labour MPs were “fucking useless” at plotting.

Hard to disagree.

Short of falling into a vat of his own damson jam, Jeremy Corbyn’s going nowhere in 2017.

Jeremy Corbyn consults Labour’s new polling service

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4 Responses to “Uncut predictions for 2017: Jezza’s going nowhere”

  1. Alf says:

    A lot of Tory-lite Labour MPs will get deselected this year. Others will simply leave the party, and I hope Woodcock is one of ’em. The big question for me is about whether Danczuk and Mann will finally join UKIP. I think they probably realise the game’s up in Labour and they will tempted to team up with Farage.

  2. John P Reid says:

    Alf the real point is of the MPs you’ve mentioned how mwny of thm live in constituencies that voted leave
    If they were ‘deselected’ replaced with Corbynistas,’ all Ukip has to do is say, John Mann voted leave, he’s being replaced by a Corbynistas,who biggest supporters Shami Chakrqbarti and Diane Abbott, think all the acting class in Essex are Racist chav scum, who all voted leave due to being Fascists

  3. NickT says:

    Jezza IS going somewhere – down in flames! Until Labour gets its act together and removes this dishonest, self-indulgent clown and his worthless cronies, it has no future as a party.

  4. The times today (2nd Jan) has McLuskey giving him notice to improve his opinion poll ratings and Diane Abbott allowing him one year to do this. The real people who will make a difference are his own team. And they do not want to see the Labour Party vanish into oblivion. Reality is about to hit on a number of fronts, notably Brexit.

    2016 was the year of unreality. 2017 things will get harder and for JC the honey moon is over.

    Trevor FIsher.

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