The week Uncut

There’s been some mixed messages from the leadership race this week. Andy Burnham chose the FA Cup final boyhood dream over being next Labour prime minister in our crowdsourcing interview (before some cajoling from his press secretary changed his mind) and Ed Miliband got into a spot of bother, denying that he’d opt for a north-south divide on tax credits.

Demos polling ended poorly for Labour, with projections of weakness and division. And even in the heat of the summer recess, there’s the distant rumble of the AV storm on the horizon.

Here’s a brunch digest of some of our best-read pieces from the Uncut week past.

The American way – no we cant says Dan Hodges

Ed Miliband clears up confusion over tax credits

The Andy Burnham Interview

Why Cameron knows nothing and cares less about council house tenants

It’s time the leadership also-rans came clean about their second preferences, says Sion Simon

James Ruddick bids farewell to Nick Clegg

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