Exclusive: Phil Woolas’ email to his CLP

Subject: Re: Message to CLP members

Dear Friend

The judgement today is devastating news for Labour in Oldham – despite winning the appeal for jurisdication, overturning the Saddleworth Election hearing ruling on the law and winning our costs, the judges in the High Court were not able to overturn the decision on the alleged staterment of facts. They did, today, make it very clear that our side strongly contested the election Court judges interpretation of our leaflets but said they could not  intervene.

I decided this afternoon that an appeal to the higher Court would not suceed as it, too, would only be able to look at the points of law and not examine the content of the leaflets.

We have to live with that and move on.

That means we have to win the By-election for Labour.

Whatever you think of the Court’s decision, the handling of it by the Party or my conduct, what is important is not my personal circumstance but the life chances of the people of Oldham. The Coalition are wreeking havoc and we have the opportunity to send a powerful message of opposition. PLEASE do all you can now to help Labour win again.

The campaign office is at 132 Grange Avenue, OL8 4EQ. It is open tomorrow and Sunday from 10am till 6pm. The Party staff are doing a great job but they can’t do it on their own. I am humbled by the fact that many supporters have refused to join the campaign until my case had been finished. But if you want to wipe the smile off the Liberals’ faces, please now join in.

In 1995 we changed British political history: let’s do it again.

Yours sincerely

Phil Woolas

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21 Responses to “Exclusive: Phil Woolas’ email to his CLP”

  1. Chris Paul says:

    The link to Campaign HQ is a wrong ‘un, like that Elwyn Watkins, the laziest councillor in East Lancashire .. allegedly.

  2. citizenx says:

    Bye then Phil.

    Serves you and your ilk right. STOP bringing politics into disrepute.

  3. Mike Smithson says:

    Phil Woolas writes: “In 1995 we changed British political history: let’s do it again.”

    Is he referring to this in 1995? A by-election in which Woolas lost to the Lib Dems.


  4. Dan McCurry says:

    It sounds quite good of him, but is he planning on being around when the Party select a new candidate? It must be that he wants to help the new one win?

  5. So it’s official then: Phil Woolas really doesn’t have any dignity.

    No apology for the leaflets. No apology for trying to stir up racial tensions in Oldham, a town with a history of race riots, to win an election.


  6. antifrank says:

    Good riddance to a stain on British politics. You won’t be missed.

  7. John Ruddy says:

    Well, I’ve long criticised Phil Woolas, both for being ineffective as a minister as well as for the conduct of his election. But, whatever you think about him, his letter has put the interests of the party and the country first.

    Now all those who supported him should do as he suggests and get behind the campaign to get a Labour Mp elected for Oldham east.

  8. Jen says:

    “In 1995 we changed British political history: let’s do it again.”

    Coming second to the Liberals again, you mean?

  9. Mathew Torbin says:

    I think Mr Woolas conduct and the leaflets was disgarceful – I ambeside myself with rage. I will be voting Liberal Democrat and I urge you all to do the same.

  10. Boudicca says:

    What an excellent result for the country that this man is outside public life for 3 years – and hopefully forever.

  11. Amanda Ramsay says:

    Good luck to Labour for a win; along with Phil and his family, post-front-line politics.

  12. Amanda Ramsay says:

    Having just read the other messages, underneath this original post, just for the record: apart from overturning the Saddleworth Election hearing ruling, the judges in the High Court found four out of six counts in Phil Woolas’s favour. Winning all costs is indicative too.

  13. Chris says:

    @Mathew Torbin

    You’re unconcerned by the massive lie on almost every libdem election leaflet – “I pledge to vote against any increase fees in the next parliament and to pressure the government to introduce a fairer alternative.”

    Are you libdem member by any chance?

  14. Dan McCurry says:

    He didn’t overturn the ruling, Amanda. He lost.
    HAving his costs paid is fair though, but he still lost.

  15. Phileas says:

    Amanda Ramsay: Woolas won on costs? Are you sure about that? My understanding is that the high court said it wasn’t their jurisdiction, and that the challenge would have to go back to the election court.

    I think if you really want to know what the legal system thinks of Phil Woolas’ behaviour you should read the original judgement that details the actual facts of the case. Yesterday was technical. The astonishing story of how Phil Woolas deliberately lied to change the course of an election is there in glorious technicolour.

  16. Robert says:

    read today’s mail on sunday to find about Neal Lawson ripping off Compass members and funders

  17. Gerard says:

    If the Lib Dems go on and win this seat given their garbage ratings nationally then that is the very worst indictment on Phil Woolas.

    Small point, it is ‘….wreaked…’ not ‘wreeked’!

  18. Vasari says:

    Judges overturn the electorate? No one interested?

  19. citizenx says:

    Not even slightly in this case Vasari.

    The electorate get the final say, without dodgy Woolas lies.

  20. Hazel Blears says:

    Keep fighting Phil, we’re all behind you!

  21. Mark says:

    After the ruling Lord Justice Thomas said the court considered the “fair” order to make in relation to the costs of the judicial review was to “make no order as to costs”.

    He explained: “That means that each of the parties will bear their own costs.”

    The above from the Manchester evening news seems to imply that Woolas has NOT been succesful in “winning our costs* as he claims in his letter above. Is this another lie or is the Manchester Evening news wrong?

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