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Web guru Jon Bounds on Jim Garner’s social media campaign

31/05/2010, 03:27:36 PM

Styling himself the ‘choice candidate’, the new MP for South Luxton and Wetfield is honest: “the Labour Party […] is on its arse“, he says, flanked not by hangers-on and Sky News flunkies but by the real grassroots. And some trees, too.

From a standing start, the Jim Garner for Labour leader campaign has taken the social web by storm in the space of a quiet Bank Holiday, with Garner himself answering questions on Twitter and opening up on YouTube.

They haven’t had time to connect up the Flickr stream yet, but it’s all part of the open, beta, transparent Nuevo Labour #teamJim ethos.

The quick success of Garner’s campaign is the inevitable result of the race to the womb; for someone with no history of having made decisions, taken positions, or held views… except on Twirls. Which Jim Garner definitely doesn’t like.

Every other candidate has a background which they either need to talk around or gloss over.  Except Garner.  He is possibly the greatest example of what has passed for change in British politics over the last few years.

And with no substance or policy, he’s a candidate that everyone can believe in — say nothing and you can say nothing wrong.

And say nothing on the Internet and you can fool yourself that you’re saying it to everyone.

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Jim Garner’s Letter to the Parliamentary Labour Party

31/05/2010, 10:45:50 AM

I sent out this letter to every Labour MP today, explaining why I am standing for the Labour leadership. I signed each letter personally. It took ages.

Dear colleague,

As a Party, we have just come through one of the toughest elections in a generation. Thirteen years of governing took its toll. We need to renew.  We lost touch. We need to reconnect. Our ability to broadcast our values to our core root disappeared.

That’s why today I am putting myself forward to be considered for leader of our Party.

I realise I am not the most experienced candidate in the field, having only become an MP earlier this month. If you believe that having been a minister and dealing with the pressure that that brings, day in day out, makes you more suitable for the role of leader, then I am not your man. (more…)

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