Is it time to worry yet Nick?

Following on from the Bloxwich-West by-election Labour victory earlier this month, Labour gained another council seat from the Tories in the West Midlands last night.

Lynda Leach won the Bilston North by-election on a massive 13.1% swing from the Tories since May this year.

But it is Nick Clegg who should be the most concerned this morning. The Lib Dem vote collapsed, down over 90% since May. Yes that’s 90%. Simon Hughes must be rubbing his hands together today.

The victory gives Labour their 30th seat of 60 on Wolverhampton Council, and puts overall control within reach.


Lab 1292, Tory 460, BNP 131, UKIP 55, Lib Dem 52

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  1. Andrea says:

    LD aren’t do badly in local byelections. In July they gained 4 seats (1 in Bath/NE Somerset, 1 in Torbay, 1 in Mendip and 1 in Shropshire) and lost 1 (Preston).

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